Are Morganite Engagement Rings Tacky?

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Are Morganite Engagement Rings Tacky?

Recent years have seen more and more brides-to-be opting for unconventional designs of engagement rings instead of traditional diamond rings. One of the most commonly used non-traditional gemstones used for engagement rings is morganite. 

Morganite rings are popular today due to their unique designs, clarity in details, and long-term durability. Before you choose morganite rings as the best fit for you, you need to learn the basics of Morganite engagement rings and the common question “Are Morganite Engagement Rings Tacky?”. That is why in this article we are going to cover everything you need to know about Morganite engagement rings and if they are tacky or not.

What Is Morganite?

Morganite is a fine gem, a piece of mineral crystal, and a member of the Beryl family (a mineral made up of beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate). This gemstone is mostly mined in countries like Afghanistan, Brazil, Mozambique, the United States, Namibia, and Madagascar. It is specially used to design jewelry and other numerous ornaments. Morganite gems vary in striking colors, such as orange, diamond, violet, and pink, that are romantic and loved by brides.

The word ‘Morganite’ was derived from the last name of John Pierpont Morgan (American mineralogist and financier) after he discovered it in 1910 in Madagascar. He also played a vital role in contributing the discovery of gems or semiprecious stones to the museums.

Are Morganite Engagement Rings Popular?

According to the statistics recorded in 2019, the demand for Morganite engagement rings accounted for 12% of the jewelry market, as compared to the 1% in the market in 2009. This shows how popular Morganite engagement rings have been since 2009. 

As a rule, people seek out alternatives to diamond engagement rings that are less costly as compared to diamond ones. And Morganite is a great alternative to diamonds because it is impressive, and reasonably priced. 

Morganite can fulfill anyone’s dream of wearing a diamond but at an affordable price in order to impress others and make their impression prominent, so make your wish come true with Morganite.  The reason why many people like buying this is that it has a romantic look and is affordable. 

Are Morganite Engagement Rings Tacky?

Morganite engagement rings as a whole are not tacky, but they can be if they are designed incorrectly. If you do want to use Morganite for your engagement ring then make sure that you try to choose a more classic look that won’t go out of style.

What Makes A Morganite Engagement Ring Tacky?

Ring Size

The first way a Morganite engagement ring can look tacky is because of its size. 

A ring that is too big for your hand will never look good, regardless of the type of stone or the style you choose. 


Engagement rings can either be tacky or stylish depending on their style. Despite what people believe, tacky doesn’t have to do with whether the jewelry is unique or trendy. In reality, what makes a ring tacky depends on over-the-topness, and you can only be tacky when you’re trying too hard.

Stone Size

To have a ring that isn’t tacky, the size of the stone must be proportional to your hand size. A large stone on a small hand will look tacky and too big.

Why Should You Use Morganite For An Engagement Ring?

Is it your dream to make your engagement day even more special by having your hand sparkle? If so, you’re in luck. When it comes to a sparkling and stunning engagement ring, morganite is the ideal gemstone choice to make your day bright and enjoyable.

Following qualities, which exist within this brand, make it perfect for engagement: 

  • Designs – The way it looks instantly catches people’s attention. There is also an impression that you are holding a diamond ring when you look at the design. You can choose from countless unique designs, like floating halo, floral halo colored, antique vintage halo, or colored pave split shank. In one way or another, these designs dazzle brides and lovers of jewelry. 
  • Stability – Being a diamond-alternative, it has tremendous stability and life-durability. It is hard to find any scratch on this brand even if you use it for years. 
  • Affordable in Price – Due to its affordable price, the product is highly demanded by consumers.

Where To Purchase Morganite Engagement Rings

The two best ways to purchase a Morganite engagement ring are either in-person or online. If you have any jewelry shop near your location, visit the shop and see if they carry Morganite rings. 

If there is no shop all around you and you don’t want to go so far, try the online method. In this method, you should make sure that you are purchasing the product through verified and secured sites like Blue Nile, Kay Jewelers, or another reputable online seller.


If you are on the hunt for a diamond alternative for your engagement ring then you should consider Morganite. It will save you hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars on your ring and still will look stunning on your bride to be’s hand. Just remember when shopping for a Morganite engagement ring, it is not about the gem that makes it tacky but instead it is the ring size, style, and gem size.

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