Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings Tacky?

by Ultimate Jewelry Guide
Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings Tacky?

With almost anything to do with fashion there are items that are considered to be stylish or cool and some that are known to be tacky. And this is no different with engagement rings. Every year we get asked hundreds, if not thousands of times the question “Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings Tacky?”. The reason for this is that every year styles change and different things are considered to be cool and tacky. That is why we are going to keep you up to date with the trends and let you know if rose gold engagement rings are tacky or cool.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings, Tacky or Not?

Now that we know that trends change a lot, especially in fashion and jewelry, we will get to the point. The answer to this question is that rose gold engagement rings are not tacky, but they can be depending on a variety of factors.

This is because on its own a simple rose gold engagement ring is timeless and the materials themselves are never tacky. But with certain stylings your ring can easily change from timeless to tacky.

What Makes A Rose Gold Engagement Ring Tacky?

Since we now know that the actual material of rose gold is timeless and not tacky, we need to talk about the biggest factor that makes it tacky. The appearance and design. In this section we will break down what specifically in the appearance of a rose gold engagement ring makes it tacky.


To start things off we need to talk about the size of the ring. We all know the saying “go big or go home” but in the case of rose gold engagement rings, going big can really make your engagement ring tacky. The reason for this is that when the ring is too large the look of it can seem disproportionate to the wearer’s hand and fingers. Which just simply makes the ring’s appearance look tacky.


The style of a rose gold ring is also just as important as the size of the ring when trying to stay away from being tacky. In general, a tacky rose gold ring will have a design or style that is too intricate or busy. The reason for this is that some of these unique or intricate designs could be seen as out of style or tacky as soon as a year from the date you purchased it! 

Stone Size

So many people when they choose a ring just go for the largest ring possible in an attempt to flaunt their wealth. But when trying to have a ring that is timeless and no tacky it can be better to go with a gem or diamond that is correctly proportionate to the ring and your hand size.

Our reason for this is that a huge ring can look excessively large and will take away the attention from the rest of the ring.

Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings Popular?

If you are just trying to hop on the popularity bandwagon for rose gold engagement rings, you still have time to catch it. This is because over the past 10 years we have seen a steady increase in rose gold engagement rings popularity. This is due to celebrities such as Blake Lively wearing a rose gold engagement ring.

So to answer your question, yes rose gold engagement rings are popular and they are worn by famous celebrities.

Should You Purchase A Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

When it comes to making the decision whether or not you should purchase a rose gold engagement ring, it is ultimately up to you. This is because styles do change a lot over time and it all comes down to your personal preference. So if you like rose gold but don’t want your ring to look tacky years down the road, try to follow our recommendations in this article and you should have a timeless ring that will never be seen as tacky.

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