Are Salt And Pepper Diamonds Durable?

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Are Salt And Pepper Diamonds Durable?

Have you ever wondered if salt and pepper diamonds are durable? We all know that diamonds are one of the hardest substances on Earth, but is this true for salt and pepper diamond jewelry?

In this blog post, we will look at what makes a diamond durable or not, as well as how to identify durability in a piece of jewelry.

What Are Salt And Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and pepper diamonds are created on the surface of mined diamonds. The process is called sintered diamond technology, creating a layer that resembles salt or pepper across the entire stone.

They can be treated with heat to make them darker in color, but there’s no way for this treatment to eliminate white spots entirely. Salt and Pepper diamonds are not the hardest diamonds available, but they still have a good level of durability.

Are Salt And Pepper Diamonds Durable?

Yes, salt and pepper diamonds are durable and are strong enough to be worn every day. They have a hardness level of around ten on the Mohs scale, making it possible for them to withstand daily wear without being damaged or scratched so long as they are not exposed to chemicals or subjected to extreme temperatures. 

To prevent scratching, do not wear salt and pepper diamonds when exercising or participating in any outdoor activities that could cause them to be exposed to chemicals. It is also important for people to take care of their jewelry by always taking it off before bedtime, entering a pool or hot tub, showering/bathing with the diamond on as well, and participating in any other activities that could damage them.

To keep salt and pepper diamonds looking shiny, it is important to have them cleaned regularly by a skilled jeweler who knows how to properly clean different types of diamond jewelry. Keeping the stones polished will ensure they do not lose their luster over time or develop dark spots due to accumulated dirt.

What Makes Salt And Pepper Diamonds So Durable?

Salt and pepper diamonds are a very durable choice for rings because they have the same qualities that cushion cuts do.

They both have a high clarity rating of VS, so there is no worry about being able to see inclusions or blemishes from far away. These types of diamonds also require little care behind them, which means you can get away with spending less on the upkeep of your ring.

A good way to maintain salt and pepper diamonds is by having them professionally cleaned every six months. This will ensure that they do not lose their shine over time, which makes them look like fake rocks instead of real gemstones.

What Are the Best Ring Designs To Go With Salt And Pepper Diamonds?

Due to their versatile nature, salt and pepper diamonds are perfect for any ring design you choose. They are most often used with simple designs that highlight their unique beauty rather than try to overshadow it. Some of the best matches include:

  • Rose Cut – The rose cut is a simple and classic design that pairs perfectly with salt and pepper diamonds. The ring’s smooth lines further accentuate the fact that this diamond has not been shaped to create facets, which also makes it very durable!
  • Kite Cut – If you prefer a more modern and fashion-forward look for your ring, consider the kite cut. This design is perfect if you want to showcase both sides of your salt and pepper diamond because it allows light to pass through from all angles.
  • Square Cushion Cut – Diamonds that do not have as much brilliance or fire are often cut into squares to make up for it. The square cushion-cut is a beautiful style that has an edge on the other designs because of its sharp angles and ability to create more facets, which makes your diamond sparkle even brighter!
  • Fancy Cut – If you want to be even bolder with your ring, go for a fancy cut. This design is an elegant choice that only highlights the beauty of salt and pepper diamonds more because it allows light to pass through from all angles as well!

What Are Some Other Things You Can Do With Salt And Pepper Diamonds?

  • Another popular use for salt and pepper diamonds is to add them into a ring with other types of diamonds. This not only provides a unique look, but it also allows you to get the best value for your money by purchasing one stone that will provide many different looks!
  • Another popular idea people have when buying these diamond simulants is to use them as accents in their diamond engagement rings. This is a great idea if you want to make your ring stand out in a unique way, but still stick with the traditional stone in the center of it all!

What Are Some Salt And Pepper Diamonds Benefits?

The best benefit people get from salt and pepper diamonds is that they can afford them! These stimulants are much more affordable than diamonds, so they are a great option if you want to wear beautiful jewelry but do not have thousands of dollars lying around.

Another benefit is that these simulants look very similar to real diamonds and can be difficult for some people to tell apart! This makes them perfect for many different settings where an expensive diamond might just get in the way.

What To Look For When Purchasing Salt And Pepper Diamonds

Carat Weight

Unlike colorless diamonds with no inclusions, salt and pepper diamonds are readily available. This means that they can be found in larger sizes and an increase in their size doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in their value.


Salt and pepper diamonds are generally cut to maximize their weight, not for beauty. This means that when they’re found in larger sizes, the diamond will be very deep or thick which might make it harder to set in a ring or other jewelry piece.


Since salt and pepper diamonds aren’t colorless, clarity is one of the more important aspects of them. Since they’re formed in nature, they are bound to have imperfections like feathers and clouds which need to be evaluated when determining their clarity grade.

For a larger diamond with more flaws to be considered valuable, it needs to have a certain carat weight so that it can compensate for its inclusions. Since these diamonds aren’t all that rare, they need this form of compensation if people are going to buy them.

Some Benefits Of Salt And Pepper Diamonds

Salt and pepper diamonds are known for their unique look. They have millions of inclusions that create a shimmering effect on the gems, due to light reflecting off of them.

However, some diamond enthusiasts argue that salt and pepper diamonds are not durable enough because they do not shine all the time like other more expensive gemstones.

Since salt and pepper diamonds are more affordable than the other gemstones, many consumers can purchase them for their special someone as a gift even though they do not shine all of the time like traditional diamonds.

Final Thoughts

Salt and pepper diamonds are as durable as their clear counterparts. So next time you’re looking for an investment piece of jewelry, think about salt and pepper diamonds.

They may be the perfect addition to your collection! And if not, they still make a great gift that lasts years. That’s something anyone can appreciate.

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