Are Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Tacky?

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Are Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Tacky?

Are gold engagement rings tacky or not? Engagement rings have been made out of gold since ancient civilizations introduced them. Recently, weddings and engagements have been moving away from the traditional engagement ring. Colored gold is one of these trends.

In particular, some have a problem with yellow gold rings being used as engagement rings. So in this blog post we will discuss if yellow gold engagement rings are tacky or not.

Is A Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Tacky?

Is A Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Tacky?

In the simplest terms, yellow gold engagement rings are not tacky.

It isn’t the color of the ring, but how you feel when wearing it that matters most, not what others think.

If you believe yellow gold is aesthetically and fashionable, use it in your wedding ring. You want to create something unique and special for yourself and your partner.

Some people may not like neon yellow, but other warm colors such as mustard or champagne are also flattering on a variety of skin tones.

The strength of yellow gold lies in its ability to complement a variety of skin tones. When choosing your ring, don’t let others tell you the color to wear based on the price alone. If you prefer these, then you should just go for it.

Whether the ring’s metal is yellow gold or white gold, if the ring has been designed for you and your partner, that will be priceless memories to hold onto for a lifetime.

Even though it’s understandable for others to question your choice of a ring, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting what you want. When compared to other metals, yellow gold has its allure and beauty because it complements so many skin tones [and hues].

Others may find it tacky, however, especially if the ring is excessively gaudy. The size and design of the rock is also important (too big and the rock will become an eyesore). If it’s a common engagement ring type or motif, it may come off as tacky.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you and your partner like; no one else should have a say in your decision. If you are a fan of yellow gold, get it!

What Makes A Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Tacky?

What Makes A Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Tacky?


Size matters, or so they say. Since the average person’s ring finger is about 5-inches long, a 3-inch wide engagement ring would be considered too big for most people.

Yellow gold rings are typically sized using millimeters instead of inches: 18mm is a typical size for most women’s fingers, and 14mm is the standard for men.

As long as they’re not too big, tacky isn’t necessarily in the ring itself; it’s how you wear it that will make your engagement ring heinous or adorable.


Style plays a big part in whether or not an engagement ring is tacky. Styles vary depending on culture. For example, most Westerners wear diamonds on their fingers, whereas Cambodians favor fig-shaped emeralds.

So which styles are considered tacky? All of them, Sorry to say. Tacky isn’t about how unique the ring is or if it fits in with the latest fashions; it’s about being over-the-top, and you can only be tacky if you’re trying too hard.

Also, matching rings can be very beautiful – provided you get the matching right. The most important thing about matching engagement rings is that the engagement ring matches your skin tone. If it’s too pale or too dark then it looks tacky.

Stone Size

The size of the stone should be relative to your hand size. If her hands are small, a large stone looks tacky and harsh on it, like you just got carried away with the moment.

On average, a 1-carat diamond is the best size for an engagement ring. The wedding band sets should match but not overpower what is on top; this means that if your fiancée has modest-sized fingers, then you can go for a 1 carat stone.

Why Should You Buy A Yellow Gold Engagement Ring?

Why Should You Buy A Yellow Gold Engagement Ring?

Yellow gold engagement rings are beautiful.

However, their popularity has waned over the years and now they are a rarity. If you’re looking for that unique look that says “I was here”, then go for it!

They have an antique quality to them and are so much more unique than white gold or platinum.

If your fiancée loves the antique appeal that comes from yellow gold engagement rings, then there can be no better option! They are more unique than so many other options and they retain a certain level of class and sophistication that is unmatched in the world of fashion and jewelry.

If you love the color yellow in all its forms, then this might be the perfect ring for your significant other!

How to Avoid Purchasing A Tacky Engagement Ring?

As you are shopping for your diamond engagement ring, one of the main things that will help to avoid any tacky rings is research. This will help you understand more about the product before purchasing it.

Hence, doing thorough research before purchasing a yellow gold engagement ring, or any ring for that matter will help you make an informed decision on your purchase.

With that in mind, here is what you should do to avoid purchasing a tacky engagement ring:

Avoid Rings With Large Stones

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when purchasing an engagement ring is choosing a massive stone for their ring. With just a little bit of research, this could have been avoided.

Therefore, be sure to avoid overly large diamond rings, as they tend to look cheap and tacky in most cases.

Avoid Trendy Styles

You can buy a yellow gold engagement ring for your significant other if it is her desire, but you should not follow trends when purchasing a ring. Try to stick to more classic and timeless trends to ensure that your diamond ring looks beautiful for the rest of your life!

Avoid Rings With Extra Stones

Ideally, the only stone that should be in a yellow gold engagement ring is the one that adorns its center. So, avoid buying rings with additional stones and diamonds on the sides of the ring, as they tend to look tacky.

Do You Like Gold Engagement Rings?

So, if you’re debating between metals such as yellow gold or white gold (or platinum for that matter), you don’t need to worry.

As we’ve learned in this post, the different colors of metal can be used to complement and enhance certain features on your finger.

What do you think, are these gold engagement rings tacky or not? If not, pick what feels best for you as an individual!

Now go forth and find a timeless ring with confidence knowing that it’s not tacky at all to choose any color of metal but rather just another personal preference.

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