Best Jewelry Blogs

by Ultimate Jewelry Guide
Best Jewelry Blogs

There are a lot of different jewelry blogs out there that offer great information about trends, news, and recommendations. However, not all of them are worth your time. This blog provides an ultimate guide to the best jewelry blogs for every budget by reviewing their content and the quality of their writing in order to provide the most accurate information possible.

GIA Blog

The Gemological Institute of America is an independent, non-profit organization. Since 1948, it has been the international source for diamonds and gemstone information. GIA certification will help you find the right diamond or gemstone for your needs. But in this post we are specifically talking about their amazing blog. What makes the blog so great is that they provide lots of different tables and illustrations about jewelry topics to make it easier to digest.

Ultimate Jewelry Guide

Ultimate Jewelry Guide is the best source for anyone to learn about jewelry. Their expertly crafted guides are a perfect starting point for anyone who is interested in learning about jewelry. There are guides available for gold, diamonds, and everything in between. (Diamond Gurus)

The bloggers at also known as the Diamond Gurus believe in the importance of education and love to write about diamonds from a variety of angles. They cover topics from diamond fundamentals to what’s new in the world of diamond jewelry today.

Beyond 4 C’s

Beyond the 4 C’s is a blog written and managed by GIA certified gemologist Paul Gian. His site was created for one sole purpose; to teach you everything he knows about diamonds, and how you can use the information to make informed buying decisions.

Jewelry Notes

Jewelry Notes is an online jewelry blog with the goal to provide customers with an exciting look into jewelry. Jewelry Notes blog has articles about rings, necklaces, and any other jewelry forms and materials you might think of.

Also they feature reviews of the latest and greatest pieces on the market, as well as news and trends in the world of jewelry.

Simply put, Jewelry Notes writes about anything a true jewelry enthusiast might be interested in.

Jewelry Shopping Guide

JSG is a leading jewelry blog that provides detailed guides on how to buy diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. They cover topics such as engagement rings, fashion, and buying diamonds. It has been around for 2 years & has almost 3 million readers!

The content on the website is written by experts in the jewelry industry who have used their expertise to bring our readers relevant information that will be of use to them when they’re deciding what type of jewelry they want.

Diamond Buzz

Lily Nadtochi started Diamond Buzz in 2018 after realizing that there were not enough tools in the market to help educate people on how to buy gemstones and fine jewellery. She was inspired by her own experience of helping her friends and family find the best diamond and jewellery advice.

Diamond Buzz is an online blog where people can get quality information on fashion, trends and other topics. It has a friendly tone and approachable voice that helps readers feel comfortable.

Shop like a pro – Diamond Buzz’s mission is to educate, inspire & motivate.

The Diamond Pro

The Diamond Pro was started by Ira Weissman and Michael Fried both grew up professionally in the diamond industry.

Starting out as young men in the diamond industry, Ira Weissman and Michael Fried realized they needed to create a new way to approach the industry with a fresh perspective. They wanted to focus on what really mattered in the diamond world, so they saw an opening for a unique marketing tool.

In 2010, Ira reached out to Michael with his idea for a company that would help consumers avoid all the tricks diamond professionals use to make more money. Which became what is now known as The Diamond Pro.

Long’s Jewelers Blog

Long’s Jewelers Blog is a blog for Long’s Jewelers, a full-service jeweler in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They are providing some of the best and most helpful content to their customers on their blog.

With Clarity Blog

With Clarity is a jewelry company that specializes in creating unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry. The company was started by Anubh Shah and Slisha Kankariya, who share the same passion for creating unique jewelry. The blog has become a top resource for fashion, beauty & style advice.

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