Best Jewelry For Sensitive Skin

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Best Jewelry For Sensitive Skin

Every woman desires to be the center of attention. Women love to dress to be beautiful, appreciated, and admired. The dressing of a woman is incomplete without her jewelry. Most women complement their dressing with befitting jewelry. Despite women’s love for jewelry, some of us can not just put on any form of jewelry.

If you seem to have rashes or green lines at the point of contact with jewelry, then you have sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin often react to jewelry with metals like nickel and brass. You can still be beautiful with your jewelry without having any of these allergic effect. The good news is, there are jewelry that you can put on without the fear of reaction. This article will harm with the right knowledge to select jewelry that is best for sensitive skin.

Types Of Jewelry That Are Good For Sensitive Skin

When getting your jewelry lookout for jewelry made of the following metals. These metals are safe for your skin and do not cause allergic reactions.

Gold Jewelry

Jewelry made of gold is an excellent choice for sensitive skin. The best quality of gold that is used for jewelry is 18-carat gold. This gold contains 75% gold and 25% alloy of other metals. Pure gold is too soft and unfit for jewelry production. 18-carat gold is strong for jewelry production because of the presence of alloy of other metals.

Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is a hypoallergenic metal, it is a pure metal which does not need an alloy of other metals for its strength. Platinum is strong and malleable. It is durable and can retain its color for a long time. Platinum is expensive and does not wear away, the value of your money is guaranteed, when you get platinum-made jewelry.

Palladium Jewelry

Palladium is also a hypoallergenic metal. It is pure with a little amount of impurities. Palladium does not cause allergy reactions to sensitive skin. Therefore, jewelry made of this metal is safe for you. Palladium is cheap and affordable if you are in need of jewelry on a budget for your sensitive skin. It is a cheap alternative to platinum.

Titanium Jewelry

Titanium has properties similar to platinum. It is as well a hypoallergenic metal, which is a great choice for jewelry to be used for your sensitive skin. Titanium is light, making it good metal for jewelry. Since it easy to form into the desired style and comfortable to be worn around. Titanium does not react with other metal or chemical, which make it desirable to wear with any clothings and on the skin.

Tungsten Jewelry

Tungsten is a common metal for men’s jewelry. It is strong and pure. It does not need the alloy of other metals to be used for jewelry. It is attractive and makes a nice style when used for jewelry.

Surgical Stainless Steel Jewelry

Surgical stainless steel(sss) is great for making jewelry. This metal is anti-corrosive, if you have jewelry made of this metal, you are certain it can not rust. This metal is suitable for use for your piercing need. Some few people who react to gold and some other metal, often have no reaction to surgical stainless steel. Jewelry made of this stainless steel is durable and can be used for a long time, Without any blemish.

Niobium Jewelry

Though not a common metal, it makes a great piece of jewelry. It is also hypoallergenic and does not react with the skin. Niobium is biocompatible, making it a good choice for sensitive skin. It is strong and often difficult to make into jewelry. Hence, it is not common in jewelry production.

Gold Plated Jewelry

Metal can be plated with gold to avoid reacting with the skin. Some jewelry are made of 24K gold plated metal. This means the metal used for this jewelry is plated with pure gold (dipped in gold).  This jewelry is also safe for sensitive skin since it does not cause allergic reactions. You can also plate jewelry of other metals in gold if you desire a  particular jewelry design. When buying gold-plated jewelry, it is important you note the metal that was coated to prevent allergy. Gold plated silver Sterling are a great choice for gold plated jewelry.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Aside from the other metals mentioned above, sterling silver is a common metal for sensitive skin. It contains 92.5% silver with the remaining containing other metals. Sterling Silver is budget-friendly and has a beautiful appearance. 

How To Shop For Jewelry For Sensitive Skin

When you shop for jewelry, the following are the factors you should consider.

Avoid The Use Of Costume Jewelry

Not all costumes are suitable for all skin types. When this metal comes in contact with your skin, it becomes oxidized when it reacts with your sweat which causes rashes or leaves a green line on your skin. You should avoid costumes when buying jewelry. Costume jewelry can contain metals such as nickel, that often cause a reaction to sensitive skin. 

Know What Types Of Jewelry Your Skin Is Sensitive To

If you have sensitive skin, you have to observe the metal that your skin is allergic to. Most sensitive skin reacts to nickel when it is present in jewelry. Other metals that cause allergic reactions include brass and copper. When jewelry causes rashes on your skin or you feel itches and green lines on the spot, you might want to use a testing kit to determine what metal your skin is reacting to.

Invest In Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Jewelry made of metals such as platinum which is 100% pure and does not contain impurities are a better option for your sensitive skin. Palladium and niobium are other hypoallergenic metals, which are pure and do not contain impurities that can affect the skin. These metals are also budget-friendly. You don’t have to have to empty your account to acquire any jewelry made of these metals.

Consider The Price

Jewelry that is cheap is often made of metals that can irritate your skin. Most jewelry are made of nickel to cut the cost of its production. This is because nickel is cheap and has a high polish. This will cut down the cost and make it available in the market for a low price.

Get A Jewelry Testing Kit

If you have the jewelry you are not sure of the metal it is made of, using a testing kit is a great option to determine if it contains impurities or cheap metal like nickel. You simply have to put the jewelry in the solution that comes in the kit or you use cotton with the solution in it, to rub the jewelry. Observe the jewelry, if any reaction occurs, this indicates the presence of impurities in the jewelry.

Clean Used Jewelry

Jewelry contains a build-up of dirt from sweat, dust, and other particles when worn over a long period. The care of the jewelry is important especially if you have sensitive skin. Use a solution made for washing jewelry to remove dirt from the jewelry. Insert the jewelry in the solution and remove remnants with a brush. Pay extra attention to areas of your skin often in contact with jewelry, when bathing. This should be done regularly to keep the jewelry neat and your skin from allergies.

Check Hooks And Clamps

Some jewelry is made of quality metals like palladium, platinum, or gold, but the hooks are made with cheap metals that can cause an allergic reaction to your skin. Check the metal the hook is made of when shopping for your jewelry. People often get carried away by the design and style of the jewelry, ensure you look at the details of the jewelry, this should include hook and clamp, since it is often ignored when buying your jewelry, and it is capable of giving you an allergic reaction.

Don’t Skip Wearing Jewelry Because Of Sensitive Skin

You don’t have to skip jewelry when dressing for fear of skin allergy or funds to purchase gold jewelry. With these articles as your guide, you can get other alternatives that are suitable for your skin and budget-friendly. You also know what to look for when getting jewelry that suits your skin. When you finally get this jewelry, you can wear it with confidence to complement your outfit and feel like the true queen that you are!

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