Can You Add a Halo to A Diamond Ring?

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Can You Add a Halo to A Diamond Ring?

Engagement rings are a beautiful piece of jewelry that symbolize your union with your loved one. Whether she is celebrating a new engagement or a special anniversary, every lady deserves a diamond ring on her finger. As time goes by, many girls become bored with their diamond ring’s style and want to try something new. Because of this, we frequently get asked “Can You Add a Halo to A Diamond Ring?”. So in this article we will go over everything you need to know about halo settings and if you can add a halo to your ring.

What Are Halo Settings?

In order to make your engagement ring appear more lavish and impressive, halo settings can be an excellent choice. In a halo setting, your main stone is surrounded by smaller accent diamonds. This magnificent halo increases the appearance of the size of your central diamond, giving it the appearance of being much larger. In addition, the extra halo makes the ring look more glimmering

Can You Add A Halo To A Ring?

Now that we know what a halo setting is, we now need to address the elephant in the room. Can you add a halo to a diamond ring? The answer is yes, you can add a halo to a diamond ring!

Why You Should Add A Halo To A Diamond Ring

This article discusses all the good reasons for adding halo to your ring:

Enhancing the beauty of the stone

One of the primary benefits of a halo setting on a diamond ring is that it complements the main stone beautifully. It enlarges the stone and brings out the finest in its beauty. It enables the central stone to become the focal point of your ring. A halo setting may be a suitable ring modification if you wish to accentuate the stone.


Another advantage of a ring with a halo setting is that it may be financially feasible for you. If you’re on a tight budget, adding a halo setting may be a fantastic option to enlarge your stone. You may add some more glitz without spending any more money.

Colored Gemstones

Consider adding a halo of colorful diamonds to your engagement ring for extra pizazz and to make your center stone stand out (colored gemstones also provide many creative options in customizing your ring). Also, with gemstones you can choose to make a halo out of your spouse’s birthstone, your child’s birthstone, or even encircle the diamond with a milestone anniversary jewel, such as a sapphire for your fifth or tenth wedding anniversary.

Keep in mind, however, that the diamond in your engagement ring is very reflective, and its color appearance is influenced by its surroundings, such as the color of nearby stones and the color of the metal. You should consult with your jeweler before selecting a colored gemstone to ensure that it matches your center stone.

Secret Message

Hiding a secret message in an engagement ring is a centuries-old practice. Including one allows you to express a personal feeling known only to you and your loved one.

Other secrets can be found inside a band, such as a piece of poetry or a date commemorating a vital milestone you’ve experienced as a pair. Small gemstones can be used to transmit a secret message in the Georgian and Victorian tradition of acrostic jewelry. A word is written using the initial letter of each gemstone.

Center Stone

Consider putting a halo of diamonds around your center stone to give your ring a whole distinct look. This will assist in giving your diamond ring a new and improved appearance. It will also add shine to the ring and give the impression that the diamond is bigger.

Another technique to make your center diamond appear larger is to choose a very slender, delicate setting. Your center diamond will appear larger in contrast if you select a location with a thin ring and narrow prongs. If you pick a band with large prongs, your diamond will appear smaller. So, if you like your center stone to seem as huge as possible, always choose a larger size.

Shine Brighter

Halos give glitter and shine to any ring, and they are appropriate for a princess. Not only are they adaptable and easy to modify, but this setting may make a diamond look to be up and half a carat bigger than it is.

If you want your engagement ring to look as spectacular and as large as possible, a halo engagement ring is a fantastic choice. Your main stone is encircled by a dazzling ring of smaller accent diamonds in a halo setting. This magnificent halo optically enhances the size of your central diamond, giving it the appearance of being much more significant.

Remount or Reset

One of the main reasons that people prefer halos on diamond rings is that you can always remove or reset your halo diamond to your liking without damaging the actual product. So if you decide to change your ring in the future you should be able to without damaging the ring.

How to Choose The Right Halo Setting?

Choosing the appropriate diamonds is one of the most important parts of finding the ideal halo setting. Look for a halo enhancement that is of the same calibre as the center stone. A disparity between the halo setting and the stone will draw attention to the discrepancies and detract from the ideal appearance.

Some folks do not include diamonds in their halo setting. Instead of diamonds, consider incorporating colorful stones into your setting. For flawless symmetry, choose a round diamond cut as the center stone. 

Can Different Stones Be Used In A Halo Setting? 

It’s important to remember that halo settings don’t have to be composed of diamonds. They can be made of any other gemstone that you like! So if you want to have a diamond surrounded by small emerald stones, you can make that happen.

How Can I Improve The Appearance Of My Halo Setting?

When it comes to improving the look of your halo setting we  recommend using a halo setting with diamonds of the same grade (color, cut, and clarity) as the center stone. The reason for this is that this will make the center stone appear more prominent. 

What Diamond Cuts Look The Best With A Halo Setting?

While any cut can be used with a halo, a round diamond is typically the most popular choice due to its symmetry. But ultimately, the cut of diamond that you use in your halo is up to you!

Is Extra Care Needed for Halo Rings?

Halo settings should be handled cautiously since the smaller diamonds surrounding the bigger stone are more prone to falling out.

Where Can I Get A Halo Added To My Diamond Ring?

If you do choose to add a halo to your diamond ring, it should be very simple. Most local jewelers should be able to easily add a simple halo to your ring. But we recommend visiting a few different shops to see which jeweler you like the best and who will give you the best price.

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