Creative Ways To Give Your Girlfriend A Promise Ring

by Ultimate Jewelry Guide
Creative Ways To Give Your Girlfriend A Promise Ring

As a mark of your commitment to your relationship, presenting a promise ring to your girlfriend goes a long way in strengthening your relationship. A promise ring is a symbol of commitment, loyalty, and trust, which you give to your partner as the beginning of a new phase in your relationship. Though not to be confused for an engagement ring, a promise ring is often the first significant gift in a relationship.

Why Are Promise Rings Given?

The promise ring is given to your partner to indicate anyone the following:

Future Marriage

A promise ring does not serve the same purpose as an engagement ring, it simply indicates that you have the future in mind for your relationship. This means, the engagement ring is to come in the future, as it is not a proposal. This ring is a common exchange between young lovers with a promise of marriage in the future.


Lovers with no plans of marriage, also use the ring to signify assurance of love from the giver. It means I will always love you.


It can also be presented to show the seriousness of the partner in a relationship. It shows that the partner is willing to commit to the relationship.


One partner can also give a promise ring to show that the partner is willing to be faithful in the relationship.

The Best Ways To Give Your Girlfriend A Promise Ring

When you give a promise ring, it is important you should not go over the top in your budget for this ring and also ensure that you do not kneel when giving this ring, to avoid disappointment. If your relationship has gone beyond a year and your partner is over 25 years, you might want to consider giving another piece of jewelry to avoid disappointment. 

A promise ring is usually worn on the third middle finger of the left hand, indicating a promise ring or it could be on the ring finger on the right hand, this indicates the ring is a promise ring, not an engagement ring.

If you are wondering about the creative ways to give your girlfriend a promise ring, here are some few tips for you.

Use Flowers

Flowers are given as an indication of love. You can put the ring in the flower bud. When the bud opens the ring becomes visible. Ensure the ring is placed in a place where she can see it, such as on the table close to the bed or in the sitting room where it can be noticeable when the bud opens. 

Keep The Ring In A Chocolate Box

Ladies have a sweet tooth, chocolate is one of the favorite gifts that can please a lady. You simply have to get a chocolate box from her favorite shop or a shop that makes the best chocolate in your area. Open the chocolate box and remove one of the chocolate, then replace it with the ring. Present the chocolate to her as a gift, the sight of chocolate is enough to gladden her heart. When she opens the box to see the ring, she becomes happier.

Server Her Breakfast In Bed

Women loved to be pampered. If she often sleeps over in your house, you might want to prepare breakfast in bed for her, first thing in the morning. Serve the food on the tray and include a separate plate with the ring, covering the plate like other dishes as part of the meal. When she wakes up to this treat, her spirit is automatically lifted. When she opens the food to eat, either opening the food first or the plate with the ring, either way, she becomes happy and you will see the joy radiating from her.

Create A Scavenger Hunt

You design a hunt that leads to a park or a spot where you declare your love for her. Any place that is of significance to both of you or your relationship. Give clue from one spot to another. You have to endure that the clew is not too difficult, so she does not become tired or discouraged.  You can as well get a map across to her through a friend or delivery man. The hint has to be exciting, making her look forward to the last one. When she gets to the spot you can then present the ring to her. The excitement of getting to the spot and the ring is bound to increase her faith in the relationship.

Keep The Ring In A Gift 

Aside from the ring, you can purchase another gift for her, anything she likes or uses daily, then you keep the ring in it. When she opens the gift she feels happy about getting a gift before opening the gift to see another wrapped gift that contains the ring in it. This makes her happy.

Disguise The Ring In A Different Box

You can keep the ring in another box such as a matchbox. You simply have to give the matches to her as part of grocery shopping. Make sure she uses the matches when she wants to prepare a meal while you are there with her. When she opens the box to see the ring, she becomes surprised and expresses her shock to you. You can then seize the opportunity to express your feeling and intent about the ring.

Shop For The Ring Together

You can implore her to accompany you to get the ring, while you both get to select the ring together. When you present the ring you don’t have to give her in the form of a gift since she already expects it. You can just head to your favorite restaurant to relax after the shopping while you present it to her.

Hide The Ring In A Book

If she loves to read books or poems. You can get her a book, then insert the ring in it or you could keep the ring in one of her favorite books. Then you ask her to read a particular page or chapter that has the ring in it. When she starts reading and gets the page with a ring in it, you simply tell her your intent with the ring.

Ask Friends Or Family For Help

You can as well use the help of other people to get the ring across to her. You can ask for the help of her boss, this will come as a surprise to her. You can also have it delivered to her while you are together. Your pet could also be of help if it is trained to do so.

Tips For Giving A Promise Ring

Make sure you explain your intentions when presenting this ring. Don’t go overboard when spending money on the ring and the presentation. So no one will take it for an engagement ring, which will put you in an uncomfortable situation. It is better to avoid giving a promise ring when you have been in a relationship for a long time, specifically with someone over 25 years of age.

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