Do Diamonds Have Serial Numbers?

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Do Diamonds Have Serial Numbers?

Getting a diamond with the right specification such as the cut, color, carat, and clarity(the 4C’s) constitutes the factor that determines the price of the gemstone. Aside from this specification, another thing to look out for is the serial number.

Like most items with serial numbers which enable the buyer to affirm the authenticity of the product.

The serial number in diamonds is proof of its authenticity. There are several bodies in each country with different serial numbers to help identify the gemstone. A company such as the Gemological Institute of American is responsible for inscribing serial numbers in the diamond for the safety and originality of the gem.

This body grades the diamond following different procedures to confirm its authenticity. The grading system is based on four factors such as the carat, cut, color, and clarity. This information is provided in the serial number.

Companies with these diamonds containing this serial number often attach an ownership certificate after purchase, with the name of the buyer on it. This certificate is proof of ownership when the diamond is misplaced or stolen. The matching of the serial number and certificate is a confirmation of the diamond ownership. 

Which Diamonds Have Serial Numbers?

Diamonds that have been graded and certified do come with a serial number. Diamond with a serial number engraved on it does come with a certificate, showing its authenticity, including information containing the four 4c of the diamond. The serial number on the diamond must correspond with the number in the certificate. 

There are several bodies with this grading system, in the United States, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is responsible for this grading. This Institute was established in 1931 to abolish the difficulty in the process of determining the quality of diamonds. The laboratory is designed such that each diamond undergoes a meticulous process of grading. 

The grading reveals the nature of the diamond, either natural or synthetic, with either one undergoing different processes to get a reliable evaluation report. The final report contains the 4C’s, determining it from the highest to the lowest level of each factor. Other countries also have similar bodies that carry out this grading system.

Does The Serial Number Affect The Diamond Quality?

The serial number is engraved by the girdle of the diamond, the point that joins the lower facet of the diamond to the surface. This is done by using a laser inscription which can not be seen by merely holding the diamond or with the use of an ordinary magnifying lens, hence it does not affect the quality or the beauty of the diamond.

Why Are Diamond Serial Numbers Important?

Several advantages come with the inscription of a serial on the diamond.

Ensures That Your Diamond Is Real

When purchasing a diamond with a serial number in it, it assures the buyer of investing their hard-earned money in a real diamond. Eliminating the fear of purchasing a fake product, since most buyers can not identify a real diamond from a fake one. With the serial number on the diamond, you can select your choice with confidence without seeing it physically.

You Can Identify Your Diamond If It Is Stolen 

On the occasion of theft or when found missing, the diamond with serial has a certificate stating the name of the owner. The diamond can then be returned to the owner since there is a record of purchase from the buyer who then confirms the owner when the certificates are presented.

Your Diamond Is More Likely To Hold Its Value

Like most ornaments such as gold, buying a diamond is an investment, which can be sold in the future after it has been appreciated. Just like when the diamond is was purchased, the serial number also helps to convince the buyer of its originality. Without the serial number, the buyer is likely not to take your word for its color, clarity, cut, and carat specification and may have to have the diamond evaluated by a professional to determine its quality and value.

Differentiate Diamonds 

Aside from these major importance, stores with large numbers of diamonds, use the serial number to differentiate between the diamonds when placed together. The diamond looks similar on display especially to an untrained eye but when viewed with a microscope it becomes visible.

The serial number on the diamond is microscopic to ensure the numbers do not affect the beauty of the diamond. Most retailers and buyers often find it difficult to read this number even with a microscope. 

Where To Purchase A Diamond With A Serial Number?

There are several diamond stores with diamonds containing serial numbers. These stores often sell loose stones separately from the jewelry. This is to ensure that any buyer with a keen interest in diamonds with serial numbers gets to confirm this before setting it. For a diamond that has already been set, the only option left is to get the diamond certification as proof of authenticity.

How To Read The GIA Laser Inscription On Your Diamond

The serial numbers of diamonds are engraved at the girdle of the diamond. This number is inscribed perfectly on the crown to ensure the shine of the diamond is not affected. The inscription of the diamond is so tiny that it can not be seen with an ordinary eye. Even some high-power lenses with 10x magnification can not be used to view this number, except with the use of a special sophisticated magnifier before it can be seen by an expert. As a result of the size of the number, just anyone can not view it. Since the instrument used for viewing requires the knowledge of an expert. 

To view the lesser inscription on a diamond a 20x magnifying lens will make the microscopic number visible to the eye. The lens should be set correctly to ensure the inscription is clear to read.

Can You Sell A Diamond Without A Serial Number?

A diamond can be sold without a serial number. When you sell a diamond without a serial number, the authenticity of the diamond is not guaranteed. The buyer does not appreciate the value of the diamond. Hence the diamond is purchased at a lesser price. If the buyer is interested in getting a real stone, the stone is taken to a jeweler who can determine the authenticity of the diamond, before purchasing it.  

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