Do Grey Diamonds Sparkle?

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Do Grey Diamonds Sparkle?

Many people today are straying away from the norm by choosing more unique gemstones for their fashion and engagement rings. With that being said, grey diamonds have been steadily growing in popularity over the past ten years. That is why in this article we will let you know everything you need to know about grey diamonds and answer the common question ”Do Grey Diamonds Sparkle?”.

Will Grey Diamond Sparkle?

A grey diamond is a type of diamond, so yes, it sparkles. But when it comes to its sparkle and brilliance, it sparkles significantly less than many other types of diamonds. So if you are a person who prefers a more subtle look, then a grey diamond is a great option.

Why Do Grey Diamonds Have Less Sparkle?

Grey diamonds do not sparkle because they tend to have more inclusions than white diamonds. They have lower clarity ratings and reflect less light, which simply means they do not sparkle as much.

However, you can still find grey diamonds with higher clarity ratings that sparkle in some cases. But, that does defeat the purpose of purchasing a grey diamond. This is because most grey diamonds are purchased for their unique look and inclusions rather than their sparkle like traditional diamonds.

What Are Grey Diamonds?

Grey diamonds are one of the rarest colors of diamond. Traditionally, the scarcity of the grey diamond is reflected in its cost. The meaning of grey diamond is individuality and an ability to surpass conventional thinking and disclose something new. 

Grey diamond is a form of diamond formed when diamond reacts with hydrogen or boron during its formation. The grey color is due to the traces of hydrogen and boron in the diamond crystal structure. The grey diamond is a rare precious stone that comes in a variety of hue and tones. It ranges from dark hues to cool undertones as it shows varieties of colors,  all of which are beautiful. A grey diamond is a colored diamond with a sophisticated and luxurious silvery metal. It has a more versatile look that goes well with any outfit and skin tone when compared to other brightly colored diamonds.

The Colors Of Grey Diamonds

The colors vary emphasizing distinct intensity levels including:

  • Light Grey
  • Fancy Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Faint Grey

Types Of Grey Diamonds

There are two categories of grey diamond; which are, Fancy grey diamonds and salt and pepper grey diamonds

Fancy Grey Diamonds

Fancy grey diamonds are very much rare and are a symbol of mystery and calm. It surpasses other mainstream fancy colors, this is due to its affordability unlike other popular fancy colored diamonds. Natural fancy grey diamond comprises natural color in a wide range of grey shades. Blue is usually the most common overtone found in grey diamonds. The tone of a grey diamond is referring to the darkness or lightness of a grey diamond. To the eye, a diamond with a darker tone may appear more intense in color than other lighter shades.

Fancy grey diamonds are rarer than white diamonds, but due to their relative anonymity their prices are similar. All colored diamonds are the result of chemical impurities present in the diamond crystal lattice. Although called ”imperfections” these imperfections give the stone its unique color. This imperfection is a marvel of nature. In the case of fancy grey diamonds, it is the presence of hydrogen or boron within the stone that gives them their color. Hue is the determining factor in the value of fancy colour diamonds. Precious stones with an attractive color will command a higher price.

Salt And Pepper Diamonds

The inclusions in this grey diamond fetch it the name salt and pepper, and these are the white and black inclusion respectively. Each salt and pepper diamond has a natural feel which makes them unique, some are cloudy and some are sparkle. They have an understated elegance and are generally more affordable than white diamonds.

Talking about availability, salt and pepper grey diamonds are less rare than white diamonds and are moderately expensive. They are highly individual stones with a unique beauty from the dimension of marks with each stone.

Inclusions are impurities or imperfections in the crystal structure and may be noticed as small block and white pinpoint, needle, clouds or feather-like patterns within the stone. These inclusion hinder clarity and some salt and pepper grey diamonds can be included that are completely opaque.

Salt and pepper grey diamonds can be extremely beautiful and of course every stone is completely unique.

The value of these two types of grey diamonds can be greatly different.  High-quality fancy grey diamonds are extremely rare, which is reflected in the price.

Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The most beautiful is not always the most expensive. You could choose grey over white because grey is associated with the modern trend for minimalism. A grey diamond still dazzles, sparkles with hints and flashes of many colors. As they are less commonly seen, grey diamonds offer a way of making your accessories more unique.

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