List Of The Top Grey (Gray) Gemstones Used In Jewelry

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Grey Gemstones

The color grey is a very uncommon color in jewelry. Many tend to go for bold colors like blue, pink, or green for their jewelry. However, there are times when gray makes the best color scheme in a certain design and needs to be used. For those who love less flashy jewelry, grey gemstones offer a beautiful alternative. 

The color is known to blend with most skin tones and is extremely versatile with outfits. There are varieties of grey gemstones each having unique properties and characteristics. It is important to understand these grey gemstones before choosing one for a jewelry piece. In this article, we have listed several grey gemstones that are used in jewelry. 

What Is A Grey Gemstone?

A grey gemstone is a gemstone that is of the color grey. The stones are generally opaque and have a metallic luster to them which goes well with most design styles. They are not as vibrant and colorful as other gemstones but make up for them with their unique properties and characteristics.

Top 10 Grey Gemstones Used In Jewelry

1. Grey Diamonds

Grey Diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, white diamonds are always the first thing to come to mind. However, Grey diamonds do exist and they offer a beautiful alternative for those who want something different than just white. 

Grey Diamonds obtain their color from excess hydrogen in the carbon structure of the stone. The gem also comes in different colorings ranging from charcoal grey to silver grey. The gem is opaque which means the stone has no transparency or colorless points like other diamonds might

Grey Diamonds are known for their hard characteristics and offer strength which makes them an excellent choice for your jewelry pieces. They come at a very high price tag since they are extremely rare but worth every penny spent on them. Grey Diamond originates from different parts of the world like Brazil, Russia, India, and Africa.

2. Grey Moonstone

Grey Moonstone

Moonstones are one of the most beautiful stones to use for jewelry. They are commonly known to be translucent, pale blue, or white. Though rare, moonstone can also be found as a grey gemstone. Grey moonstones have properties similar to other Moonstones but with less intensity than its counterpart.

There are beliefs that moonstones harness the moon’s energy (thus the name) and are used for different purposes. It is believed that the gemstone gives its owner good luck, protection from harm or illness and also enhances fertility in women.

Grey Moonstones come at a lower price but still offer great benefits to people using them on jewelry. The stone, however, is prone to chipping and is not very durable, making it a bad choice for rough wear. The gemstones originate from different parts of the world like Brazil, Australia, Mexico, and Sri Lanka.

3. Grey Agate

Grey Agate

Agates are one of the oldest stones used for jewelry. They have been around thousands of years ago and were widely popular during ancient times. The gemstone was a symbolism of strength and power to the Babylonians, Sumerian people.

Grey Agate comes in different colors with grey being one of them. The stone has a silky luster on it with wavy banded patterns running throughout its body. The gemstones are known for their variety of colors that come at an affordable price tag making them popular in the jewelry industry. 

The stone is durable with a ranking of 7 on a Mohs scale. It is easy to clean and maintain, thus can be worn daily. The gemstone comes from Brazil, India, and Uruguay.

4. Grey Chalcedony

Grey Chalcedony

Chalcedony is one of the most versatile gemstones out there. It comes in several colors like blue, red, brown, grey, and white among others. The stone has a matte finish to it which goes well with almost all kinds of design styles.  Grey Chalcedonies are opaque which means they don’t have any transparency or colorless points. They are an excellent choice for jewelry pieces that require strength and durability.

The stone is also low on maintenance, making it ideal to use on daily basis. It comes at a lower price than other chalcedony types but offers more benefits in terms of protection from the evil eye. Grey Chalcedony is also believed to help its owner stay calm and relaxed by keeping negative emotions away. The stone is also believed to be a symbol of fertility in women. 

5. Grey Labradorite

Grey Labradorite

Labradorite is another gemstone that comes in different colors but also comes in grey. The stone emits beautiful rainbow hues when light falls on giving it a dynamic look and an ideal choice for jewelry pieces. Labradorite is known for its iridescent effect which makes it a popular choice among people looking for colorful gemstones. 

The stone is known to have mystical powers that promote calmness, strength, and protection. It is also associated with reducing stress and anxiety. Grey labradorite stones are generally opaque but at times they can be translucent to semi-translucent.

The stone comes at a high price and is less durable. It is susceptible to chipping which makes it not an ideal choice for daily-basis wear. Additionally, it is difficult to clean since the surface of the gemstones is wavy with tiny nooks. It also has crannies making it hard to reach inside.

6. Grey Fluorite

Grey Fluorite

Fluorite is among the popular gemstones that come in the color grey. It is well-known for its breathtaking coloration and the ability to emit rainbow colors when light falls on it. The stone is a symbol of cleansing, purification of the body, soul, and mind, and helps in concentration.

Grey fluorite stones are opaque which means they don’t have any transparency or colorless points. They also come in different shades with grey being one of them. The gemstones originate from China, Mexico, and Pakistan. The stone is generally durable but still ranks at a lower level of durability on the Mohs scale at a 4.

7. Grey Hematite

Grey Hematite

Hematite is a grey gemstone that traces its origin from Brazil and Australia. The hematites are known for their metallic luster with various shades of colors such as charcoal grey and black-grey. Hematite is believed to absorb negative energy and protect the wearer. It is also believed to strengthen willpower, boost self-confidence, and encourage independence.

Grey Hematite stones come at an affordable price making them a preferred choice for jewelry pieces. The stone is opaque which means it doesn’t have any transparency or colorless points. It is prone to chipping and breaking making it not the best choice for rough wear jewelry pieces.

8. Grey Spinel

Grey Spinel

Grey spinel ranks highly in terms of durability on the Mohs scale scoring an 8. It is a blue-grey gemstone that comes from Burma and Vietnam. The stone shares a unique feature with the diamonds of being singly refractive. This means that the stone only has one refractive index.

The stone has been known to have mystical powers since olden times with various beliefs attributing to its power. This includes the ability to enhance fertility, increase self-confidence, protect from evil eyes and boost mental clarity. 

The stone has an affordable price tag making it an ideal choice for jewelry pieces. However, its availability is limited to only a few parts of the world.

9. Grey Sapphires

Grey Sapphires

Sapphires are among the highly sought-after gemstones used in jewelry. Sapphires are known for their coloration and come in different shades including; pink, green, yellow, and grey. The stones are considered of high value due to their rarity. They are also very durable on the Mohs scale with a rating of 9. This means they can withstand scratches from most substances including other gemstones.

Grey sapphires are a symbol of honesty, loyalty, wisdom, and integrity. Though sapphires are expensive, they are durable and make a worthwhile investment.

10. Mother-of-Pearl


Mother of pearl is a popular grey gemstone used in jewelry. The stone is created when the shells are ground into tiny particles by tumbling with larger pebbles. This makes them suitable for use as beads, buttons, or decorative items.

The stones are associated with high spiritual energy and have been known to be effective at calming down the mind-body system. They are also believed to be good for detoxification.

The stone is available in various colors including grey making it a popular choice among jewelry designers and enthusiasts alike. It ranks low on the Mohs scale with a score of 2.5 to 4.5 which makes it prone to scratches and damage.


Grey gemstones are a great choice for jewelry pieces. However, they are not as popular when compared with other gemstones such as diamonds and rubies. The stones come in various shades ranging from dark grey to light colors. This factor makes them suitable for use on different types of jewelry items depending on personal preference. 

Each grey gemstone comes with spiritual energy and is associated with different qualities including calming the mind, increasing self-confidence, and boosting spiritual energy.

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