Hematite Rings: The Complete Guide

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Hematite Rings

A hematite ring, also known as a bloodstone, is a gemstone that is often used in jewelry. The name “hematite” comes from the Greek word for blood (haima), and this name was given because of the red color of these stones. 

Hematite rings are often found in dark green or brown colors with shades of red. But they can be different colors depending on where they come from and how they were treated during production.

Characteristics Of Hematite

The chemical composition of hematite is iron oxide (Fe203). The primary iron ore mineral, also known as hematite and magnetite, is an oxide of iron and is commonly found in rocks and soil.

The name hematite comes from the Greek word for “blood”, meaning that it is often red.

Types Of Hematite

One factor you should note is that hematite comes in a variety of colors. These include red, black, rainbow, and specular.

Red Hematite

Red hematite features a deep rust color. Hematite is a bright, opaque variety of minerals. It has less of a sheen to its surface and is somewhat more transparent than other stones. The cost of red hematite ranges from $10 to $15 per stone.

Black Hematite

Black hematite is the form that most people know. It is a shining black stone that resembles silver where the light hits it. It’s regarded as the cheapest form of hematite since it only costs one dollar for a stone.

Rainbow Hematite

Rainbow hematite is a rainbow-hued variety that changes color as it moves. This type of hematite is also cheap and is mostly used in a variety of jewelry. You can buy a stone of just several dollars.

Specular Hematite

Specular hematite has a shiny surface. It’s more expensive than regular hematite, but not as expensive as smoky quartz.

Specular hematite has a glittering quality thanks to specular mica trapped in the crystalline structure. A stone may cost as little as $20.

Where Can You Find Hematite?

It’s easy to find large deposits of hematite on every continent. Some of the world’s most famous sites include Lake Superior in the USA, Meinasgris in Brazil, and Krivoylog in Russia. Aside from that, you can find hematite in France, China, Canada, Australia, and Sweden.

Hematite Ring History

Hematite’s color comes from its rusty-red hue, which is named for the red pigment it contains. The reddish-brown pigment was used by cavemen to write and paint cave art as far back as the Stone Ages.

Hematite has also long been associated with spirituality. It’s popular in feng shui because of its grounding and soothing energy, and the stone has also been utilized to promote balance, protection, and healing energy.

Hematite was used by the ancient Egyptians to decorate the tombs of their rulers, while the Babylonians employed it in battle. The ancient Romans utilized it for both jewelry and ornamental purposes.

Hematite has been carved into beads, turned into cameos, and utilized in mourning jewelry, particularly during the Victorian era.

It is one of the most distinctive gems on the market, owing to its vivid red color. It’s a popular stone for men’s jewelry, particularly in mid-century pieces.

Hematite, on the other hand, is a stone that has not typically been utilized in engagement and wedding jewelry, but it provides a similar look to black diamonds at a lower price.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Hematite Rings

Hematite rings also come with their advantages and disadvantages. Check them out below.


  • The ring is an ideal choice for an affordable and statement-making stone.
  • The mineral is plentiful, which makes hematite stones affordable and budget-friendly.
  • You can also make hematite into wedding bands


  • Hematite is fragile and needs to be given the utmost care
  • It’s too soft for most people to wear every day without scratching

Factors To Consider When Buying A Hematite Ring

When buying a hematite ring, here are some of the crucial factors you need to consider.

The settings and metals that match with hematite

Some people like wearing hematite with white metals because it complements the stone’s cool black and silver sheen. To preserve it, I recommend wearing it in a bezel setting or having the stone set flush with the metal. I would discourage you from using prongs. They are most often seen in cabochons, with only a few facets.

Where To Look For A Hematite Ring

Hematite rings may be found virtually everywhere, from Etsy to antique jewelry stores. Vintage hematite rings can certainly be discovered, but historically the stone was primarily utilized in men’s ring inscriptions such as carved intaglios. The size of your stone will determine the style you choose; if you want a more modern look, sterling silver settings are common to match the iridescent sheen of hematite. If you prefer a more romantic design, consider using a stone encircled by diamonds as a tribute to tradition. It’s entirely up to you!

The Cost

When searching for a hematite item, don’t spend too much since it shouldn’t be costly and you may need to replace the stone as it gets more brittle over time. It’s a five to six and a half on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it less hard than most gemstones utilized in wedding rings. A diamond, for example, is rated a ten, while sapphires and rubies are graded as a nine, and emeralds and Aquas are graded an eight.

How To Care For A Hematite Ring

Since hematite rings are quite fragile, it’s highly recommended to be extremely careful with your jewelry.

It’s important to take off your ring during any activity that could impact the ring. This may include cooking, exercising, cleaning, and moving heavy objects, among many other activities. 

You should also wash hematite with mild soap and keep away from ammonia or ultrasonic cleaning machines.


A hematite ring can be a nice accessory to add to your collection. They are pretty affordable and they can provide you with the protection that you need from harmful energies, such as negative thoughts or bad vibes. 

Hematite rings have many benefits, so it’s worth looking into them if you’re in the market for a new ring!

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