How Are Rings Soldered Together?

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How Are Rings Soldered Together?

If you find it uncomfortable when your ring spins or the pain of the stone piercing your skin has become unbearable for you. Soldering your rings together might be the solution to keep your ring perfectly together. In this article, I will walk through the process of how rings are soldered together.

People who wear engagement rings and weddings together are often the most affected. When you opt for soldering your ring together, there are several advantages and disadvantages that come with it. If your job entails constant use of your hand such as nurses, chefs, physical instructors, etc. you might want to consider your options. If you would rather wear a single ring than not wear any at all. When you solder your ring, it goes without saying that both rings go and come off at once.

What Is Ring Soldering?

Soldering is a process for joining two or more rings together. This is done by using a liquid metal alloy that melts at very low temperatures, which is then used to repair or modify jewelry.

How Rings Are Soldered?

When you have decided to solder your rings together, you have to take your rings to a jeweler. The jeweler examines the rings to determine the metal of both ring shanks( the circular part of the ring that you insert your finger). This is to ensure the filler necessary for the soldering, has a lower melting point to shank metal. 

To avoid melting the ring. The filler is melted at the point where the ring is to join. Most rings are joined at the base, to avoid damaging the setting and stone of the ring. It is joined to ensure the two rings appear as two separate rings to viewers. 

Some jeweler also joins the ring at two different points to keep it in place. This might not be a good option as the center of the ring might not align properly. Soldering at a single point should be avoided since this will not fulfill the need of the soldering.

The filler metal is melted at the point where the rings are to be joined, usually the base. The two rings are placed firmly, while both rings become soldered. This ring is left to cool and you finally have your rings joined together.

Taking your ring for soldering can take a day or more depending on the place you get it done.

If you take it to where you purchase the ring, you might be given an after-sales service to get it done at no extra charge. You will need to pay an additional fee if otherwise, you may be charged about $50-$100 as the case may be.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Soldering Rings

Before you get your ring soldered you want to ensure you weigh your pros and cons to decide if you still want to push through with your decision.

The Advantages Of Soldering Rings

There are several benefits that come with having your ring soldered which include:

Prevents Wear And Tear

When you put two rings on a single finger, the chances of the wear and tear of the rings have been increased due to constant friction. As the ring comes in contact with one another ring, there is constant friction between both rings which tends to cause it to wear out. 

If you decide to join your ring together by soldering, you have made the right economic decision to cut the cost of maintenance of both rings by eliminating the damage caused by friction when multiple rings rub against one another.

It Prevents Your Ring From Spinning

Soldering your ring together will prevent your ring from spinning. You no longer have to endure the pain as the stone pierces your finger. Your rings also get aligned at all times. Since the rings have been joined together there is no room for movement around your finger. 

Some engagement rings with large diamond and thin bands tend to spin often because of the weight of the stone to the band which is subject to gravity. When the ring is soldered together with a wedding ring it reduces the spinning of the ring.

Makes Your Ring More Comfortable

You can wear both rings comfortably without being cautious of your finger as you go. You do not need to constantly be turning and straightening the ring, to keep it in place.

Increases Your Rings Beauty

Most people often ensure their wedding band matches their engagement ring, such that both fit together. This complements each other and makes them beautiful. Some wedding bands on the other hand are plain and not so fashionable, pairing such a ring with an engagement ring makes it look better. Either way, you get to enjoy the rings better when they are soldered together.

The Disadvantages Of Soldering Rings

If you plan on soldering your ring, you should know a few things before you do so, including:

Both Rings Come Off Together.

In cases that require that you remove your rings, especially during some physical activities both rings come off together, where you would have otherwise removed one, leaving you with the wedding band. So it is important to put that into consideration. 

Since it is easy to misplace a single ring, you might also consider that when purchasing the ring, so you don’t spend much money on a ring that is likely to get lost. Just as you don’t have to put on the ring one after the other when both rings come off leaving your finger bare. When you solder the rings together, the freedom of putting only one ring on goes with it. 

It Can Damage The Rings If You Decide To Separate Them

If you change your mind, and you decide to separate both rings, it can lead to damage of one or both of the rings. This will require further polishing of both rings, to keep them back in good condition. If you would like your wedding band to be passed as an heirloom in the family, this may render that impossible since both have been soldered together. 

Should You Solder Your Ring?

Soldering your rings together comes with a plethora of benefits, which makes it desirable. There are some downsides as well to soldering your ring together. When you are about to take this decision, it is important you take this into consideration since trying to put them apart also has its fair share of effects which can damage the ring. It is better left not soldered than having to join it together, then separate them from one another which is likely not to return the ring to its original state, except if it is remade, which is sure to cost you additional cash. Therefore, weigh your options right before making this decision.

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