How Much Is A 9 Carat Diamond Worth?

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How Much Is A 9 Carat Diamond Worth?

The worth of a diamond, as with any gemstone, is determined by its cut, color, and carat weight. A 9-carat round brilliant cut diamond has 57 facets in all but if there is a culet then it will have 58 total facets. This can have an intense fire that shines when it catches the light.

This gem also comes in a variety of colors including white diamonds, yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, or blue diamonds. White is the most common type of diamond due to its lack of color which makes it more valuable than colored stones.

When it comes to diamonds, the size matters! A 9-carat diamond is one of the most expensive stones you can buy today. Maybe you have your heart set on this stone already but don’t know what to look for when purchasing one?

This blog post will help answer those questions and much more!

What Is A 9 Carat Diamond Worth?

What Is A 9 Carat Diamond Worth?

The most important thing to consider when looking for that perfect engagement or anniversary ring with diamonds in it is about carat weight. A 9-carat stone weighs around 1.8 grams total, but the prices per carat range from $13,000 to $200,000!

This size gemstone, set beautifully within any piece will look dazzling no matter what setting you decide on.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Diamond Ring

When it comes to estimating the price of a diamond ring there are several different factors that largely determine the price including:


diamond shape

The first factor that affects cost is shape. Round diamonds are by far the most popular engagement rings because they offer more sparkle and elegance than other shapes. Another thing to consider when buying your diamond ring is cut grade which determines how much light is reflected off the diamond.

When a diamond has too much light, it means that there are more flaws on its surface and thus you should stay away from this type of stone. Finally, carat weight determines how expensive your ring will be since diamonds cost about $100 per gram where gold costs only about $35 per ounce.

Cut Grade

Cut Grade is the amount of light that a diamond reflects. There are five grades, from “Excellent to Poor” with the cut grade one notch lower than the previous tier’s grading standards. The more flaws there are on a diamond’s surface, the less light it will reflect, and thus its worth decreases accordingly.

The cut grade of a diamond is determined by the amount of light it reflects. The more flaws there are on its surface, the less light it will reflect and thus decrease its worth accordingly.

This means if you want your diamond to keep its value, stay away from the “poor” category. The more flaws, the lower its grade will be accordingly.

Flawless diamonds are rare because of their high quality and low price tag. They’re unbelievably clear and have no imperfections on the surface or inside; they also reflect all light that enters them in a way that enhances their beauty and sparkle.

Carat Weight

diamond carat weight

A diamond’s carat weight is the size of a single unit. The higher its carat weight, the rarer and expensive it will be–and thus worth more money.

However, some people prefer to go for lower-carat weights because they are lighter in color and can show off a lot of colors when sunlight hits them.


diamond color

A diamond’s color is the degree to which it appears white. Colorless diamonds are very valuable because they look more like pure light refracting off of a mirror than any other diamond.

The grading for this metric ranges from D (completely colorless) to Z (slightly yellow). These grades have nothing to do with how much light the diamond will emit.

Colorless diamonds are very valuable because they look more like pure light refracting off of a mirror than any other diamond. The grading for this metric ranges from D (completely colorless) to Z (slightly yellow). These grades have nothing to do with how much light the diamond will emit.


diamond clarity

Clarity is graded on a scale from F to FL, with FL being flawless and F displaying inclusions that render it completely worthless. The clarity grade affects both the retail cost and resale value of a diamond. In this blog post, we will break down how much you can expect to pay for each level of clarity.

There are three categories for clarity: eye-visible inclusions, difficult-to-see inclusions, and invisible inclusions. The more noticeable the flaws on your diamond are; the less it will cost you. Eye-visible flaws can include surface pits or cavities which may be caused by heat from a blow torch during the manufacturing of the diamond.

Flawless (FL)

Flawless diamonds are graded as FL with no eye-visible inclusions and have the highest retail value, but they also command a higher resale price. 

Noticeable Flaws (F)

Diamonds that display noticeable flaws such as surface pits or cavities will be F grades which are worth less than half of what an FL diamond is worth at its best quality.

If you are looking for an investment diamond that will maintain its value then it is recommended to purchase a lower quality stone. For example, if you buy a G-H grade diamond then it will have the same resale price throughout all of the time as opposed to having the FL’s fluctuating resale prices.


Fluorescence is a term used to describe when the stone emits light under ultraviolet (UV) lighting. Fluorinated diamonds are slightly more expensive than non-fluorescent stones, but they emit an overpowering amount of light that can be aesthetically unpleasing in some instances because it will often clash with other color schemes like blue dresses or purple flowers.

Reactions to Fluorescence

The reactions of people who dislike the fluorescing diamond vary from person to person, but many will say it is too bright or even blinding in some cases and they don’t like the way that color schemes clash with their jewels. This can be seen as a negative factor because for those wanting a diamond that is set in a ring with other stones it will be difficult to find the setting if it cannot match because of how bright the fluorescing stones are.

How Can You Tell How Much A Diamond Is Worth?

How Can You Tell How Much A Diamond Is Worth?

The most important thing to do when buying a diamond is to make sure that you know the value of what you are buying. If the seller cannot provide this information and says they can’t tell how much it’s worth, go elsewhere because there has likely been some kind of scam going on.

Know the Size And Cut

To find out if someone else is selling your diamond, you will need to know the size and cut of it. Knowing these two things can make or break your negotiation with a seller since there is no way for him/her not to be able to tell how much the diamond is worth once they have this information.

Know The Carat Weight

After getting the size and cut measurements (or if you’re buying blind) you’ll need to know the carat weight. Carats are used as a unit of measure for diamonds and it refers to how many karats an item is worth, which translates into how deep or pure that diamond is in color (cut doesn’t affect this). If you’re buying blind, make sure to ask the seller what the carat weight is.

The next thing you need to know about a diamond’s worth is the measurements of its cut and size, which will be indicated by cubic zirconia weight carats (CZW).

Find Out The Clarity

The clarity rating for a diamond tells you how many inclusions there are within its surface: VS (very small inclusions), SI (small inclusions), and I (inclusion).

Inspect The Symmetry

The symmetry of a diamond describes the alignment of its facets. It ranges from “excellent” to “poor”.

Find Out If It Is Certified

When buying, keep these things in mind: is it certified? Is there something you’re looking for that may be out of the ordinary?

Buy From A Reputable Jeweler Or Expert

An important thing to note is that not all diamonds are created equal, so it’s a good idea to buy from someone who has a solid reputation. This will help you make sure what you’re getting is worth your time and money!


So, how much is a 9-carat diamond worth? Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question, but there are some factors that affect the value. A higher grade stone will always be more valuable than a lower grade stone.

Size also affects the price; smaller stones can go for around $2,000 while larger ones may cost up to $25,000 or higher. The 4 Cs (carats, clarity, cut, and color) are all important in determining how much you pay for your gemstone.

Diamonds with less saturation or hue will cost less because they lack depth and intensity that make them so beautiful. Such diamonds have been called “chameleon” gems as they reflect different colors depending on what’s around them!

You should know what shape you’re looking for, as well. The round brilliant shape is the most popular and nearly always has more value than other shapes like ovals or pears.

Lastly, it’s important to take into consideration what or who you’re buying it for – if you plan to propose with a diamond ring, a larger stone may be better suited than something smaller since people tend not to notice the size of something so small.

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