How To Choose An Engagement Ring To Suit Your Hand

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How To Choose An Engagement Ring To Suit Your Hand

Congratulations on finding “the one”. Now that you have finally decided to settle down, and take one of the biggest steps in your life. When you decide to take this journey, the first thing that comes to mind is the engagement ring for your proposal to the woman of your dreams. How do you choose an engagement ring that suits you perfectly? This article is here to guide you, to make the right choice.

Since the engagement ring is worn for a long period, it is important that you take your time to carefully select a ring that suits your style and is comfortable on the finger. Since what seems to be the right choice in the case, might not necessarily fit your finger. Here are some tips to consider to get a choice that flatters your finger.

How To Choose An Engagement Ring That Suits Your Hand

Finger Size And Ring

The length, size of your finger, and size of the hand coupled with the style of the ring and size of the stone are the necessary factors that make a perfect fit that flatters your finger. Fingernail length will also constitute the length of your finger. Either keeping a long nail or a short one together with nail form on its own is also important. Your choice of style is also important to consider. When getting a ring, keeping all these factors in mind, you are sure to get a perfect fit that brings out the beauty of your finger.

Long Fingers

Long and thin fingers are a perfect fit for most ring types. With a long finger, simplicity is key, you don’t need to go overboard with too many extrinsic designs. Nevertheless to get the ring that flatters your finger consider the ring with these  features

  • A ring with a wide shank goes well for a slender finger
  • A princess-cut stone, as well as the round cut stone, all seem to beautify the finger more 
  • Finally, when getting a ring with these features, it all boils down to how well the design suits your preference.

Slender Fingers

The slender finger is flattered with a ring that does not occupy much space on the finger. For you to get a ring that will flatter a slender finger, you have to be on the lookout for this feature

  • A small stone which makes the center of attraction of the finger and also 
  • A wideband that makes the finger improve the size the finger

Wide Fingers

It may seem as though people with wide fingers can not get a befitting choice ring that flatters their finger but with the tips, no finger type is left uncared for. If you being to this category of people, we got you covered. The trick here is for you to get a ring that covers the round skin of the finger. showing the skin exaggerates the size of the finger than it already is. 

  • A medium or thick shank fits a wide finger perfectly.
  • With a wide finger, the stone of oval, emerald, the  marquise is the shape to go for
  • Asymmetric designs help to reduce the finger size

Big Knuckles

The right stone is meant to take the attention away from the finger to the ring. If you have big knuckles, be sure to select a ring with the right stone size. Invest in rings with thick bands to keep the attention directed to the center of the ring and off thin fingers.

Short Fingers

If your finger is short, the best choice of ring that accentuates its beauty is a ring with a small stone. It is best to keep the entire ring small. The shape of the stone should be elongated such as Pearl, oval, or marquise with a slender and thin band. The aim is to make the finger appear elongated. Avoid rings that have big stones, since they tend to overwhelm the finger.

Large Hands

There is a ring for all hand proportions. If your hand is large, you simply need to take the size of the stone and band into consideration before making your purchase. Try out rings of big sizes till you get anyone that suits you. Your big hand allows you to enjoy big rings with heavy stones.

Small Hands

To get the most out of a ring for your hand shape it is best you keep the ring small. A small hand stands out with a delicate ring on it. The center stone should be a princess cut, a small heart or round shape helps to suit the finger perfectly.

Other Things You Should Consider When Choosing An Engagement Ring

Aside from your finger and hand size another thing to consider include the following

Type Of Stone

since you are buying a ring you would be wearing daily, it is best you get a hard stone. Diamond is often chosen for an engagement ring because of its hardness. Others that can also be used are rugby and sapphire. Emerald though a soft stone is also used for an engagement ring, the setting of the stone is then important to ensure it is properly secure and does not risk falling, since it is an everyday ring. The hardness of the stone is important to prevent from getting broken or damaged

Ring Style

This has to do with your hand and finger structure. Not all rings are suitable for every finger. Choosing a ring that flatters your finger should be of utmost importance.

Cut And Shape Of The Stone

 There are different stone cuts such as the Princess cut which is a square shape stone, the rectangular emerald stone, the marquise, oval, and round shape should be reconsidered when you choose your ring. The stone cut determines the refraction of light and affects how the ring sparkles.

Metal Of The Ring

The engagement rings are usually sold in platinum because of its hardness and durability. It also does not  lose its color over time. Other metals that are often used include white gold, yellow gold, and also rose gold. If you have a ring to wear with your engagement ring white gold is also used, though the shiny surface wears away over time. The carat of the gold should not be anything less than 18 carats. Since a lesser carat signifies less than 50% gold which is not suitable for a ring that will be worn daily. Silver is not suitable for holding a gemstone since it is a light metal and will not last if worn daily.

Ring Settings

Most engagement ring stones are in a closed setting. This is to ensure the stone is set securely facing upward and reflects a great amount of light. This setting also helps to avoid the stone from falling off the prong. The bezel setting is in such a way that metal is arranged round the stone to keep it in place. The tension setting holds the ring in two places, which may risk the stone from falling off. Another thing to consider with the setting of the gemstone is the possibility of damage or when your finger becomes bigger, this will make it easy to resize the ring. Your choice of setting should be the one that ensures the security of the stone.

The Wedding Ring

 Your wedding ring should be considered when you choose your engagement. The ring should be a design that can fit well with your wedding ring even though it may seem ahead. The metal for the ring should correspond with that of your wedding ring, and also the stones on it.

GIA Certification

Even though your ring doesn’t need to come with a certificate that authenticates its ingenuity. A ring that comes with a certificate has been graded by GIA affirming its originality with serial numbers stating its color, clarity, carat, and cut. So the value of your ring is assured.


The price should be solely your decision. It is important you bear in mind that you will be wearing the ring your whole life. Therefore, you can make a reasonable investment on the ring you are likely to wear all your life.

Time To Make Your Ring

You can simply enter a store to get your desired ring. If you want a customized design for you, you might need to wait for months before it is ready.

What Type Of Engagement Will You Choose?

The anxiety that comes with choosing a ring can be overwhelming. This should not deter you from selecting the right choice, while putting all factors into consideration. When you select your ring with all these factors in mind and don’t forget to try to negotiate diamond prices in order to get the perfect ring at the right price!

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