How To Clean A Meteorite Ring

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How To Clean A Meteorite Ring

The galaxies and their moving particles have always been fascinating things. Did you know that this space debris can also be used for pieces of jewelry? 

Yes, you heard it right. Galaxy debris is used for making pieces of jewelry. In fact, there is a kind of jewelry that is made out of space debris. It is one of the rarest materials that can be used to make valuable pieces of jewelry. While a meteor is a material that is hard to maintain, it is one of the most precious because it embodies the wonders of space beyond the world. This article is your comprehensive guide to Meteorite Jewelries and how to take care of them.

What Is Meteorite Jewelry?

A piece of meteorite jewelry is made out of space debris. This type of jewelry is made out of meteorites, which as great materials to create an out-of-this-world piece of jewelry. 

This is a rare piece of jewelry because the material used to make it comes from space and holds a high value in form and rarity. Meteorites have been used to create pieces of jewelry since thousands of years ago. Meteorites were shaved, and enamels were used as designs for rings and other pieces of jewelry. This kind of jewelry requires extensive care in crafting, wearing, and maintaining. Meteorites are a combination of iron and nickel, which means that they will potentially rust. But no worries. There are ways you can adopt to maintain the quality of your meteorite jewelry.

The Steps To Clean Meteorite Jewelry

There are basic cleaning steps meant to restore meteorite pieces of jewelry. If you see your meteorite jewelry rusting and the surface becomes hard to see, you definitely need to clean and restore its surface. Here are the complete and easy steps that you can follow to maintain the quality of your meteorite jewelry.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

The first step is to ensure that you have the complete materials to perform the cleaning. The quality of your cleaning and restoration of meteorite jewelry depends on the materials used to clean it. Using inappropriate materials can cause damage to your meteorite jewelry. Here are the following materials that you will need.

  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Soft jewelry cloth
  • Gunmetal oil or any metal oil suitable for pieces of jewelry
  • 90 percent rubbing alcohol
  • Small bowl or container with a wide opening

Step 2: Submerge Your Jewelry

When you already have all the materials gathered, pour the rubbing alcohol into the container and let your meteorite jewelry submerge completely into the alcohol. This process will dry all the moisture on the surface of the jewelry. Do this step only when your jewelry is a pure meteorite. If there are other materials used for your jewelry aside from meteorite, pour the rubbing alcohol into the soft cloth and gently wipe it on the surface of the jewelry. This step is the alternative way to maintain the quality of the jewelry while cleaning it.

Let’s say your jewelry is a pure meteorite. Allow it to be soaked in the alcohol for 10 minutes and remove it afterwards. Place it at the top of the soft cloth. No need to rub because the alcohol on the surface of your meteorite jewelry will dry completely and easily when placed at rest in the soft cloth.

Step 3: Seal With Oil

When your meteorite jewelry is already dry, coat it with gunmetal oil or any oil that is safe to use for a piece of jewelry. You can pour the oil onto the meteorite jewelry and wipe it off using a soft cloth once it is coated well. Coating your jewelry with oil allows it to have a barrier against immediate damage caused by rusting.

How To Take Care Of Meteorite Jewelry

A piece of meteorite jewelry is very delicate. It will potentially rust when not maintained. The care and maintenance of meteorite jewelry depend on the finishing of the jewelry. There is some jewelry finish that requires gentle cleaning, while there are some that require extensive cleaning. Nonetheless, it is very important to know the basics of cleaning a piece of meteorite jewelry. If there will be required special care, it will be included in your jewelry care card. That is why it is very important to make reading a habit and spend time to know and understand the specific care tips that your jewelry needs. Here are some of the basic cleaning and caring tips for your meteorite jewelry.

Keep Away From Moisture.

One basic care tip is to keep your jewelry away from moisture, and most importantly, avoid prolonged exposure to it. Never wear your jewelry if you will do an activity that will wet your hands. Put off your jewelry when you are going to work out or do work that will make you sweat. Ensure that you are not wearing your jewelry if you are about to apply lotions, cologne, or wash your hands with water or soap. Always make sure that the ring is in a dry place, whether in your jewelry box or while you are wearing it.

Do Not Expose To Harmful Chemicals.

Do not allow your jewelry to be in contact with any harsh chemicals, such as lotion, topicals, bleach, soap, or any chemicals because it will cause your meteorite jewelry to react to the chemical that might cause fading and discoloration. Rubbing alcohol can be in contact with your meteorite jewelry but only while cleaning it at a specific time. Always apply gentle care when wearing your meteorite jewelry, and be mindful of the activities you get yourself involved in. The responsible wearing of your meteorite jewelry can prolong its quality and value. If you are thinking of coating your meteorite jewelry with a clear and thick layer to protect it, it is not advised to coat your jewelry. Coating your meteorite jewelry with another layer will only cause damage to the surface of your jewelry as it wears off its coating through continuous use.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Meteorite Jewelry?

Meteorite pieces of jewelry have strengths and weaknesses, but certainly, the strengths are more valuable than their weaknesses. Here are some of the pros and cons of meteorite pieces of jewelry that you must consider. 


  • Unique and easily distinguishable from other common types of jewelry worn today.
  • Versatile and can complement any style and personality.
  • Durable and easy to maintain and restore.


  • Meteorite jewelry pieces are prone to rusting and oxidation, which requires extensive cleaning and restoring their surface.


To conclude, meteorite jewelry is your best option if you are looking for a rare and unique piece of jewelry that you can wear on special occasions. Just always remember to be mindful when wearing your meteorite jewelry and perform maintenance care and cleaning to preserve its great quality. Pieces of jewelry look better when they are well-maintained, and later on, they make you look your best with style, glamour, and luxury.

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