How To Clean An Aquamarine Ring

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How To Clean An Aquamarine Ring

If you own an aquamarine ring, it must receive the highest level of care. Without it, the ring will soon lose its shine and will rather start looking dull. To keep that blue ocean tinge intact of aquamarine, let’s talk about how to keep it all safe and clean.

How To Clean An Aquamarine Ring At Home

To maintain your aquamarine ring, you must take proper care of it. We can, however, assure you that you do not need to go outside each time you feel like your ring might need a cleaning.

The ring can be cleaned within the comfort of your own home. In this section, we will show you how to polish your ring quickly and easily without having to take it anywhere. Your ring will be left so clean that your friends will not believe that you polished and cleaned everything yourself. 

Items Needed To Clean An Aquamarine Ring:

  • Lukewarm water
  • Soap
  • Toothbrush 

Steps To Clean An Aquamarine Ring

First, you need to take a bowl and fill it with warm water. Next, you need to add some soap.

The ring should stay in the bowl until it is soaked with soapy water, after which it can be removed from the bowl.

After you take the ring out of the bowl, you need to use a toothbrush to clean it. By doing this, any dirt on the surface of your ring will be removed. 

After making sure the ring has been cleaned safely, run it under a stream of warm water in the sink. You should be careful not to drop the ring down the drain during this process.

After that, dry the ring with the help of a dry towel

Things To Consider When Cleaning An Aquamarine Ring At Home

The aquamarine ring can bend and lose its shape if you handle it rough. As a result, it is recommended only to dab the ring gently.

The use of water that is too hot or too cold should be avoided. A ring should always be rinsed using water with a lukewarm temperature.

Products To Avoid While Cleaning Aquamarine

It is generally recommended not to clean the aquamarine ring at all than to use harmful products to clean it. When cleaning an aquamarine, there are a few things you should be aware of. 

  • Ammonia or alcohol – can damage the metal of the ring. 
  • Bleach and chlorine – contained in household cleaners may dissolve the particles in your jewelry. 
  • Rough Fabrics – Whenever you clean your jewelry, you should use a soft cloth. It is more likely that hard fabrics will create scratches than remove them.

How Often Should An Aquamarine Ring Be Cleaned?

Engagement rings like these are meant for daily wear and don’t get scratched easily. In spite of this, cosmetic products, such as moisturizers, scrubs, and shampoo, can be found in the ring setting. So, you should clean your aquamarine engagement ring at least once every two weeks.

In addition, you should consider getting your ring cleaned by a professional twice a year. It will be necessary to have the ring professionally polished for it to be restored to its original shine and glory if you work a lot and wear it all the time. 

If possible, the ring should be cleaned at its place of purchase since the jeweler knows the specifications of their product to clean and polish it properly. 

You should, however, seek out a reputable jeweler in your area if you purchased your aquamarine engagement ring from a website or somewhere far away. 

How To Care For Aquamarine Rings

Aquamarine rings must be cleaned properly, but more importantly, they must be maintained. It’s important to be aware of everything that might damage the engagement ring. It ought to be maintained to keep its shine and glory. While wearing an aquamarine ring, take the following precautions:

Do Not Use Lotions

Even though the rich moisturizers keep the hands hydrated and younger-looking, their effects can harm the engagement ring. The oil in the lotions can cause discoloration and also make it dirty. 

Keep in mind that you must remove the ring before applying moisturizers to your hand.

Do Not Cook With The Ring On

Due to wearing the ring every day, it often happens that you forget about its presence in your hand sometimes. This also makes you oblivious to the harm your day-to-day chores, work or routine can cause it. One such example is cooking. Women often forget to remove the ring while working in the kitchen which is a costly mistake. 

The particles from the food item can easily get into the ring and get stuck there. 

To prevent this keep a jewelry tray in the kitchen. The mere presence of this item in front of you will remind you to remove your aquamarine engagement ring. 

Do Not Clean While Wearing A Ring

We often use products in our day-to-day cleaning that contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals are effective on an aquamarine engagement ring, which makes it necessary to remove them before dissolving them into your daily routine.

In case you forget to remove the ring before working the chemicals can come in contact with the metal of the ring and harm it, which is the last thing you want to do to your precious aquamarine engagement ring. The chemicals in the cleaners can damage the ring, and even loosen the stone. It can also loosen the base of the ring affecting its structure. For these reasons, it is considered best to remove the ring before cleaning. You can also wear rubber gloves to protect the ring from any harm. 

Regularly Get Your Ring Checked

The warranty we receive while purchase the ring can be handier than you expect. It isn’t only helpful when the ring is completely damaged or broken. You can use the warranty in terms of time-to-time inspection by the vendor. You can bring the ring to the vendor and he can inspect it for any stone loosening or chips and guide you accordingly.

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