How To Clean Earrings

by Ultimate Jewelry Guide
How To Clean Earrings

Earrings are a popular accessory to wear. They can make you feel more confident and help your outfit look complete. However, they also come with some problems. Earrings can get dirty or even lost if they aren’t taken care of properly.

 In this blog post, we shall discuss how to clean earrings. Cleaning your earrings can help them look their best and make you feel great.

What Is An Earring?

Earrings are small pieces of jewelry, usually worn in the ears. They can be found everywhere and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, materials, etc. Earrings can make you feel more confident while also completing your outfit.

The History Of Earrings

Earrings have a deep history and trace their roots back to the times of Ancient Egypt. They were first worn by the high-class and noblewomen only, as it was considered a status symbol. 

In Ancient Rome, earrings were found in the graves of women and children. Most of them were slaves and were seen as a sign of their slave status. 

Earrings also became very popular in Medieval times, with women wearing them for daily purposes or religious reasons. In some cultures, men used to wear earrings too! Especially sailors who pierced both ears for religious reasons. This practice slowly died out, however. Nowadays, only women are seen wearing them more widely again.

Do Earrings Get Dirty?

Yes, earrings can get dirty. Especially if you wear them often or have sensitive skin which easily reacts to dirt and germs. When you put on your earrings in the morning they usually look really pretty. However, after a while, things change and they start looking dull, dusty, even irritating sometimes. 

How Do Earrings Get Dirty?

There are several ways earrings can get dirty. The most common is when you wear and take them off. As the ears aren’t completely clean, they will leave a little bit of dirt or oil on your earrings.  This attracts more dust and dirt over time. 

Another way that makes your earrings look dull and dirty is sweat, especially if you wear them to the gym or during sports. The sweat will leave behind dirt and salt which can clog your earrings too, making it hard for them to shine again! 

Perfumes and other skin products also affect your earrings. Whether you wear them before or after putting on your perfume, it will leave a residue or oil behind. This makes the metal look dirty and dull over time!

How To Clean Different Types Of Earrings?

There are several ways to clean earrings. However, it all depends on the material it is made of. Earrings made of gold, silver, or platinum are usually cleaned differently from earrings made of other materials. 

Cleaning Gold & Silver Earrings

The best way to clean gold or silver earrings is by using a special jewelry cleaner called an ultrasonic cleaner. This cleaner uses high-frequency sound waves to remove dirt off the surface. All you need is to put your earrings in some water with a few drops of detergent and let them work their magic! 

Cleaning Platinum & Silver Earrings 

A special liquid called ‘dip’ is used to clean platinum and silver earrings. You can find several brands on the market which offer these services. All you need to do is have your earrings dipped into a container with the liquid for a few minutes. 

Cleaning Types Of Earrings

Earrings made of other materials like plastic, resin, or glass are usually cleaned with water and detergent by hand. Be careful not to let them soak too long as this can weaken their structure. Afterward, dry them off completely before wearing them again.

Earrings made of different materials need special care! For example, studs that are not solid but have a gemstone glued to them can be cleaned by dipping cotton pads in rubbing alcohol and gently wiping the dirt away. This is especially good for diamonds as it avoids exposure to chemicals.

How Often Should Earrings Be Cleaned?

If you wear your earrings often and don’t clean them after every single time, we recommend cleaning them at least once a week! This will keep the dirt away and make sure they stay shiny for longer. 

You can also clean them before putting them away in storage for some time. This way they will stay looking good even when you haven’t worn them recently.

What You Should Avoid Doing When Cleaning Earrings?

There are a few things that should be avoided whilst cleaning your earrings, especially if they are made of different materials;

  • Avoid dipping studs; Studs with a gemstone glued to them shouldn’t be dipped in water. This can make their glue dissolve and the stone come loose.
  • Avoid wearing your earrings when cleaning; The chemicals used when cleaning them might damage or discolor metal parts. Wait until everything has dried up before wearing again. 
  • Avoid using an ultrasonic cleaner if your earrings are not solid gold, silver, or platinum; this will damage the earrings.
  • Never use alcohol for resin/plastic/glass studs. The alcohol might dissolve the structure of it and break up.
  • Never use jewelry dip for solid earrings; The liquid contains chemicals that can damage your metal parts!
  • Avoid dipping earrings in water for too long; The salt present in them will cause corrosion which weakens your earrings over time. 

What Should You Do After Cleaning Your Earrings?

After all that hard work, do not just put back everything in a box and forget about it. We recommend storing your earrings in a dry, dark place to keep them from getting any rust or dirt on them. You can also purchase an earring stand to keep them in shape.

 You can also simply fold the post and put it back together with a rubber band. Keeping them in a drawer will do the trick too! Additionally, you can also use special earring backs to avoid losing one if they fall off! All of these products are available at your local stores.  

What Can You Do To Prevent Your Earring From Getting Dirty?

Preventing your earrings from getting dirty might sound impossible. However, it would be easier than cleaning them. Below, you will find some helpful tips;

  • One of the best things you can do to keep your earrings clean for longer is not to wear them all the time. This way they will stay looking good even when you haven’t worn them recently! 
  • You can also wear clothes that cover your whole body. This way you won’t be sweating or touching them with oily hands, making it easier to clean off the dirt. 
  • If nothing is covering your earrings, a helpful tip is to wear a hat. This way the sweat won’t get on your earrings and cause dirt.
  • When you’re not wearing your earrings, wipe them and put them back in their box or storage space.
  • Wipe the water off your ear before putting on your jewelry after a shower. This way it won’t get stuck on! 
  • Avoid spraying perfume on top of the earring! This can cause discoloration and damage to metal parts, especially silver ones as they are more sensitive than others. Also avoid wearing hair spray, mousse, or any other product that can get on them while they are on.
  • If your earrings are made of different materials, clean one at a time. Make sure to dry completely before switching back and forth between the two metals/materials as you don’t want it to cause corrosion. 
  • Another solution that might work even better is investing in some studs instead of having a full-ear piercing; This way fewer bacteria will build upon your piercings.

Benefits Of Clean Earrings

Clean earrings come with a lot of benefits. The most important ones are listed below;

  • Cleaning greatly reduces this risk of infection. Earrings with dirt on them might cause your piercings to get infected. This means you will have to take out the earring and leave it empty for a few weeks until it heals again.
  • Clean earrings look appealing; You can show them off to friends or family. Additionally, you also appear fashionable and put together when you wear them.
  •  Cleaner earrings bring less discomfort; clean Earrings do not irritate the skin around your piercings. They will also feel lighter when they aren’t weighed down by dirt.
  • Clean earrings might last longer. When you take good care of them, they can easily outlive their untended counterparts. You’ll get to enjoy wearing them for years instead of having to replace them within a short time.


Earrings are a great accessory to add a pop of color and style. However, they might also get dirty over time if not properly maintained. Cleaning your earrings regularly will keep them looking good for longer! Cleaning your earrings is not difficult and does not take a long time. 

All you need to do is wipe them clean, store them away from water, and wear clothes that cover the piercings. This will prevent dirt from getting on them in the first place while also preventing rust or corrosion which can weaken their structure over time.

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ELEni February 2, 2022 - 1:41 pm

I find it very easy to clean silver or gold jewelry. I use baking soda and a tooth brush. Be ig earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings, it works like charm! The tooth brush has to be soft though in order to not scractch the surface of the accessory and used to make circe movements.


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