How To Keep Your Necklaces From Tangling When Traveling

by Ultimate Jewelry Guide
How To Keep Your Necklaces From Tangling When Traveling

If you have ever been in a hurry to go out and about to put on jewelry only to find it tangled, you will understand how frustrating a tangled necklace can be. Aside from the fact that it takes time to untangle, it also requires great care to prevent it from damage. This whole scenario can be avoided if proper care is taken. Jewelry and other accessories are to be kept properly to avoid tangling. Even after keeping the jewelry in a box or in the drawer, it still ends up getting tangled. We have got you covered, in this article, we will be discussing tips and methods to keep your necklace from tangling.

When keeping your necklace, ensure you observe the following ethics to keep it from tangling.

Use A Straw

One of the easiest methods to store your necklace and avoid tangling is with a straw. All you have to do is to get a straw and cut it into two. Insert the necklace through one straw with the necklace at the end of both sides of the straw. Clip the necklace together over the straw and keep in a drawer. You can store as many necklaces as it can occupy using this method. When in need of the necklace, you simply have to unhook the necklace and remove it easily tangle-free.

Keep In The Drawer Compartments

You can also store your necklace in a drawer without fear of tangling. Arrange your drawer into a compartment, with different sections of your jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. When your drawer is partitioned into different sections, you can store and take your necklace with ease without tangling. This method does not require any extra material. All you have to do is arrange your drawer and save yourself the stress of having to deal with a tangled necklace. 

Use An Toilet Paper Roll Cardboard

With this method, your unused toilet roll cardboard can be put to good use. After using the tissue paper in the roll, you can use the cardboard to keep your necklace from tangling. This method is similar to the use of a straw. You also unclasp the necklace and insert it in the roll, then you clasp the necklace around it. Like the straw, you can put as many necklaces as you can in this roll. This roll has more space to hold more necklaces than the straw.

Use A DIY Necklace Stand

A necklace stand is a perfect imitation of the neck structure, that allows for several necklaces to be placed around it without tangling. This stand can be purchased or made if you love to craft things yourself or if you simply do not have a budget to purchase a stand. To make a DIY necklace stand, all you need is a copper and wooden stand for balance. The copper pipe which forms the stand holds the necklace in place and prevents tangling since each necklace is placed round the copper pipe, making it impossible to tangle. 


You are probably wondering how a key holder finds its way to this list. Yes, a key holder can keep your necklace from tangling. Just as the key holder secures keys together, and prevents them from missing. A key holder can also be used to secure your necklace and prevent it from tangling. You can achieve this by replacing the key with your necklace in the hole, and then you clasp the necklace with the hook. This simple method works great to keep your necklace from tangling.

Jewelry Box

If you have enough cash to spare, this method can also help keep your jewelry safe without tangling. A jewelry box has different compartments to keep each piece of jewelry in order and prevent clustering together. With this box, each of your jewelry can fit properly without tangling.

Certain jewelry comes in boxes, such as necklaces, costumes, wristwatches, rings, etc. These boxes offer a  cheap method to keep your jewelry perfectly in good condition. If you have more than one of these boxes, you can arrange them neatly on your dresser. And you can smile at your boxes for saving your necklaces from tangling.

Foldable Organizer

With a foldable organizer, you can keep your jewelry arranged in the different compartments in the organizer. The organizer is perfect for use at home, either by hanging it on your dresser or keeping it in your drawer. It can also serve to keep your jewelry secure when traveling and prevent it from tangling. 

Jewelry Roll

This roll has a similar function with the foldable organizer. It has different sections to hold several pieces of jewelry in place. It has a ring holder and earrings, a holder to keep them secure. This jewelry roll is a stylish and luxury compartment for your jewelry. Choose a soft, plush material for your delicate jewelry made of gold and other precious metals. This will keep them safe and free from tangling. This roll also serves to keep your jewelry safe on the go. It is a good companion to protect your jewelry and keep them in good condition when traveling.

Old Business Cards

If you are wondering how a business card will prevent your necklace from tangling. Well, a business card will perform a similar function as cards that come with some jewelry to keep them in place. You simply have to keep your necklace round the card, and this prevents it from tangling. Other cards which you can also use, include playing cards. The idea is to keep your necklace round this thick paper which prevents tangling of your necklace.

Use A Ziplock Bag

Using a Ziplock Bag to keep your necklace can be a great option to save your necklace from tangling. You can keep your necklace in a Ziplock Bag with a hook hanging out. This is to avoid tangling of the necklace. This nylon can then be placed in a drawer or in a bag. Wherever you chose to keep the nylon, the aim is to keep them from tangling.

Necklace gets tangled with the frequent movement against other jewelry and also clothes. The aim of these tips is to separate the necklace from one another and from other jewelry. You don’t have to worry about your necklace getting tangled when you keep them using any of the tips. With these tips, your necklace can be free from damage due to tangling. You also don’t have to skip jewelry just because your necklace is a tangled mess. You can show up with your jewelry matching your outfit at all times.

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