How To Keep Your Necklaces From Tangling

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How To Keep Your Necklaces From Tangling

Jewelry completes any outfit. Matching your jewelry to your outfit is a plain and simple fashion sense that every woman should practice.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you will agree that stacking necklaces is the new trend in fashion. Following the trend of Layering your necklace, there are certain tips that you need for a smooth experience. If you already stack your necklace, tangling of the necklace is a constant battle which can lead to damaging your necklace, when layering them. Either way, this article is set to make stacking your necklaces easy without getting tangled.

To get a perfect style of stacking your necklace, you can acquire a set of jewelry that is made for layering or you could simply display your jewelry as you play around with the necklace in your collections. You might want to consider these factors to achieve the perfect look you seek and prevent your necklace from tangling.

How Do You Keep Your Necklaces From Tangling?

Tangling occurs as a result of entropy in the necklace, which is the degree of the orderliness of a system. When the degree of orderliness is lower, it simply means the arrangement of the necklace overlaps which causes friction between the necklace, creating a knot on the necklace and making the necklace a tangled mess.

Stacking your necklace requires careful measures to keep the necklaces from tangling. To keep your necklace from tangling, you want to invest in certain materials to keep your necklaces in place.

Necklace Spacers

This item is a great choice to keep your necklace from tangling. The necklace is attached to the spacer from one end to the other. This spacer can conveniently take three necklaces without tangling. It keeps the necklace in position and avoids moving around the neck, which is the major cause of tangling.

Necklace Extenders

This also keeps the necklace in place. You do not have to constantly worry about your necklace getting tangled. They also doubled as an extender, to help adjust the length of the necklace to suit whatever purpose it is aimed for. Similar to the necklace spacer, each necklace is fixed to the extender at both ends and is kept in place to act as one and ensure it does not tangle.

How Do You Wear Layered Necklaces?

When putting on your necklaces, you have to put factors that will prevent the necklaces from tangling in mind, even before wearing them. These factors will determine what type of necklace is best for layering and how to wear them to prevent tangling.


You might want to start the layering of your necklace with the short one, which serves as the foundation for another necklace. Ensure that the necklaces are at least one or two inches apart, to get the desired look and also to prevent overlapping which results in tangling with one another. The length of the necklace to be layered should complement one another. With one long one that extends to the bosom and the other in between and close to the neck which might as well be a choker.


The materials of the necklace are also important to keep them from tangling. When you want to layer your necklace, you should select a necklace of different materials. Necklace made from different materials prevents tangling. Even when the necklace overlaps, it does not form a knot, as a result of tangling because the necklaces are not of the same materials.

Order Your Necklaces

After you might have selected your necklace in order of length and materials, it is important to also consider the arrangement of the necklaces on your neck. A short necklace should be the foundation of the layer that comes first if all the necklace is a set of similar materials. For the necklace of different materials, to prevent tangling, it is best to start with a thin material, this is to prevent the thick ones from getting tangled when putting them on.

Use An Odd Numbers Of Necklaces

Even though you have the liberty to select any number of necklace that suits your fashion style. When you aim to layer your necklace beyond two, you might want to stick odd numbers.

Odd number necklaces seem to be the trend with the most visually appealing effect. When you layer your necklace, the standard you should aim for is three, though you can exceed this number, it is solely based on your decision and what seems to work best for you. 

Tighten Your Necklaces

The necklace should be firm and tight to avoid spinning around the neck. Especially for the foundation necklace. With a tight necklace, you do not have to bother about the necklace moving about your neck. Once you clasp it, you are good to go. This prevents the tangling of the necklace. A layered necklace does not necessarily have to be of a certain length, layered chokers work perfectly as well.

How Do You Untangle Layered Necklaces

The necklace often gets tangled when care is not taken as you handle your necklace. If after trying all the tips mentioned, you still have to deal with tangling, here are some ways to untangle the necklace.


When the necklace becomes tangled, you use oils such as olive oil, vegetable oil, or even coconut oil. Any oil will do, the aim is to apply the oil on the tangled necklace which makes the knot more visible and easy loose without damaging the necklace


You can also use needles or pins to untangle your chain. You simply have to pull out the knot using a pin. This is after you apply oil or powder the knot. If you can’t lay your hand on any of the two, you can simply skip both, then use the needle or pin to pull it apart. And you have your necklace.

Baby powder

Baby powder also works excellently, if you are unable to get oil. When you apply the powder to the knot it also reduces friction on the knot making it easy to pull apart with a needle.

The use of layered necklaces has come to stay. If you intend to follow this trend, it becomes necessary that you harm yourself with the required knowledge for a hitch-free experience. With the information provided in this article, wearing a layered necklace without tangling will be a walk in the park. It

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