How To Keep Your Ring From Spinning

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How To Keep Your Ring From Spinning

One of the often ignored issues when selecting a ring is the spinning of the ring. It is an issue that is usually not mentioned when you are about to get a ring. Spinning of the ring is mostly not comfortable, which can be annoying and painful especially if it is a ring with stone at the centre, such as engagement rings. The wedding ring with no stones has no effect on the finger and its spinning is manageable.

There are several reasons why your ring spins, and we will be discussing the reasons why rings spin and solutions to stop rings from spinning as we journey further.

Reasons Why Your Ring Spins On Your Finger

If your ring spins, it is possible one the following reason is the cause.

Big knuckle And A Thin Finger

The major reason why most rings spin is due to the finger structure. For a ring to enter this finger, it is important that the ring is wide enough to slide through the knuckles. The spinning of the ring then starts, since the finger is thin. This leaves room for the ring to move about.

Big Stone On Your Ring

A ring with a big stone at the center that is not supported with a wide or strong band, often causes spinning of the ring. The ring spins because the heavy stone on it is under the influence of gravity which puts pressure on the ring. 

Change In Your Fingers Size

The finger size changes daily. Though it often goes unnoticed. This change becomes visible when the finger is in water or cold, this causes the finger to shrink and result in the ring spinning. In normal situations however, the ring is firm and does not spin.  During winter, the finger shrinks and the ring spins, while in summer the ring fit perfectly. If you  purchase the ring at the time the finger is swollen, fitting properly. When the finger shrinks it the ring begins to spin.

The Ring Is Too Big

A big ring that is bigger than the finger will definitely spin when you put it on. You can either resize it or you simply insert ring balls.

Ways To Keep Your Ring From Spinning

There are several ways to keep your ring from spinning. They can be grouped into two, the quick fixes and the permanent fix to stop future occurrence.

The Noodle

The noodle is also known as ring guard. It is a tube made of plastic that can be inserted into the ring, to keep it in place. The noodle is of different sizes according to the need of your finger. The noodle is very affordable unlike some other method used to fixes your ring.


To fix the ring for a short period for an outing or just a certain tape can be used. Roll out the tape and cut the tape from the other side. The tape that has been cut, is then rolled thinly to to form a cylindrical shape. This tape is placed between the ring and finger. This tape works for a short period before it needs replacing.

Ring Bead

These beads are inserted into the ring to reduce the diameter of the ring and prevent it from spinning. The bead is made of metal and fixed to the ring to occupy the space between the fingers, preventing the ring from spinning. This bead often makes the finger uncomfortable.

Add Another Ring To Your Finger

To stop the ring from spinning, you can place another ring on it to keep it firm. This is another temporary fix to prevent your ring falling. 

Resize Your Ring

The most effective and expensive way to stop your ring from spinning is by resizing it. Though this can cost you an extra bit of cash, it does give you a permanent solution to your ring to prevent spinning. To resize your ring you might want to consider taking it to the store where you purchase it. Some stores offer to resize your ring as an after sale service within a period of time from when it was purchased. 

The jeweler takes an accurate measurement of your finger before resizing the ring to prevent the ring from reducing too much in size making it difficult for the finger to go through it. The shank is removed from the ring and  a portion is cut out. You want to ensure you keep this portion in case of future. The ring is then soldered together. To eliminate any sign of repair, the ring is polished until perfectly done.  

This solution might not be effective for a person with a large knuckle. Also, not all metals can be resized. Gold steel for example is fragile and cracks when beaten, tungsten on the other hand is too hard to cut.

Hinge Band

The hinge band provides an excellent choice for everyone looking to stop their ring from spinning. Though expensive, it is also suitable for people with large knuckles. The ring does not have to pass through the knuckles before entering the finger, you simply unhinged the ring, then placed your finger in it. The ring-type is designed for people diagnosed with arthritis, whose joints often swell.

Permanent Spring

This spring is inserted into the ring to cover 75% of the band. The spring expands as it gets to the knuckles and relaxes to suit the size of the finger. It provides a more comfortable solution than the ring beads. Spring is also affordable, you don’t have to spend so much to get your ring fit in your finger.

Sizing Bar

A sizing bar works following the pattern of a hinged shank. A sizing bar is a U-shaped device placed at the bottom of the ring to a hinge. The device has a latch that opens for the finger to fit in without entering through the knuckles. The sizing bar can be adjusted over and over if the need arises. 

Euro Shank 

This shank style has a flat base that allows it to balance on the finger. It then extends to the edge forming curve, where the stone is attached to it. Though this style is often uncomfortable on the finger. You might want to weigh your options. Either you become comfortable with the ring-spinning or with the euro shank. Choose your comfort!

Invisible Adjuster

This function is similar to a noodle. It is also attached at the base of the ring to fill the space between the finger and ring. If after you fix an invisible adjuster to your ring and the desired size is still not achieved, you can add two or more to the ring, until you get your desired size. 

Use Nail Polish

This final solution is a bonus from me to you. It is a quick fix for your ring, in the case of an emergency.

To resize your ring using nail polish, you simply need a normal polish to coat the inner  part of the ring shank. The polish is then allowed to dry off. You can then slip in your finger with ease with no fear of spinning. If the ring is still too big, you can add more paint to the ring shank until the right size is achieved.

Which Way Will You Stop Your Ring From Spinning?

The spinning of a ring is a problem that leads to the loss of a precious piece. Aside from the fact that it is uncomfortable for you, it can also be painful if the ring has a stone in it. You don’t have to bear the pain of losing your ring or the lack of comfort that comes with spinning the ring. 

You can simply try out any of the quick fixes and see any one that is  best fit for you. If you have enough cash on you, all you have to do is to visit your jeweler to provide any of the permanent fixes that is most convenient for you.

With any of these solutions, you can finally kiss the spinning of your ring goodbye!

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