How To Measure A Necklace

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How To Measure A Necklace

Measuring a necklace is not easy. You have to be precise, accurate, and take into account many different factors in order to get the correct measurement. 

This blog post will teach you how to measure a necklace properly so that you don’t end up with an uncomfortable fit or purchase the incorrect length for your loved one’s present.

The Different Standards Of Necklace Lengths

The different standard necklace lengths are dependent on the wearer. Lengths can range anywhere from 20 inches to 24 inches for long necklaces and 18-inches to 20-inches for chokers.

The length of your entire outfit must be taken into consideration when buying a necklace. If you plan on wearing an empire waist dress or shirt, opting for a longer necklace will look out of place.

But if you plan on wearing an outfit that has shorter sleeves, don’t wear your favorite long necklace to fit with the theme. Opt for something more appropriate like a choker or bracelet length piece.

Standard Necklace Lengths for Women

There are six typical looks based on necklace lengths, the most popular being choker, and princess lengths. The others are uncommon types but it’s good to know about them, especially when choosing necklaces based on their length.

With that in mind, here are the standard necklace length for women:

  • Princess: The most popular necklaces length for adult women. It’s worn on the collarbone and can be 17-19 inches in length.
  • Collar: This necklace is approximately 13-15 inches long and is worn tightly around the neck.
  • Choker: The choker length can be worn with just about any outfit and its length range is from 15-17 inches.
  • Matinee: The matinee style, which measures between 20 and 24 inches, can be worn anywhere between the collarbone and bust.
  • Opera: The opera is generally worn from the top of the bust to a few inches below the bottom. It may be as long as 37 inches or as short as 28 inches.
  • Rope: This is the longest by far, and measures anywhere between 37-60 inches. The rope can be worn from the bust down to the stomach.

Standard Necklace Lengths for Men

For men, the standard necklace lengths include the following:

  • The base of the neck: Here, the necklace length is about 17-19 inches long.
  • Right on the collarbone: These measure 19-21 inches long and are the most commonly worn necklace lengths by men.
  • A couple of inches below the collarbone: Measuring 21-23 inches in length, and the second most preferred necklace length by men.
  • Chest: Popularly seen by many men and can measure between 23-25 inches long.

How To Measure Necklace Length By Yourself

1. Measure the Chain’s Length

Remove the clasp and lay it out straight. Laying the chain out straight will enable you to measure it in the most accurate way possible. Set it up on a table or flat surface because it’s easier to measure it that way.

Using a ruler or tape measure, measure the length. Extend the measuring tape from one end of the chain to the other. Don’t forget to measure the clasp as well. Because the entire chain, including the clasp, is determined by this length, so it should all be measured.Attachments such as pendants or charms should not be included when measuring the length of a chain.

2. Write Down the Length

Once you’ve measured the necklace length, then it’s time to write it down. You can either measure the chain in inches or centimeters, depending on what you feel is most convenient.

In the US, measurements are usually taken in inches. A chain that is 16 inches long would be written as 16″. Other countries’ measurements are usually done in centimeters. So the same 16-inch necklace would read as “40 cm.” 

3. Measure Your Neck Circumference

If you don’t know your neck circumference already, then here’s how to measure it: use a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference of your neck.

Make sure that you keep a finger between your skin and the measuring tape so it’s not too tight, but also is secure enough for an accurate reading. The length in which you need to measure is from one end of your shoulder bone to another, right behind where the clavicle bone ends.

Add The Chain’s Length And Your Neck Circumference Together

Take your necklace length (measured from one end of the clasp) and add it together with your neck circumference measurement. Then, you can determine how long or short a chain you should wear around your neck by using this formula:

Length of your necklace + length around your neck = proper chain length for you to wear.

A 16-inch long necklace combined with a 15 inch circumference will give you a total of 31 inches. This means that 31 inches should be the maximum size of any chain you consider wearing so it rests comfortably on the base of your neck without being too short or too long.

How To Choose The Right Necklace Length For Another Person?

The easiest approach is to measure one of their current necklaces and have it adjusted according to the desired length. If this is not feasible, your best chance is generally an informed guess at both their neck size and the desired style.

If this is the case, think about these things:

Choose The Common Necklace Lengths

We suggest that you stick with the “princess length” for ladies and the “on the collarbone” for guys, since these are the most common.

Include A Necklace Extendor

While the term, “educated guess” is usually considered in this case, it’s not always the best approach. If the person you are shopping for has a larger neck, consider adding on our simple extender to allow her more room.

Ask For Their Measurements

If you’re shopping for someone with a unique neck size, ask them for their neck measurements. You can either do this or simply suggest that they go get it done professionally at the jeweler of their choice, if needed.

Measure Their Current Necklace Length

You can also measure your partner’s current necklace length and adjust accordingly by adding on your desired addition inches.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts: There are many factors that go into determining the right size for a necklace. Make sure to consider all of them in order to get one that fits you perfectly!

While this may seem like an overwhelming task, it is actually very straight forward once you know what information to look at. This article has outlined everything you need to know, so that you can get a necklace that fits your neck and style perfectly.

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