How To Remove Flat Back Earrings

by Ultimate Jewelry Guide
How To Remove Flat Back Earrings

If you are reading this now it is safe to assume that you own a pair of flat back earrings and do not know how to remove them. Well do not worry, the experts at Ultimate Jewelry Guide are here to help. In this article we will go over the steps on how to remove flat back earrings and what to do if they are stuck.

How To Take Off Flat Back Earrings

There are two main methods to taking off your flat back earrings, and this section will take you through how you can remove them.

Earring Extractor

The best way to remove flat back earrings is with a special tool called an earring extractor.

This device has two small hooks on the end of it, which are good for grabbing onto the post that holds the earring in place.

Place one hook into your finger and then use your thumb or forefinger to push down on the second hook until you feel resistance. This should be when you get hold of the post.

Once you’ve got a grip, turn counter-clockwise while pulling gently outwards (away from your body).

Once the earring is out, turn clockwise (to tighten) to put in a new pair. Repeat these steps for both ears and you should be good!

With this method, your flat back earrings will come off easily so that they don’t cause any problems when wearing them.

Using Rubbing Alcohol And A Cotton Ball

If you have flat back earrings and don’t want to use the first method that we recommended to remove them when they are stuck, here is a unique hack to consider. Check out these steps below.

  1. Take some rubbing alcohol and apply on a clean cotton ball
  2. Go ahead and gently pat the cotton ball onto your earlobe. This will ensure that it removes dead skin cells and oils that might be the issue.
  3. Allow it to dry for several seconds.
  4. Hold the flat back earrings with your fingers and carefully pull them out.
  5. They should be able to get out properly without experiencing any issues.

One thing you need to know is that when you newly pierce your fingers, they might be quite sensitive to fake metals. Therefore, this may end up causing you painful and expensive side effects. 

This means that you need to be careful about the kind of earrings you wear to avoid going through these severe side effects. High-quality earrings are always the best option to consider if you want a wonderful experience.

How To Take Off Flat Back Earrings That Are Stuck

When you have a fresh hole that hasn’t healed yet, your new earring might get stuck. The main reason why this happens is that the skin tends to get tighter, or it can even be due to dried blood and mucus.

When you take off your earrings, you need to be extremely careful to avoid hurting yourself. This means that you need to take it easy for the first few times until you get better at it.

Below are the steps on how to take off earrings that are stuck easily:

  1. Take petroleum jelly or Vaseline 
  2. Apply carefully on your earlobes and massage them slowly.
  3. Try to move it back and forth slowly, as well as on the sides.
  4. Be keen and when you notice that the earring is moving freely, then it means that it will come off easily.


If you still cannot get your flat back earrings out of your ears then we suggest that you give it a little bit of time and try again. If these methods do not work the second time around please consult a medical expert to help you get them removed.

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