How To Save For An Engagement Ring

by Ultimate Jewelry Guide
How To Save For An Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you can make in your life. When you think of buying a ring, it is an indicator that you have found the love of your life. 

Making smart decisions and planning to save before purchasing a ring will have positive long-term effects as it will save you from incurring high-interest cards and financing. 

Regardless of your income, know that you can save for an engagement ring faster and efficiently. Here are practical tips that can help you save up to purchase a gorgeous but affordable ring for your partner.

Top Ways You Can Save For An Engagement Ring

Do Your Research

Suppose you were purchasing a vehicle or a home, you would conduct thorough research. You want to ensure that you trust the information given, you check it yourself, and you’re assured that you will get the best deal when you buy it. Before deciding to buy the property, you first access everything you want and don’t want. 

It would help if you did the same before purchasing the engagement ring. Get detailed information about rings, including styles of engagement rings, diamonds, and types of metal. This information will make you more objective when choosing the most appropriate ring. You will understand various factors that affect the prices and thus be informed about the cost before you even get to the jewelry shop. 

Set A Budget  

You will spend too much on the engagement ring if you don’t have a definite budget. This is because once you enter a store, you quickly get attracted to a particular stone or ring and fail to consider things that would save you some money.

However, having a definite figure in mind of the maximum price you are willing to pay when shopping for a ring. Ensure that you have done a thorough search, which will give you a realistic price range for the type of engagement ring you want to purchase. 

Create A Monthly Saving Plan

Once you have determined your budget for the ring, set a date when you would like to propose and know the number of months you have before your special day. After having a loose deadline divide the budgeted amount into monthly installments.

Doing that will help you need to put aside every month to attain your goal. Developing smaller monthly targets will help make your saving goal more achievable and less devastating. Smaller targets ensure you remain on track since you save enough to attain your goal.

Determining the number of months you have until you propose to your significant other makes the countdown exciting. It will help keep the ring perspective in your mind and constantly remind you why you are doing it. As the big day approaches, you will be determined to give your lover a classy ring and make the occasion memorable. 

Enroll For Automatic transfers 

If you have a plan to save to purchase something, enrolling in an automatic program could help you save easily. Online banking can help you set automatic transfers from your current account to your savings account. Create a savings account to fund the purchase of engagement rings. But since it should be a surprise to your significant other, make sure you label it discreetly so they will not be aware of your plan. 

You can start by setting aside small amounts, probably weekly, and then increase the amount over time. You may decide to increase the amount bigger after a month or two. Automatic transfers save you from the temptation of spending cash before saving, and you will often earn interest from your savings, which is an extra gain. 

Avoid Other Large Purchases

At some point, you may be required to put some of your plans on hold for several months, but it is worth the sacrifice.

If you have plans for big purchases and want to save for an engagement ring, you may have to set them aside until you save enough for the purchase. Usually, some assets, such as a new entertainment cabinet, are not urgent. Therefore, such purchases are not crucial for our happiness or routine functioning and, in the long-term, may not be as important as an engagement ring.

Find Cheap Dates Ideas 

Spending less on dates can significantly lower your monthly expenditure. If you are used to spending money on elegant meals or going to movies every weekend with you, these outings can rapidly increase your overall monthly expenses.

While setting aside money for your engagement ring, you should be aware that soon you are saving for a wedding. Therefore, at this point, you should consider ways to spend time together without spending.

Many people think cheap dates are boring and unromantic. Nonetheless, this is not the case, as you and your partner can find some favorite things to do at a lower cost. For instance, free dates such as having a romantic dinner at home, hiking, or attending local art shows are good ideas that you and your significant other can enjoy without spending too much.

You can set aside the amount saved through these cheaper dating alternatives to buying an engagement ring. 

Use A Financing Plan 

In addition to saving money monthly, consider consulting a jeweler to find if they have a financing option that suits your budget and timeframe. A financial plan can help you afford your perfect engagement ring without saving for months or years. Financial programs can enable you to purchase a stunning ring for your partner now and pay for it through installments such that you can start planning for your wedding within the shortest time possible. 

Purchase From A Reputable Vendor

There are many top engagement ring vendors out there selling jewelry in physical shops and online. However, all these vendors are unequal, and the prices you pay for a specific piece of jewelry can differ significantly. Similarly, the quality and beauty of the ring you get may vary.

That’s the reason why you should put more emphasis on being selective about the jeweler you choose for your engagement ring. 

Save Lump Sums

Setting aside any lump sum amounts of money is a quick way of saving money. It is much easier to save gifts, bonuses, or other unexpected incomes than on your paycheck. For instance, if you work in an organization that offers you a holiday bonus, you can add the money to your engagement ring fund. You can also receive unexpected tax refunds and gifts. Make sure your deposit is lump sum money you receive into your savings account. 

Saving lump sum money is a less strenuous method of saving that does not disrupt your monthly budgeting. Ensure that once you receive an expected amount of cash, you channel it to the engagement ring fund kit.

Learn About The Return Policy

When budgeting for a ring, you don’t need to incur extra costs or waste your money in the future. It would help if you learned when, how, and what circumstances the ring can be returned. Because the unfortunate happens and you may be required to return or exchange the ring, consider those details when you decide when to propose.

It is possible that your fiancé may not like the ring or may even decline your proposal. Most engagement rings are expensive, and it would be devastating to have one that you can’t return. 


In conclusion, saving for an engagement ring should not be an overwhelming experience. You can quickly achieve your goal with the correct information and an efficient saving plan. As you plan to purchase an engagement ring, buying it using savings rather than a loan is more convenient. Financial experts advise against borrowing money to pay for a ring. Couples are advised to set savings goals towards an amount within their budget.

However, saving money for any project takes a deliberate choice and discipline to ensure that you set aside a reasonable amount to attain your goal. Conduct a search for an affordable ring, set a budget, and follow the recommended saving tips shared, and soon you will be purchasing a stunning engagement ring for your fiancé. 

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