How To Take Out Earrings

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How To Take Out Earrings

There are many different ways to take out earrings. Some people prefer to use their fingers and others like to use toothpicks or tweezers.

Earrings are worn by most people around the world, but sometimes taking them off can prove to be difficult. 

But, not to worry because this post will offer you the right tips and insights on how to do it appropriately.

Steps To Take Out Your Earrings

One of the best ways to take off your earrings is by using a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Start by grabbing an earring and wrapping your fingers around it so that you can rotate it in any direction you want without moving your hand.
  2. Then place the plier on top of the back of the earring where there is a gap between both sides of the jewelry’s post (the part that goes through your lobe). 
  3. Next, close up one side of the plier with just enough pressure to pull out one side at a time without breaking either piece off!

Here is an alternative tip:

Use your thumb and index finger on one hand to grasp the front of your earring. 

With your other hand, grip the back of the earring post with the thumb and index finger.

When removing the earring back and pulling it out, hold on to the earring so that it doesn’t fall away.

Problems That Can Occur When Taking Out Earrings

When taking out your earrings, some problems might occur and knowing how to deal with them is quite crucial. Check out some of the common problems below and how you can deal with them.

Dealing with Any Bleeding

If you try to remove your earrings and discover bleeding, it’s possible that the skin around your holes wasn’t fully healed. 

Apply pressure over the ears to stop the flow of blood.

For 10 minutes, apply gauze or a clean towel to the earlobe and push against it. 

But, if the bleeding persists after 10 minutes, then consider calling a doctor.

Healing an Infection

You may have an inflammation or infection if you detect redness, swelling, or discharge. If that’s the case, you should also apply antibiotic lotion to the ear.

If the symptoms don’t improve after a day, or if you develop a fever or the redness spreads, see your doctor right away.

Keep your earrings in and clean out your ears with an antiseptic solution. The infection might spread if you remove the earrings.

Getting Rid of Smell

If you remove your earrings and notice that they smell unpleasant or the jewelry smells bad, you should be more thorough in cleaning.

Remove the earrings once your ears have fully recovered, clean your ears with clear glycerin soap and warm water, then remove them.

You should also wash your earrings with clear glycerin, soap, and warm water. Wash your jewelry regularly (every few days) to get rid of the smell.

Your ears and earrings may sweat, stink, and turn rancid if you don’t clean them regularly.

Managing Pain

If you can’t take the earrings out because your ears hurt, you may want to wait a little longer.

If you experience pain in your eyes when removing your earrings, you may want to allow them to heal a little longer. 

Always ensure you’re doing a proper job of cleaning your eyes too because skin buildup could cover the hole.

If your earrings aren’t made of gold, surgical steel, or hypoallergenic material, they could be the ones causing an allergic reaction. 

If you don’t know what kind of metal your earrings are composed of, look for nickel and other metals.

Get Help if Necessary

If you still can’t remove the earrings, ask a friend to assist you. It’s also possible that you’re having trouble seeing what you’re doing and another pair of hands would be beneficial in removing the earrings.

If you and a buddy are still having difficulties, go back to the place where you had your ears pierced. The person who pierced your ears should have a tool to remove your earrings.

Once I Take Earrings Out Can I Put the Same Ones Back In?

It is possible to put the earrings back in. However, there are some limitations as to how long they can be out for before you cannot put them back in again.

The main thing that causes problems with putting earrings back in ears is a build-up of dirt and grime over time on the posts of your studs or danglers. 

This will make it very hard to get them through your lobes without hurting yourself quite badly. 

If you have had an infection then this could also cause issues when trying to reinsert a pair of post-earrings if you do not take proper safety precautions beforehand by cleaning both the lobe and the jewelry thoroughly first.

For this issue not to arise at all, the best way to remove earrings is by using a pair of pliers. 

These are available from most drugstores for just a few dollars and will help you effortlessly extract your earrings safely without hurting yourself in any way, shape, or form.


You can also use other tools such as nail clippers to trim your ears. So that they don’t have much material blocking them. 

That’s because this could prove difficult when trying to insert studs back into lobes. 

That is if you leave it too late between removing them and wanting to put them back in again. 

Using these simple methods should mean that there isn’t an issue with putting post-earrings back into piercing anymore at all.

Will It Hurt Taking Out Earrings For The First Time?

When you take out earrings for the first time, it might cause some minor pain. This is usually because your piercing has tiny blood vessels surrounding it. 

When you tug on them with an object or by pulling, they will burst and bleed a little bit which causes this discomfort. 

However, if any great amount of bleeding occurs, go to see a doctor immediately as something must be wrong! 

If there’s absolutely no pain at all when taking out earrings, don’t worry about anything. But do make sure everything looks fine before going back into the water again.

How Do You Remove Hard Earrings?

To appropriately remove hard earrings, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Grab onto a clasp while pinching the front of the post and the earlobe with your hand.
  2. Gently try to turn the clasp in a circle on the post to make it lose.
  3. Twist the clasp back and forth gently as if seesawing until it works its way to the top of the post.
  4. Gently tag on the clasp to release it.
  5. It should now be removed.

How To Take Out Earrings Safely – Do’s and Don’ts

It can be difficult knowing how to take out earrings without causing yourself too much harm. Here are some dos and don’ts for you to consider:

  • Do not use any sharp objects or dirty hands as this can cause more problems. You might even scratch the skin around your piercing which is going to be very painful.
  • As a rule of thumb, try not to tug on earrings too much when removing them from your ears. This will only pull at the piercings and cause discomfort – it won’t make things easier. If you want some help then gently twist each side while pulling outwards slightly until they come off with no pain.
  • When putting earrings back into your ears, be careful to push them in slowly and not rush at them. This way there’s less chance of you pushing too hard or just forcing a new piercing if they’re still sore from the initial one! If everything is fine then try twisting each side as this will make things easier for both parties.


Earrings are a beautiful accessory that all women should wear. However, they can be difficult to take out after wearing them for long periods. 

This post has outlined some of the best ways on how to take out earrings, and following them will help you do it safely.

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