How To Wear Multiple Gold Chains

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How To Wear Multiple Gold Chains

Gold chains have always been part of almost all fashion trends. It has been worn in different styles, mostly by women during fashion weeks. But did you know that gold chains are originally part of men’s fashion? Yes, you heard it right. Back in the early decades, gold chains had been a significant element of men’s fashion, and they were worn in layers. This blog is your complete guide to gold chains as men’s jewelry fashion, and how it is worn in layers.

Should Men Wear Gold Chains?

Gold chains have been worn by men all across the world for ages. Wearing a gold chain, which represents wealth, position, and prestige in several nations, is part of the culture. And, with the amount of men wearing jewelry on the rise these days, you’ll be right on trend.

Gold chains for men are one of the more adaptable types of jewelry for guys, since they can be worn with practically any style and look. If you’ve never worn a gold chain before, it could feel weird and even uncomfortable at first. However, with time, you’ll discover that the proper gold chain may become an everyday accessory that complements your overall look.

How To Wear More Than One Gold Chain?

To wear more than one gold chain all at once, you have to l;earn how to layer your gold chains. Layering gold chains with different neckpieces is a great way to wear them. This can be used to add texture and movement. Make sure the lengths and widths of the chains you stack are varied.

You should use two to five chains while layering chains. Any more will appear to be a strain on your neck. In reality, the weight will be felt in your neck because each chain has its own weight.

When purchasing chains for yourself, you should always keep your facial shape in mind. It would be such a waste of money to invest in 14k gold Cuban chains just to discover that they do not compliment your features.

If you have a round face, for example, a lengthy chain with a V-shape at the bottom is your best bet. Chokers are ideal for a slimmer face with prominent cheekbones.

Layer The Chains in Different Lengths and Thickness

To add a fun and unique touch, stack gold chains of various lengths and widths. You can, for example, wear a 3m-18m 18-inch gold necklace that reaches your collarbone and a 12m-16m 22-inch-24-inch gold chain that sits at your chest. You may mix and match your bulky gold chains with dainty and adaptable gold chains. Women can use the layered gold chains with an off shoulder top to give their necks an elegant tone. Stacking gold chains and wearing them with a white or black circular tee or any other clothing looks wonderful on males.

What To Consider When Layering Gold Chains?

There are things you have to consider when layering gold chains. Here is a list for your reference. This will help you to effectively style yourself with layered gold chains.

Consider the Length

Men’s gold necklaces are available in a variety of lengths. While most are between 20 and 24 inches long, some can be as long as 30 inches or even longer. Simultaneously, there are a slew of choker-style choices that are 18 inches or shorter.

14 to 18 Inch Short Chains

A choker is a chain of this length. You should measure the width of your neck before purchasing one of these. Even on the longer scale (about 18 inches), a little choker can be too snug.

If you choose this length, think about how the choker will sit on your neck. Choose a smaller size if you want it to be snug. You can size up a few inches if you want it to sit a little higher on your collarbone. Remember that this style is frequently seen over your attire, so if you work in a suit-and-tie office, you may want to choose a somewhat longer variant.

20 to 24 Inch Medium Chains

The majority of gold chains for men are in this price range. A 20-inch chain will usually fall between the first and second buttons of a work shirt for most men. This provides you the option of wearing it above or beneath your garments.

If you wish to add a dog tag, pendant, or other type of charm to your chain, make it a little longer, around 22 to 24 inches.

26 to 30 inch long chains (and Beyond)

Do you want to make a statement and turn heads? Most people regard a longer chain to be the most opulent of them all. These are supposed to be worn outside of your garment and are intended for exhibiting.

When you wear them, whether you add a pendant or let the necklace speak for itself, you can expect to earn a lot of compliments.

Consider the Thickness

In general, the chain’s thickness will be proportional to its length. A shorter chain is therefore thinner, and vice versa. In this area, you have a wide range of possibilities. Men’s chains can be as tiny as a millimeter broad or as thick as a quarter!

This is why it’s crucial to think about the statement you want to make. A thick, long chain is great if you want to appear bold. A thinner, shorter one, on the other hand, is more practical and suited for long-term wear.

Consider your Face Shape

The truth is that not every chain is suitable for every man. Consider your face shape first to select the best one for you.

Is it a bit more rounded? If that’s the case, a long, V-neck chain might assist stretch your chin and add length by creating a contrast. Shorter, chunkier chains, on the other hand, complement longer and thinner faces.


Therefore, the best way to wear multiple gold chains is through layering. You can layer with your own personal style, but if you want to level up your looks with gold chains, you can consider your face shape, and the thickness and length of the gold chains that you will layer. Wearing multiple chains can enhance the way you style and show up to present yourself. Always make sure that you are layering your chains at your best.

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