Is It Bad Luck To See The Engagement Ring Before The Proposal?

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Is It Bad Luck To See The Engagement Ring Before The Proposal?

The engagement is one of the most exciting times of a relationship. From simple and intimate to grand, and everything in between. Engagement is vital to the development of any relationship, since it is the time where couples get to know each other better before they tie the knot. 

While an engagement may be one of the defining moments of a relationship, there are a lot of stories of bad luck as well. Particularly, seeing the engagement ring before the proposal. In this article we will finally shed some light on the myth “Is It Bad Luck to See the Engagement Ring Before The Proposal?”.

Is It Bad Luck To See The Ring Before The Proposal?

Every aspect of life has its negative side, even engagement rings. Engagement rings are traditional tokens of love given by men to the right woman to propose marriage. In addition, it can come from women who might bravely ask the man they love to marry them. Any way you look at it, engagement rings are significant and valuable to every relationship. Engagement rings are a symbol of a person’s personality, love, and generosity.

There is an existing myth that engagement rings should not be seen by the person you will be proposing to because it will bring bad luck to your relationship. This myth has been the basis of traditional practices of surprise engagements. In these engagements, the preparations are kept secret until the moment when the person who will propose is confident enough to ask the magic question – “Will you marry me?”.”

However, there are no facts to support this belief. The element of surprise is the only concrete reason for having to hide the ring, but this does not mean that if a surprise engagement is ruined it will bring bad fortune. Something certain that can link the ring to bad fortune is losing the ring. 

Is It Bad Luck To Try On Rings With Your Partner?

If you already saw your engagement ring before your partner proposed to you, is it also bad luck to try them on? What about another person trying on your engagement ring? Indeed, from seeing to trying on, there are a lot of superstitions surrounding engagement rings. But remember that there are still no established facts about the bad luck linked to trying on engagement rings.

It is okay to try on your engagement ring if the proposal is no surprise to you, and you and your partner already have plans on how to go about the proposal. It is absolutely okay to try it on before the proposal as it should really be fit to your preference. It is okay as long as your partner is comfortable in letting you be involved in the preparation of your engagement. But if you know that your partner is planning a surprise proposal for you, you might wanna step back and assess how you will let him know your gemstone and design preference without saying it directly.

When it comes to letting others try on your engagement ring, there can be reservations in allowing them to do so. Remember that allowing another person to fit your engagement ring exposes your ring to the possibility of getting lost or being damaged. Either is worse, so you might want to keep an eye on your ring. Surely, there are still no concrete facts that link it to bad luck or misfortune in life and relationships.

Will It Ruin The Surprise?

It is every couple’s desire to end up and share the rest of their lives with each other. But before marriage, they have to go through challenges that test and strengthen the relationship. At the end of every day is a journey, and at the end of every journey is a milestone.

If you are a couple who has decided to settle after a long journey, engagement is your celebration of a milestone. It is the point of agreement to settle down and start anew as two united individuals with a vision of creating a bright future for your own family. Your engagement ring is not the only one and exact materialization of your love, but it plays a big part in reminding each other of your bond and promises.

If you see the engagement ring before the proposal it might ruin the idea of the celebration of a milestone and the experience that awaits you, as you and your partner face this crucial chapter of your love story together. Your engagement is supposedly a moment of surprise and intimacy for both of you and the offering of the wedding ring is the center of all the other surprises that the moment has to offer.

The element of surprise and amusement will be gone if you have already seen and tried on your engagement ring unless it is part of your plan on how the engagement will happen. Nonetheless, even if it is no surprise, every moment of an engagement event will give dynamics of new and true emotions between you and your partner. Although superstitions are proven to not be accurate, you have to pay attention to the fact that it is because these beliefs are grounded by emotion and psychological matters. Despite this, there is still logic in taking care of your engagement ring to make sure no negative impression and unfortunate events will arise in your relationship.

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