Paparazzi Jewelry: Everything You Need To Know

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Paparazzi Jewelry

It would be fair to admit that anyone who thinks of trendy yet affordable accessories will automatically think of Paparazzi’s brand. They have been around for many years, and they are known for bringing high-quality pieces at a lower price tag.

But what are some of the Paparazzi jewelry facts? In this blog, we will cover the most interesting and important facts about this brand.

What Is Paparazzi Jewelry?

Paparazzi jewelry is a brand that specializes in fashion accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They are an MLM (multi-level marketing) company where their products are sold through independent consultants.

The jewelry company was established in 2010 in Utah. Misty and Chani, sisters, were the creators of this brand. The two started it as a hobby, but it grew tremendously in a very short time.

Paparazzi Accessories

The first thing you should know about this brand is the type of products they manufacture. They are known to make necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Their products are made of iron and other metal alloys of Steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper. 

Additionally, all paparazzi accessories are nickel-free. This is important, especially for people with nickel allergies.

Paparazzi Independent Consultants

An independent consultant is anyone who wants to work as a salesperson for a jewelry company. They are not an employee; they do not receive benefits and are paid per sale that they make.

The working hours can vary, but most consultants prefer to spend their time either during the evening or on weekends (depending on your schedule). This allows you flexibility since you are not tied down to a specific schedule.

As an independent paparazzi consultant, the company offers each accessory for $2.75. The accessory then has a retail price of $5, which leaves the consultant with a profit of $2.25, a 45% margin. The consultant sells the accessories at events, expos, and home parties. However, if they have more marketing skills, they can sell their products online or through other channels.

The consultant is limited to the suggested $5 retail price. They cannot sell the products at any price they choose. However, they are not limited to any monthly set targets from the company. This means the consultant can sell as many pieces of jewelry they can get. The consultant is in charge and manages their own business.

How To Become A Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant?

To become a paparazzi Jewelry Consultant, you will be required to follow these simple steps;

Find an active Paparazzi Independent Consultant.

This is someone who has been working for the company and knows how it works. They will help you get started by providing information on inventory and training sessions if need be. 

Finding one shouldn’t be a problem. Search with your zip code, and you will find a consultant near your area. Contact them and ask for more information about the company, become friends with them to give you honest details on how it works. 

Buy a Starter Kit

To become a consultant, you will need to buy at least one starter kit (minimum $99). The company offers different types of starter kits. You can choose the option that best fits your budget and needs. For a joining option, the company provides three starter packages as follows;

Preview pack kit; This is the lowest starter pack kit and goes for $99. The Pack comes with 35 pieces of accessories in it. With suggested $5 per piece, the consultant is expected to make a $175 sale with a $76 profit.

Small Home Party Kit; The small home party kit goes for $299. In it are 120 pieces of jewelry that are expected to give $600 at a retail price. After the sale, the consultant is expected to part ways with a $301 profit.

Large Home Party Kit; The large home party kit is the highest level and goes for $499. In it are 200 pieces of accessories (jewelry). The suggested retail price on all items in the Pack is set at $1000. After a sale, you will be expected to make an impressive profit of $501.

Set up a Jewelry Party

Now that you have a starter kit, it is time to set up your jewelry party. In this step, you will need the help of one or more consultants who are already working for the company. You can host these parties at your home or any other suitable location such as a restaurant.

Setting up a jewelry party should be easy. The starter packs come with a paparazzi guide that will help you set up a party. Party invitations are also included in the starter packs. Paparazzi product displays and sales bags are also provided.

How To Earn More As A Paparazzi Consultant?

To earn more income, the company has in place the Paparazzi Accessories Compensation plan. Through the plan, you can introduce other people to the company and earn extra income from them through commissions on their purchases.

The plan also has a paparazzi bonus system that rewards top sellers within the organization with cash bonuses. The performance is measured through the sales volume of accessories sold by consultants each month. Consultants receive unique affiliate codes, which they use to enroll other people into the program instead of using their own.

As consultants, you can also choose to sell additional fashion products such as watches and sunglasses associated with the company’s brand name. When a consultant decides to do this, they receive a 20% commission on all sales made from the items.

Paparazzi Jewelry Facts

It Takes as Little as $99 to Start a Paparazzi Business

You can become a consultant and offer your friends and family beautiful accessories. The starter kits include all the items you need to start selling immediately, such as sales invitations and product displays.

The $99 is a start-up-friendly amount to anyone who has the desire and passion for fashion accessories while still making a decent income. It also allows one to slowly grow their business by providing another affordable kit for $299.

There are No Monthly Targets Set

Being a paparazzi consultant, you can grow your business as you see fit. There are no monthly targets set to make you feel like the business is pressuring you. As long as consultants are making sales, they will earn commission on all their products. This makes it easy for them to focus more on selling and less on hitting hard-to-reach targets that aren’t realistic in most cases.

However, to retain paparazzi consultant membership, you must buy at least 100 pieces of accessories annually. If you want to become an eligible searchable consultant, you must purchase 25 pieces monthly. This will allow you to be accessible in your zip code when a member searches for an active paparazzi consultant.

45% Commission. No more, no less.

Consultants are strictly tied to the 45% commission. They make only 45% of the total amount spent by a customer when they buy from you, whether it is in cash or through credit card payments.

The compensation plan ensures that consultants are not making more than what was agreed upon in their contracts with paparazzi accessories. It also prevents misunderstandings between consultants and customers and ensures that customers pay the right amount of commission.

All the Jewelry are Made from Lead-free, Nickel-free Metals

The company is aware of health concerns that arise with metals such as nickel and lead. They have designed their products to eliminate any risk of harmful side effects when being exposed to these materials for long periods.

This guarantees customers no risks of having an allergic reaction to the metals. Customers also worry about developing serious conditions in the future.

Not a Must to Recruit Others to Earn

One can start as a consultant without having to recruit others. If you believe that it will help your business grow faster and improve income opportunities, you can do so.

Consultants have reported having better results by focusing on selling accessories rather than chasing recruits all the time. This allows them more free time with their families or friends and a better work-life balance.

Free Website for Paparazzi Consultants

To help consultants grow their businesses, they are given a free website to showcase all the products. This allows you to have an online presence optimized for search engines and easily found by potential customers. This helps increase sales as people will see what you have and be able to order it.

The Reward for Hard Work

Paparazzi Accessories is a company that believes in rewarding hard work. Once consultants have been searchable, they can progress to become active consultants and eventually elite consultants. 

The best-performing consultants are rewarded with incentives like; free-trips, cash bonuses, and training for their hard work. This motivates consultants to put more effort into their jobs, knowing that it will be rewarding through higher ranks or benefits.


Paparazzi jewelry is a great company to partner with if you look for flexible hours, independence in business decisions, and income opportunities. They have amazing products made from the best materials that ensure customers’ safety while benefiting consultants through rewards systems.

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