Should I Let My Girlfriend Pick Her Engagement Ring?

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Should I Let My Girlfriend Pick Her Engagement Ring?

Choosing your engagement ring is a crucial and detail-particular task. You have to ensure that you choose the ring that best represents the personality of your future partner or symbolizes the characteristic of your love and commitment to her. Buying an engagement ring can be stressful, complicated. You can easily screw up when you do not know what kind of ring you should buy for her in the first place. Suppose you do not know what engagement ring you should buy. Here is everything you need to know about engagement rings and whether you should allow your fiance to join you when shopping for an engagement ring.

How To Pick An Engagement Ring?

There is always a first time for everything, and if it is your first time or first time again in a long time to buy an engagement ring, here are some tips that you can follow to pick the best engagement ring.

Determine The Ring Size

Before going out to purchase an engagement ring, ensure that you know your partner’s ring size. Knowing the ring size is the primary consideration that you must have in picking an engagement ring. Suppose that you do not want to ask your partner and you want to keep it as a surprise. You can ask relevant people or look for old rings that your partner has already used or worn. In this way, you can be sure that the engagement ring that you choose fits perfectly.

Know The Details You Want

Details are very important when it comes to picking engagement rings. It involves the gemstone, the style, and the quality of the center stone. Suppose that you are presented with various gemstones and cuts. It is essential to choose among the pieces of rings with gemstones that comply with the globally accepted standard. Always look for a high clarity rate, precise cut, a clear or excellent display of color, and a low per carat rate as much as possible. In this way, you can be sure that the quality and value of the ring complements its aesthetic value.

Details also include choosing what metal band will be used for your engagement ring. The durability of an engagement ring highly depends on its band. So, you have to choose between strong metal bands like gold, silver, and platinum. In this way, you can be sure that your partner can wear the ring and it will last for a long time.

Another thing under details is choosing the carat size as well as the cut of the gemstone you want to have in the engagement ring. Remember that aside from the aesthetic value that relies on color and clarity, carat and cut also have an important role in the quality of your engagement ring. Consider buying a ring that is brilliant and has a precise cut with a low per carat rate. In this way, you are not sacrificing the quality with the cost of the engagement ring.

Buy From Certified Jewelers

It is very important that you pick and purchase your engagement ring from a certified jeweler. As much as possible, buy from the jeweler that you have been trusting over the years. In this way, you can be sure that you pick and purchase only the best quality engagement ring. Suppose that it is your first time buying an engagement ring. It is okay to ask for certification from the jeweler to ensure that they are selling legally, and you will not encounter any inconvenience and dispute after your purchase.

Is it OK To Let Your Girlfriend Pick Her Engagement Ring?

The answer to whether you will let your girlfriend pick her engagement ring is both a yes and a no. It will depend on your agreed set up of proposal. There are couples who choose to buy the engagement ring together. At the same time, there are some couples who choose to keep it as a surprise to their partner. Either way, it is very important that you pick the right engagement ring and offer it at the right timing.

Yes, you can let your girlfriend pick her engagement ring if your proposal is planned, and you inform her ahead of time. This case usually happens to couples who have clear plans of getting engaged and married. Although there is no element of surprise in this set-up of proposal, a soon-to-be husband can be sure that he is buying the best engagement ring for his future wife. Allowing your girlfriend to choose her engagement ring gives you the guarantee of her satisfaction and happiness with the engagement ring. You are sure that all her preferences are in the engagement ring.

No, you cannot let your girlfriend choose her engagement ring if you want to have a surprise proposal. This element of surprise is the fun part of a proposal. The element of surprise allows your partner to appreciate your choice of engagement ring, and it is a chance to explain to her why you chose such a token of love. Just make sure that you know her ring size and the things that she loves, which you can attribute to the engagement ring.

How To Pick The Ring She Loves?

  • Know her ring size and if she has any metal allergies. If there is any, try to buy a hypoallergenic ring.
  • Know her favorite shape or a certain design you can associate with her personality. For instance, an engagement ring with a flower-shaped center stone represents her gentleness and femininity.
  • Know her birthstone. Her birthstone has a significant value and relevance to her. There is no way that she will not appreciate an engagement ring with her birthstone.
  • Relate it to the love and commitment you have for her. For instance, you can give her a brilliant diamond engagement ring as a sign of long-lasting love and commitment.

The Pros and Cons of Buying an Engagement Ring With Her


  • You can have exactly what she loves.
  • It is a way to spend quality time before getting married.
  • It guarantees her satisfaction.
  • You get an insight into her style and taste when it comes to jewelry.
  • You can ensure that she is happy with her engagement ring.


  • There is no more element of surprise.
  • She will be the one being decisive of what is supposed to be your token of love for her.
  • It might take too long for her to make up her mind and decide when presented with many different choices.


To conclude, whether you let her pick the engagement ring or not, the most important thing is that you are sincere with your intentions to marry her. It must be a mutual decision for both of you. Choosing an engagement ring can be a test of how much you know your partner or a test of whether you are compatible when it comes to making decisions. At the end of the day, the token of love is just secondary to the actual love and commitment that you prove to her. It is very important that you prioritize treating her right over buying her expensive gifts, such as jewelry. She will wear that engagement ring as a symbol of her acceptance of your love. Ensure that you give her nothing but the best quality that will last through the years. 

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