Trellis Setting vs. Cathedral Settings

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Trellis Setting vs. Cathedral Settings

Trellis and Cathedral Settings are both popular settings for engagement rings. They can be appealing because they offer a large stone size on the side of the ring. 

This way, it is seen by most people while keeping a more traditional-looking setting on the back. However, there are some considerations to these types of settings that you should know about before committing to one or the other as your favorite style for an engagement ring.

What Is A Trellis Ring Setting?

A Trellis Ring Setting is a ring design that holds the center stone in place. It’s typically made from gold, silver, or platinum and has prongs holding down each side of the diamond (or another gemstone) to keep it secure.

The prongs used to hold the stone up in this setting are interconnected in a way that they form a ‘U’ shape. There are four prongs, and they come down on all sides of the stone.

However, you can also find a trellis engagement ring setting with six and even eight prongs just to hold the diamond stone firmly secure.

The Trellis Setting is one of the more popular types of settings, and it’s commonly used for engagement rings.

The Pros and Cons Of Trellis Engagement Ring Settings

The Pros

  • Added elegance to the sides of the ring –  Trellis settings have a unique design that gives the ring elegance and grace.
  • More Secure – Trellis Settings ensures your diamond is securely held in place so it won’t slip out of its setting easily. That way you don’t lose any diamonds while wearing the ring!
  • Offers more room for other diamonds –  Trellis settings can hold more diamonds than other types of ring settings. That means you get to choose exactly what kind of style your engagement ring has!
  • Ample room for prong support –   With trellis settings, prongs have a lot of room to stick out from the ring. This is great because it means your diamond will stay secure and not fall out!
  • Looks beautiful with other designs – Trellis Settings look particularly nice when paired with smaller diamonds or gemstones on either side of the main stone. It’s also a great way to add more detail to your ring.

The Cons

  • Complicated to clean –  It’s hard to clean the sides of your ring with a trellis setting. You have to be careful not to damage the delicate design while you’re doing it, too!
  • Less secure compared to other engagement ring settings –  If you’re looking for a ring that will keep your diamond super secure and won’t fall out, then trellis settings might not be the right choice.
  • Hard to find –  That’s right, trellis settings are difficult to find. It’s not the most popular style, so if you want one of these rings then be prepared to put in some extra effort!

What Is A Cathedral Engagement Ring Setting?

Two arches extend from the top of the shank to support the prongs that hold the diamond in a cathedral setting. The arches create triangular gaps in the setting that lend your engagement ring diamond a sense of grandeur as they hold it up.

The design of a cathedral setting is not limited to prongs. A bezel setting, for example, involves the arches extending across both sides of the metal wrapping around the gem.

The Pros And Cons Of Cathedral Ring Settings

The Pros

  • Wide selection of designs –  You have a lot of room for customization when it comes to the design of your cathedral setting.
  • Holds the center diamond prominently –  The diamond is held up as if it were part of a piece of art, which makes the stone appear special and unique.

The Cons

  • Can be overwhelmed with debris –   The shape of the setting makes it easy for dirt and debris to accumulate in between gaps, which can cause discoloration.
  • Can snag to other materials easily –   The arches are sharp, which means they can easily snag on clothing and other materials.

Trellis VS Cathedral Engagement Ring Settings – Which Should You Buy?

When comparing these two engagement ring settings, it’s important to take a consider some factors before making any decisions.

With that in mind, a trellis engagement ring setting should be ideal if:

  • You’re seeking a method to improve the visibility of your ring’s profile.
  • You want a three- or five-stone ring with this style.
  • It’s crucial to you that the prongs have a lot of areas of support.
  • You want a setting that is distinctive while still permitting diamonds on the shank.

On the other hand, go for a cathedral engagement ring setting if:

  • You want to make the diamond stand out with a large setting.
  • You’re looking for a scenario that provides a wide range of designs.
  • The ring’s arches and triangle gaps are attractive to you.

Final Thoughts

Trellis vs cathedral ring settings are both popular ways to set diamonds. They are both attractive and show off the beauty of a diamond, but they do have their differences.

Cathedral rings look great when worn for special occasions or even daily wear if they are not too showy. These rings tend to be more appealing and stand out in a crowd.

Trellis settings look great when worn for everyday use because of how light weight they are compared to cathedral rings which may get caught on things throughout the day.

Choosing between the two remains an objective decision that is left to your personal preferences.

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