What Are Invisible Set Diamonds?

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What Are Invisible Set Diamonds

Invisible set diamonds, also known as invisibly set diamonds, are a type of diamond that is mounted into the metal mounting without any visible prongs or metal.

This type of setting does not allow light to pass through the stone and creates an illusion that there is no stone at all. The mountings can be round-cut or square-cut, with either 14k or 18k white gold bands.

What Is An Invisible Setting? 

Invisible set diamonds is a term used for diamond rings that have stones embedded in the ring without it being visible from the top and sides. This type of setting does not use prongs or other metal bands to hold the diamond in place.

The stones are set beneath the surface of the metal, meaning they can’t be seen unless you look closely with magnification or use special tools to find them.

Advantages Of An Invisible Settings

As mentioned earlier, invisible setting refers to the method of mounting diamonds without prongs or any other metal shown on the stone. It is a great option if you prefer an invisible look and don’t want people to see that your diamond ring has stones in it.

Here are some more benefits: 

No Metal

The metal of the ring is usually seen as an attractive feature. However, if you are looking for something understated and subtle, an invisible setting is a good choice. It offers just the right amount of sparkle to let people know that your diamond ring has stones in it without showing off its beauty too much. This makes this type of diamond ring a great choice if you want to keep the focus on your outfit and not on the piece.


The metal used for prongs can be very susceptible to damage, especially over time as it is constantly exposed to everyday wear and tear. This does not happen with an invisible setting because they are usually made using platinum or white gold. The metal used for this type of setting is more sturdy and less likely to show any signs of wear over time.


In terms of keeping the diamonds in place, an invisible setting does a much better job than prongs. A ring with prongs can easily get snagged on your clothes or other pieces while you are wearing it, which can cause your diamonds to fall out or get damaged. An invisible setting is much more sturdy and the chances of losing a diamond are significantly reduced compared to prong settings.


An invisible setting is a great option if you want to have diamonds in your ring but don’t like the way that prongs look. They let everyone know that there are diamonds on your piece without making it really noticeable and flashy, which makes them a much better choice for someone who wants diamond jewelry while keeping their outfit subtle at the same time.


This type of setting is definitely more expensive than the prong setting. However, this increase in price does not come because it uses diamonds at all. The difference comes from what you are getting – a much longer life cycle and better durability for your diamond ring without having to spend extra money on platinum or white gold.

Disadvantages Of Invisible Set Diamonds

  • The cost of invisible set diamonds is higher.
  • They are not as desirable because they lack the brilliance that other stones have.
  • Not all settings can be used for these types of diamond rings.
  • The diamonds may fall out easily, especially if they are loosely fitted initially.

What You Should Consider Before Purchasing Invisible Set Diamonds

Diamonds are expensive. The cost of diamonds can vary depending on their shape, size, and other factors. Therefore, it is best to find the right set before purchasing one for your engagement ring or wedding band.

There are many websites that offer invisible set diamond rings that you should check out first before spending money on buying a loose stone. Diamond rings are available in many styles.

Consider the one that matches your partner’s personality and taste before making a purchase decision. Before buying the diamond set, you should first know what kind of stones they offer. This way, it will be easier to find the right stone for you.

Should You Purchase an Invisible Set Diamond?

There is no one answer to the question, “Should you buy invisible set diamonds?” Everyone has their own opinion. There are those who believe that invisibly set diamonds look cheap and tacky.

Others feel as though the stones lose their sparkle, which is a big appeal to many people when purchasing diamond jewelry.

There will be those out there who have purchased invisible set diamonds without any complaints at all. This only proves that you should not judge something until you have experienced it yourself.

If you are thinking about purchasing invisible set diamonds, the first thing that should be asked is how much will this cost? Diamonds can range in prices and so do invisibly set diamond rings.

Being educated on the average prices of these stones will allow for an understanding of what to expect when looking at price tags.

If you are looking for a ring that will be on the more affordable end, invisibly set diamonds might not be exactly what you want. You may want to consider an alternative form of diamond jewelry, such as invisible solitaire or prong setting rings.


Invisible set diamonds are not just for women. Invisible set diamond rings can be worn by anyone who wants to show off their bling with class and sophistication. A delicate, understated look is the key to this style of jewelry.

The beauty of an invisible set diamond ring comes from its subtlety rather than its size or shape on your finger so don’t worry about having a big rock on your hand.

In fact, many people prefer them because they’re more comfortable and less likely to snag clothes if you take care in choosing one that’s made from good quality materials like platinum or gold which won’t scratch as easily as silver would.

You’ll also need a competent jeweler to make sure the setting has been done correctly since invisibility means the diamonds will be tucked in and protected from any knocks or bumps where your fingers can’t protect them.

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