What Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest?

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What Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest?

There is no doubt that everyone wants a diamond ring that looks big, but surely no one wants to break the bank with this purchase. Sometimes, in order to accomplish this, we need to get a little clever and find a diamond that appears to be the largest rather than the largest actually is. 

And we know the secret! The secret lies in the shape and cut of the diamond you choose.

Although these are similar and sometimes are mistakenly used interchangeably they are actually slightly different.

Cutting refers to the artistry a jeweler applies to a piece to enhance its ability to reflect light. Stones that are well-polished and smoothed will reflect light and appear large. 

On the other hand, shape refers to the physical form. Emerald, princesses, cushions, ovals, and rounds are some common shapes. 

Depending on its shape, a diamond appears different. Even if they are the same carat, two diamonds with different shapes will not look the same on your ring finger. Cuts with shallow depths generate the illusion of a larger diamond. As a result, shapes appear larger than they really are.

Diamond Shapes

How do you determine which diamond shape is the largest? Let’s start by looking at some common shapes. 

Round Shape Diamonds

Round cuts are stunning with their intense brilliance, making them appear large. As a result of their symmetry, round cuts are a popular choice. In fact, round cuts make up over half of diamond purchases.

Emerald Shape Diamonds

With its elongated faces and truncated corners, the emerald cut is characterized by truncated corners. This cut has a classic look with a stunning appearance. Either way, a ring with emerald diamonds will look elegant on you.

Princess Shape Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds have a square outline, although you may also find some slightly rectangular shapes. Princess cut diamonds are known for their brilliant sparkle. For princess cuts, 70% of the rough crystal is used as opposed to 50% in round shapes. 

Cushion Shape Diamonds

A cushion-cut diamond has rounded corners and is large. These diamonds have more rainbow-colored flashes than other cuts. 

Oval Shape Diamonds 

The oval cut yields a jewel with a large and elongated surface. It looks big on the wearer and gives your finger a slim and long feminine appearance. Also, oval cuts are sparkling and trendy.

Size Comparison

Now we can compare the sizes in order to determine their rank. We will use a uniform weight of 1ct. Stones are listed in the following order:

  • Oval shape: 8 x 5.5 mm
  • Cushion shape: 6.5 x 5.5 mm
  • Emerald shape: 6.5 x 5 mm
  • Round shape: 6.4 mm
  • Princess shape: 5.5 mm 

What Affects How Big Your Diamond Looks?

In general, the more sparkle a diamond ring has, the larger it appears. Diamonds set in a slim setting appear larger. An overbearing ring band, in contrast, shrinks the stone size. 

Your ring will look glamorous with halo settings. The small accents around the center stone give the stone an optical illusion of size. Choose a shiny metal that reflects the ring’s center stone. Platinum and gold are both excellent choices. Finally, clean your diamond ring to keep it sparkling.

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