What Did Engagement Rings Look Like In the 1800’s?

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What Did Engagement Rings Look Like In the 1800's

There are many options to choose from when choosing engagement rings. The choices are usually determined by factors like personal tastes or traditions. Often, people choose a stylish modern engagement ring. Other couples opt for something more subdued and simple such as antique engagement rings. 

There are many options available when it comes to antique engagement rings, and some of the most popular are rings from the 1800s. Having said that, we are going to give you all the information you need about engagement rings from the 1800s in this article.

Popular Engagement Ring Types In The 1800’s 

Over the years, many different items have been given as gifts as a sign of devotion and commitment, but after several years rings made of stones and gems became most popular.

Engagement rings became quite popular in Europe and the United States as a widespread of gold and gemstones took place. These rings were mostly gold plated and featured colored gemstones as some of their major components. Gems like sapphires, rubies, amethyst, garnet, chalcedony, and topaz, as well as pearls, also make up components of these rings. A major characteristic of these rings was the manner in which they were crafted. Certain adornments and embellishments like filigree were added to add a more pronounced aura of beauty to it. These rings were made into delicate engravings of different shapes and sizes. The most prominent became snake shaped rings which accrued from the belief that a snake symbolized eternity – a concept with which marriage was compared.

Some rings that gained credence in the 1800s include; 

Victorian Emerald Pearl Rose Gold Band

Victorian Emerald Pearl Rose Gold Band

These rings were usually handmade and curated using the best gemstones by those experienced in the craft of jewelry making. One of the essential characteristics is an emerald twelve pearl milgrian placed in a Victorian-style. The properties made up comprised of 12x pearls, chatam green emerald of 0.95ct and an 8x6mm cabochon cut gemstone.

Moonstone Rings

Moonstone Rings

Moonstone Rings gained popularity in the 1800s due to their brilliance and illumination. With its simple gray-white coloration, it provided flashes of iridescence that set it apart from other stones in the 1800s. Brides with a love for classic jewelry found this as their go to ring for engagement purposes.

The Claire Gols Moonstone ring, most especially had gold plated sterling quality silver placed in a protective bezel on a thin band. Simple yet elegant enough to glitter on the finger. Moonstone Bea Ring crafted with a 14k yellow rose had as one of its outstanding features, a six millimeter emerald cut moonstone in the center. This ring reflected the fiery beauty of the center gem by making it the center of attention.

Posey Rings

Posey Rings

What’s more eye catching than a hoop of gold with a short poem inscribed to portray affection, love and friendships in Latin or French – a language of romance? Some of the engravings, called poesie read like this; mon cuer avez – you have my heart, and amor vincint omna – love conquers all.

Other versions that went beyond the simple one had embellishments of flowers, leaves and expressions that portrayed tender affection for the other party

Modern Rings vs. 1800’s Rings

There have always been controversies when it comes to modern engagement rings and 1800s rings as to which is better and more suitable for a bride. This could be viewed and compared for varying reasons such as durability, appealing nature, prices and in fact components made up. In essence, modern day rings and antique 1800 rings have their varying degrees of peculiarity and more often than not, they should not be compared with each other, as each serves different purposes.

Most 1800 rings are handmade pieces that drip with simplicity yet elegance. Each jewelry piece is gotten and curated with color to make it pop and have it’s most important features noticed. Flowers, leaves, and engravings are depicted in these engagement rings. Modern day engagement rings on the other hand, have less color and engravings in these jewelry pieces have no color and are either gold plated, silver, platinum or just plain white gemstones, comparable to those of the 1800s. Modern day rings have in them more gem components than those of the 1800. They are also more classy on the one hand, coming with different tiers and layers that add sparkle and illuminate their appearances.

Modern day jewelry has less detail to them than the 1800s engagement rings which are engraved with detailed outlooks, each representing a message that accrues to the wearer or owner of it. More attention is paid to the finishing process of a 1800s ring while on the other hand, a modern day engagement ring and are accessorized for special events, flashy but with little intimate significance.

Can You Purchase Rings From The 1800’s?

Antique rings never go out of style, though it is mostly speculated that they may be very rare to find in stores. Purchasing an engagement ring from the 1800s can be done at antique stores or online shops that sell these pieces. You may be at a loss when choosing your ring whether to go for a modern day classy ring or something from the old times that speaks to your heart and shines with simplicity.

Wondering if you can buy rings from the 1800? The answer is simple, yes! If you’re the type to prefer a subtle tone to a more shining appearance, you can opt for these rings. Getting rings from the 1800 is not that difficult to come by as opposed to controversial opinions. You can find rings with character and style that appeals to you and have your wandering interest piqued

Where To Purchase Rings From The 1800’s

By now, you may have decided to go with a more detailed and less flashy 1800s ring than sail with the modern trend. Great choice! The question now would be where to purchase your choice ring. Good news here! 1800 rings can be found in many online and other shops around the world. 

Here are a few places to look when thinking of getting an 1800s ring:

1st Dibbs

This is a one stop online shop that sells the best curated pieces from the 1800s. Some of their antique engagement rings include: Antique Victorian 14 Karat Yellow Gold prices at $2,950; Victorian Platinum 18 Karat Gold Old Euro and Old Mine Cut Diamond Ruby Ring, priced at $2,950. These Gorgeous antique ring comes with an old mine and old euro cut diamonds with a ruby as the center stone. 


This is an online shop where you can purchase any 1800s rings of your choice. Rings Rings, ranging from Circa 1880s Victorian Era 2.5 Ct Ruby to 1.25 cttw Rose cut Diamond Ring, and 14k Rose Gold, go for about USD 10,000.00

Antique 1800’s Old Mine Cut Miner Cut Diamond in 18k Recycled Gold Ring is one of their curated pieces. This elegant engagement ring is hand made, laced with gold, diamonds, the finest stones and also recycled and made to order. Simple yet stunning and elegant, it is a perfect fit for a warm skin tone and for a bride who desires simplicity without being aversive to beauty.


You may probably want to look through other sites as well to have varieties to pick from. Eragem is a sure plug. With varieties like Victorian Engagement Rings which were primarily crafted of yellow gold, they also have Edwardian Engagement Rings with floral patterns in ornate platinum filigree. Also in stock is the Art Deco Engagement Ringshand crafted with mil-grain, symmetrical, and architectural designs, and often contained colored stone accents.

Whatever you opt for, just wear same with style.

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