What Do Mood Ring Colors Mean?

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What Do Mood Ring Colors Mean?

The first mood ring was produced in 1975 and was made of a dark blue flexible stone. Since then, mood rings have become a fashion statement and the stones used in them have got various colors.

As the name implies, these rings vary in hue depending on the mood of the person wearing them. The colors are supposed to be related to a person’s pulse rate, which is directly connected with blood flow and body temperature. 

One of the most common questions regarding these rings is what do different color hues mean? So what are some colors that are typically found on mood rings? Well, there are many different ones and it ranges from dark blue to black, purple, green, yellow, brown, and red.

Different colors mean different moods or feelings, ranging from happy to calm to sad.

People were enthralled by the colors produced by the thermochromic liquid crystals, regardless of whether or not the rings were correct. Since the 1970s, mood rings, bracelets and necklaces have had a different makeup, but they are still manufactured today.

What Is A Mood Ring?

A mood ring is a ring that contains thermotropic liquid crystals. These liquid crystals change colors depending on the temperature and what they are exposed to.

How Mood Rings Work

There are several different versions of the mood ring, but they all share one common feature; they change colors depending on the temperature. When you place your finger in just the right spot on the ring it causes a reaction that changes its color.

This reaction is caused by a liquid crystal that changes color depending on the temperature of your finger.

The color change you see with mood rings is not as dramatic as those seen in mood lipstick, for example. Instead, it’s close to what happens when you put nail polish remover on top of wet nail polish; the nail polish underneath becomes transparent.

What Mood Ring Colors Are Supposed To Mean

Mood Ring Color Meanings

According to some, what mood rings are supposed to mean is the temperature of your finger. The ring will change colors depending on your body heat; different colors represent different feelings or states of mind.

Here’s how it works:


Tense, Nervous, Harassed, or Overworked.


Anxious, Nervous, or Strained.


Nervous, Mixed Emotions, Unsettled, or Cool.


Average Reading, Not Under Stress, or Active.

Blue Green

Inner Emotions Charged or Somewhat Relaxed.


Relaxed, At Ease, Calm, and Loveable.


Romance, Passion, Love, and Very Happy.


Amorous, Romance, Heat, Mischievous, Moody, Love, Sensual, and Dreamer.


Affectionate, Warm, Loving, Curious, Infatuated, and Very Happy.

Dark Blue

Bliss, Lovestruck, Giving, Deeply Relaxed, and Happy.

Light Blue

Relaxed, Motivated, Upbeat, Optimistic, Normal, Pleased, Calm, Accepting, Pleasant, and Peaceful.

Why Mood Rings May Not Be Accurate?

  1. Mood rings are supposed to be able to tell your current mood by the color of the stone in them. There could be a few reasons that there is never an accurate answer for what your mood ring says.
  2. Mood rings are not that close to being accurate because they react differently at different temperatures.
  3. Mood rings are not the most reliable because they are made of different types of chemicals. The colors can change based on these chemicals even if you aren’t moody.
  4. Stones, like people, have different personalities so there is very little room for an accurate answer on what your ring says about your mood.
  5. Have you ever noticed the color of a mood ring change when it is right next to another stone? This can be from other jewelry or from laying on top of your hand in a certain way.
  6. Mood rings are made with different types of chemicals so even if they were accurate, different people would get different answers based on their skin type or hair color.
  7. You have probably seen a mood ring change colors when your finger is wet, right? Well, that means if you were just in a shower with hot water, the stone would be a hotter temperature and it might not be accurate anymore either! 

How Mood Rings React To Temperature

This is as accurate as mood rings can get. However, we all know that our bodies are exposed to different temperatures daily. This means that these types of rings don’t have to only rely on our bodies’ temperature to tell us how we’re feeling.

As a result, mood rings should be considered a rough guide to our feelings and emotions. Mood rings, like other types of vintage jewelry, were known for their fragility. If the ring became wet or exposed to high humidity, the colors would react with the water and lose their mutability.

When wet, modern mood jewelry is still susceptible to changing color or becoming permanently dark brown or black. A polymer is applied to the “stones” used in beads to protect them from harm. The beads are fascinating since a single bead might represent a whole mix of colors. This includes the warmest hue facing the skin and the coolest shade of the stone facing away from it.

Because multiple hues may be shown on a single bead, it’s reasonable to infer that the colors cannot be used to forecast the wearer’s feelings.

Do Mood Rings React To Human Emotions?

Sure, this is a possibility. If emotional energy flows through us in waves, there’s no reason why mood rings can’t pick up on this and translate that into their colors. While science has yet to prove that such a theory is viable, it’s not hard to imagine that this could be the case.

Do Mood Rings React To Blood Flow?

This is a well-known fact about mood rings. Mood Rings react to capillary action and capillary action is caused by blood flow. What isn’t as widely known is the fact that people who take certain types of medication might experience a very similar reaction from their mood rings.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the meaning of mood ring colors is as varied as the moods we feel. Look at your mood ring and try to think about what color you associate with it now. Maybe it’s purple; maybe now you’re feeling blue.

It’s up to you to decide what those colors mean for yourself, but you can always use them to help understand your moods better. And remember, if that mood ring is stuck on purple forever, it might be time for a new one!

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