What Do The Colors Of Pearls Mean?

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What Do Colors Of Pearls Mean?

Since pearls have been used in jewelry for hundreds of years, different colors of pearls have been associated with different meanings. That is why in this article we will teach you about the different pearl colors and their meanings in today’s world.

Pearl Color Meanings

The following are the different pearl colors and their meanings:

White Pearl 

White generally is associated with purity and innocence. White pearls often symbolize innocence, purity, simplicity, honesty, faith etc. They  are used traditionally by brides to denote this meaning and also to wish for the beginning of new milestones. Aside from brides, it is also given to mark an achievement such as with a new career or graduation as a beginning of a new phase of life. This pearl exudes a positive energy that liberates the one wearing it.

Black Pearl

This Pearl type is rare and expensive. Since it can be cultured, the pearl has become more affordable. Black pearl symbolises independence, mystery, assertiveness etc You give black Pearl to a woman to admire her strength and determination.

Gold Pearl

This pearl is common with the wealthy and affluent people. It is a symbol of prosperity. It is found in the Philippines and Australia. Gold pearl is rare and can be expensive, it is often used to denote the status of the wearer.

Purple Pearl

Purple pearls represent prestige, nobility, and royalty. Like the pink pearl they are feminine and highly sophisticated. They are the most alluring of the pearl colors. 

They also symbolize creativity, wisdom and passion. It can be given as a gift to people in the artistic, writers and teaching profession. 

Pink Pearl

Pink pearls represent love, romance, fame, and beauty. It radiates a mild shade which makes up for its feminine look.

They are rare in nature and can be presented as a gift to lovers and friends. It can also be given to symbolise a bright future as  a graduation gift. Pink also signifies success and good fortune. Everyone is in need of a touch of both in life.

Blue Pearl

Blue pearls are very hard to come by. It is among the rarest of Pearl found in nature. Hence, it is expensive. It is formed by a species of molluscs with certain metal defects. The common blue pearls in the market are the cultured pearls, dyed to give the characteristic blue color.

Blue pearl symbolises tranquility, trust and peace. It can be presented to people in need of strength to continue on a certain path.

They are found majorly in Vietnam and Japan. 

Green Pearl

This pearl symbolises hope, birth of new creations and growth. It is beautiful and has a refreshing aura. It can be given as a gift to symbolize luck and prosperity, to people embarking on a new journey.

Getting a natural green pearl is difficult but certain pearls available in the market are often dyed to satisfy the demand of the market. The natural ones can be found in the asian countries like China, Philippines,Indonesia etc

Chocolate Pearl

The brown color is also referred to as the chocolate pearl. They are in French Polynesia. They can be given as gifts to family, relatives and friends. This pearl symbolizes protection, safety and comfort. Hence, why it is given to close relatives.

Yellow Pearl

Yellow color is liberating and is related to cheerfulness. Yellow pearl is also rare and is found mostly in the asian countries like Japan, Philippines, and China. Yellow pearls can be given as gifts to people, to cheer them on and uplift their spirit. This is especially important in times of loss or adversity.  You can appreciate any woman in your life who has brightened your life and is also a source of light for you.

Factors That Affects The Color Of A Pearl

The Color Of The Shell

Most pearls assume the color of the shell or mother pearl. The shell often contain other colors that give the pearl an overtone of different colors

The Nacre Thickness

When the tissue of the shell produces necre that forms the pearl. The thicker the quantity of the necre the deeper the color of the pearl that is formed.

Human Influence

The interference of the natural process of the formation of pearls by man also affects the color of the pearl. The color of the pearl can be influenced by introducing the tissue of different mollusks into the shell producing the pearl. This is done to achieve the color of the introduced tissue.

Dyed Pearls

Due to the demand for some pearls, some pearls are dyed to produce colors that are highly sought after. Most black pearls available in the market are often dyed, since black pearls are only produced by two species of mollusc.

How To Enhance A Pearls Color

When a pearl is formed the color produced can be enhanced using different methods such as:


Using a saline solution, a pearl can be polished to enhance the appearance of the pearl. This is especially done to achieve white pearl because of its high demand.


Pearls are dyed to achieve pearl color such as pink, gold, blue etc. The dying of the pearl help to satisfy the need of certain market demands


Irradiation of pearls is done by using gamma rays to influence the color of the pearl. The gamma rays have different effects on saltwater and freshwater pearls. The salt water pearl nucleus darkens with the application of gamma rays. Freshwater pearls on the other hand, produce a darkening necre when exposed to gamma rays. Gamma Rays also influence the shining of the pearl.  

Pearl Pinking

Since pink pearls are very rare and difficult to find in nature. Pink Pearl is produced by dying the pearl with pink overtones. This is done to meet up with its demand in the market.

What Color Pearl Will You Choose?

Pearls are formed in different colors and often signify different qualities. There is a pearl type to suit every woman’s personality. When choosing a gift for any woman, presenting a carefully selected pearl that matches with the personality of the wearer will be more appreciated. You can present the gift along with a note, this will make the wearer cherish the gift for a long time. With the information provided, you can confidently present the right type of pearl to any female around you, while you sit back and watch the joy radiating from your loved one as they cherish the ring.

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