What Is A Box Chain Necklace?

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What Is A Box Chain Necklace?

A box chain necklace is a long, thin piece of jewelry that attaches to the wearer’s neck and hangs down in front. It can be worn by both men and women as it suits most styles of clothing. 

The length of the necklace varies from person to person; some people may prefer shorter chains while others like longer pieces.

Chain Link is a type of chain that some people wear. It is called Box Chain because it has a box shape. When you wear Chain Link, it can be on your neck or your hand.

Box Chain is a type of Chain Link style. Curb, Belcher, Rope, and Figaro are other types of Chain Link styles.

It is very similar to the majority of long-lasting Chain Link styles, which are named for their form.

Characteristics Of A Box Chain Necklace

The fundamental form of this classic look is a basic shape that looks like a Box. You may believe it’s too simple a design to be effective.

But when two identical links are combined, this 4-sided square form with flat shiny surfaces begins to develop the basis of an attractive and sleek chain link design.

Whether you choose to view it from the side, top, or bottom, you’ll notice perfect symmetry all around.

The Box Chain, also known as a “Venetian” Chain Link design owing to its origins in the historical artisan city of Venice, Italy, is available in silver or silver-plated.

It’s easy to see why this chain design has such a beautiful yet natural appeal, given its history.

The History Of The Box Chain

A recognizable form, combined with a pattern in which the links connect, is at the heart of many traditional chain styles that later develop into more interesting versions.

Box chains can be traced back to the original Box Chain, which was created from a Classic or Standard Box Chain.

4 faces, flat square surfaces, highly polished and straight edges are characteristic features of this style.

Types Of Box Chain Necklaces

There are various types of box chain necklaces out there. Check them out below.

Mirror Box Chain

This is almost identical to the standard box chain it may be hard to identify the differences between them. However, the main difference is that the mirror box chain features these “boxes” closer together with little space between each link. 

To prevent the light from being scattered throughout the pool, this design employs stainless steel chains to connect all of the components.

A Mirror effect is created by the continual flow of unbroken Silver. This chain is quite brilliant and looks wonderful when paired with a pendant on special occasions, such as weddings or graduations.

Rounded Box Chain

The distinction between Rounded Box Links and Rectangular Box Links is the somewhat domed surfaces on which they are built.

This is a strong chain that goes well with huge statement pendants or lockets when it’s blended.

Double Box Chain

Surprisingly, while the basic flat square surfaces are no longer visible with this variation, each of the connections in this style is identical to every other and has a square form.

Each link may be regarded as a square-shaped ring (as opposed to round rings) with the same width and length when the Double Box Chain is broken down.

Triple Box Chain

The triple Box Chain is similar to the double Box Chain, except that instead of two links stacked on top of each other, there are three.

There are also three-groove versions, which feature etched designs on the flat surface.

Greek Box Chain

The Greek Box Chain is named for its distinctive pattern, which emulates designs from Ancient Greece.

When the chain is laid flat on the chest, wrist, or dressing table, the Greek pattern becomes apparent immediately.

The Box element, on the other hand, is unique to each link. The style, however, differs from the Standard Box Chain (for which see below) in that the box form has been sliced at a 45-degree angle.

Using this approach, the chain is flatter. Our next collection will include the Greek Chain with a highly special surface imprint known as Pave, which has a silky texture and is flattering.

Do Box Chain Necklaces Break Easily?

No, box chain necklaces don’t break easily – but only if they are thick. 

If the links are too thin, then that means the box chain necklace is vulnerable to breaking.

Are Box Chains Good For Pendants?

Yes, box chains are very good for pendants because the shape of the box chain allows you to see your jewelry. 

You can use either a round or square-shaped pendant on this type of necklace. 

This is not always true with every design, but most will look great when using a circular-based piece of jewelry.

Box Chain Necklace Widths Best Suited for:


At the most basic level, any fineness will suffice, with Standard box chains beginning at 0.8mm and a maximum width not being necessary if bold statement jewelry for Women is desired. A 1.5mm width is a decent middle width for women.


The minimum width for men is expected to be 1.5mm larger than the maximum recommended width, with no upper limit. A 2 mm Box Chain might be a decent middle width.

Why Are Box Chain Links So Alluring?

The Square shape, along with Circles, Triangles, and Rectangles, is a member of the geometric family of shapes.

Geometric forms are those that are symmetrical and, as a result, exhibit order and regularity. The Box Chain, like the Chain of 10 Cubes, makes use of straight edges and corners.

We also went through how various forms evoke distinct emotions in this section.

What is the significance of the Box Chain and how was it developed?

The Box Chain is named for its square form, which is the primary feature. 

It has four equal lengths and four equal widths as a result of its symmetry being derived from four identical lengths and four identical widths.

It also boasts four 90-degree angles at each of its four corners.


A box chain necklace is a necklace with two rectangular, square, or trapezoid chains that are connected by small bars. 

They can come in silver and gold colors and be worn casually for daytime wear or dressy at night. 

The good thing about them is that you can buy them online at any store such as Amazon.

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