What Is A Briolette Diamond?

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What Is A Briolette Diamond?

Briolette diamonds are among the oldest diamond cuts. It is a pear or teardrop shaped diamond used by the royals and the important personalities of the time. Because of its shape, it is commonly used for necklaces and earrings which gives it a cascading effect. 

The use of briolette diamond, even though it was popular among the elite in the past, ceased to become a known diamond cut type with the introduction of other diamond cuts. The decline in its usage could also be attributed to its inefficient use of diamond when cutting the diamond. Unlike another diamond cut, it requires a great level of mastery to achieve this cut, even with the development of sophisticated machines. 

The History Of Briolette Diamond 

The history of the briolette diamond is dated to the 17th century in India about 800 years ago when Mayanara of India documented the transaction between him and Louis XIV who bought two briolette diamonds from him. The briolette diamond was used by the king to propose to his wife, who was seen to wear the necklace on occasions. This necklace contains 10 briolette diamonds arranged on it, with each weighing 4 carats.

The cut was achieved using two diamond rose cuts, with one of its sides elongated to form its characteristic teardrop shape. Though this cut has become rare since other diamonds have evolved. The use of briolette diamonds is gradually becoming a new trend. A briolette diamond was auctioned for 20 million dollars in 2019. 

Characteristics Of A Briolette Diamond

Briolette diamond has numerous unique features that make it desirable for people who know its value. These features include


Briolette diamonds are known for their briolette shape feature(teardrop). It has no crown, pavilion, and tables like most diamonds or other cuts. This is due to its elongated form and is only suitable for earrings and necklaces. This shape makes it a great choice for light shows because it has a large number of faces and it reflects light brilliantly in all its angles which form a sphere shape. Because of its shape, it is used majorly for earrings and necklaces. A hole is created in the diamond where a metal-covered wire thread passes through it which holds it in place. This gives a chandelier effect when suspended.


The briolette of India is a colorless diamond with the highest grade of diamond color -D type color. It is an lla type diamond, which makes it among the purest of diamonds, since it contains no form of impurities.


Briolette diamonds are rare, because of the mastery needed to achieve the cut. Also, in the process of making diamonds, lots of diamonds are wasted which makes them expensive.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Briolette Diamond

The numerous advantages of this diamond cut over the disadvantages makes desirable to its lover


  • Though cutting briolette requires some level of expertise, when it is properly done, the result is always very stunning and also gives jewelry that is resistant to wear and tear.
  • The briolette cut gives a dazzling effect because of its triangular phase in all its angles. It is the only diamond with a spherical shape used for the light show. It has no flat side. 
  • This cut produces a very gorgeous gemstone in how it reflects light from its angles and and its shape
  • The type of cut is valuable and rare, hence it produces a wow effect on people when you put it on. It calls the attention of people and attracts them. 


  • Briolette diamond is very pricey because of its unique features and due to the amount of diamond lost in the process of cutting. Its price range can be up to 5 figures for a perfectly cut briolette diamond.
  • The cut is only suitable for necklaces and earrings. Other accessories like rings and bangles that require setting can not be made of briolette diamond, because of its shape. 
  • Briolette cut diamonds are not suitable for everyday use. The cut is prone to wear and tear compared to other types of diamond cuts. They are best used for occasional purposes.

Should You Purchase A Briolette Diamond?

The decision to purchase a briolette diamond should be made after the pros and cons have been properly considered. You want to consider the purpose of buying a diamond when making your choice before you buy one. If you are aiming for a diamond you want to wear daily, a briolette diamond might not be the right choice for you, since it is prone to wear and tear if worn daily. 

If you simply desire jewelry to make a statement, something you want to wear to special occasions, and you want to be the center of attention, then this diamond might be the right choice for you, because you don’t have to wear it daily and the brilliant shine of diamond gives you the perfect result you desire. One more thing to consider is your budget. Getting a briolette is expensive, if you do not have enough money to acquire it, you might consider other types of diamond as well. There are other types of diamonds that could also give you satisfaction similar to this, but not the same. If you have enough budget to purchase the briolette diamond and you have considered other factors like frequency of wearing it, and you are sure you want it for occasional purposes. Then your best option is a briolette diamond.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a diamond, be sure to make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget.

Where Should You Purchase A Briolette Diamond?

 If you are wondering how you could get this diamond, since you are already aware that it is a rare type of diamond that can not be found easily due to its cut type. So we suggest that you visit local jewelry stores that specialize in vintage jewelry because they will be more familiar with the briolette cut.

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