What Is A Carre Cut Diamond?

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What Is A Carre Cut Diamond?

If you are currently shopping for an engagement ring you might have heard of a Carre Cut Diamond. But since you are here you probably don’t know what it is. But do not worry! In this blog post we are going to teach you everything that you need to know about Carre Cut Diamonds and answer the question “What Is A Carre Cut Diamond?”.

What Are Carre Cut Diamonds?

The carre cut diamond is the least common type of step cut. It has square faces and gives off an appearance similar to that of a pyramid when viewed from above, as it comes in longer sides running through its length.

The Characteristics Of A Carre Cut Diamond

The most distinct characteristic of a Carre cut diamond is its square face and parallel side edges that run throughout the length of the stone.

Another important characteristic of carre cut diamonds is their less sparkle compared to other similar cuts. This is due to having fewer cuts. Because of having fewer cuts, these diamonds do not reflect as much light. This lack of reflection is what leads to  carre cut diamonds typically having less brilliance than other similar cuts.

Furthermore, the lack of cuts makes the interior easily visible. Due to the nature of the interior being more visible, inclusions can be much more easily detected.

To avoid seeing inclusions in your diamond, it is always recommended that you purchase a carre cut diamond with a high clarity grade.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Carre Cut Diamond

Like when purchasing other types of diamonds the four C’s are the essential factors to look out for. For a carre cut diamond in particular, you want to ensure that you check the clarity of the diamond with scrutiny. 

This is because the carre cut diamond is known for its mirror properties which exaggerated the imperfection of the diamond, which is visible to the ordinary eye. When buying a carre cut diamond, you want to choose the highest clarity option available.

The Different Carre Cut Diamond Settings

As you might know, carre cut diamonds are known for their sharp edges which make them prone to chipping, when it falls or hits a hard surface. To protect the diamond edges, some settings are especially recommended for this diamond cut. Such settings include the halo and bezel settings.

Bezel Setting 

This setting provides a cushion effect for the diamond. It circles the ring and shows off the center of the stone. This makes this setting a better option for the carre cut diamond to protect the edges of the diamond.

Halo Setting 

Like the bezel settings it also encircles the stone and holds it at its Center to show its brilliance. This protects the stone making a great choice for carre cut diamond.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of A Carre Cut Diamond?

Before you purchase a carre cut diamond, here are some pros and cons to help you decide:


  • The carre cut diamond is cheap. and an affordable option, if you prefer uniqueness to brilliance.
  • It can reflect different light (fire) compared to another diamond cut.


  • It is difficult to find because of its low demand and requires excellent craftsmanship.
  • The sharp edge of the diamond makes it prone to damage.
  • A carre cut diamond shows more inclusions than similar cuts.

Should You Buy A Carre Cut Diamond?

Your style and purpose of the diamond will determine your choice of diamond cut. If you prefer uniqueness over sparkle and brilliance you might consider buying a carre cut diamond. 

But for better radiance, brilliance, and sparkle, in an engagement ring, you might want to opt for other diamond cuts. Whatever your ring or style you prefer, you remain the best person to make this important decision.

Where Should You Purchase A Carre Cut Diamond?

If you decide to buy a carre cut diamond, your best choice is to check online and your local jewelry stores. Although finding a carre cut diamond in a store might be a tough task to do, because the diamond is scarce since there is no mass production for it. But this does not mean it can not be found in a store, so there is still hope that you can find one!

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