What Is A Crushed Ice Diamond?

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What Is A Crushed Ice Diamond?

Diamonds are known to be one of the most expensive stones because of their clarity and luxurious look. Little do you know that there is a diamond that looks broken and shattered but serves looks and luxury to anyone who wears it. It is the crushed ice diamond, and it will be the central topic as you course through this article. This article is your complete guide to knowing crushed ice diamonds.

What Are Crushed Ice Diamonds?

A crushed ice diamond, also known as a crushed glass diamond, is a type of cushion cut diamond. It is the kind of diamond that looks like a piece of shattered ice or glass. It has smaller facets which create the illusion of a shattered ice look and makes it stand out among others. It usually has more and smaller facets in the bottom than any other kind of cushion cut diamond. As the small facets of crushed ice diamond reflect the light, the light bounces off each facet that facet, making it look shattered. Crushed ice diamonds are intentionally designed pieces that make them earn their spot in the diamond market.

Why Are Crushed Ice Diamonds Made?

Almost all gemstone cutters prioritize the quality and durability of the stone as they cut it. The same principle is applied by diamond cutters every time they cut a raw diamond. In cutting the shape, diamond cutters think of the appropriate cut that will preserve the quality and leave out inclusions in the diamond. For crushed ice diamonds, diamond cutters think that small facets leave out inclusions, and it creates a luxury piece that will last and stand out when worn.

Cushion-Cut vs. Crushed Ice Cushion Cut

The cushion cut is another type of diamond cut that was based on the mine-cut diamond. The mine-cut or the traditional cushion-cut diamond, from whom the cushion cut originated, has only 58 facets. In contrast, the new cut, which is the new cushion cut, has 64 small facets with an open cutlet. The cushion cut diamond is less brilliant than most of the other diamond cuts. For instance, a round cut diamond is even more brilliant than a cushion cut diamond. The facets of a cushion cut diamond vary from 4, 6, 8, and 10 main facets. The main facets refer to the number of large facets that intersect at the diamond’s cutlet. When looking directly at the cushion cut diamond’s surface, its facets look like triangular patterns.

On the other hand, a crushed ice diamond looks like a modified cushion cut diamond. By modifying its cut, diamond waste is reduced. This modification that intends to reduce diamond waste has been the selling point of the crushed ice diamond, which makes it earn its big market demand. With its modified cut, the four main facets look is eliminated. Diamond cutters create smaller cuts, smaller facets, instead of larger ones. Crushed ice cushion cuts have smaller facets that reflect light, making it look sparkling like a pool of water under the sun. The flashes of light are bright and scattered, giving the crushed ice cushion cut a mesmerizing look.

Crushed Ice vs. Non-Crushed Ice

Comparing crushed ice to non-crushed ice diamonds, nothing is better than the other. Other cushion cut diamonds that are non-crushed ice have their own characteristics that make them unique among other diamond cuts. Their qualities are still determined by the 4Cs, or the Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. Nothing is better than the other because cushion cut diamonds have their spots in the market with equally high demands. The crushed ice diamond gives you the benefit of hiding inclusions and visibility of flashes or lights and hues on the surface of the diamond. At the same time, the non-crushed ice diamonds give you the benefit of a luxury piece with large facets that showcase the clarity and brilliance of the stone.

Tips For Buying Crushed Ice Diamond

Crushed ice diamonds have high demands in the market because of their modified cut. Indeed, you want your money invested in the right piece of crushed ice diamond that will showcase luxury and a mesmerizing play of hues on its surface. With that being said, here is your complete guide to buying crushed ice diamonds. These tips are the ones you can consider to ensure that you will never go wrong in your diamond investment.

  • Choose the ones with an H color grade or better. The ones with an H color grade or better showcase colors and hues on their surface, making it a luxury piece that serves style. Further, a crushed ice diamond holds an H and higher color grades better than chunkier ones that showcase clarity instead.
  • Do not be too conscious of inclusions. Inclusions are easily masked by the small facets of a crushed ice diamond, and it is mostly not visible when you are looking through the surface of a crushed ice diamond.
  • Buy from legitimate cutters that specialize in crushed ice diamonds. The cutting process of the modified cut of crushed ice diamond is crucial, and it is better if you buy it from a cutter who specializes in smaller cuts.
  • Virtual shopping is not advised. It is better to inspect the quality of a crushed ice diamond when you can see it face to face. You get the chance to evaluate its features and make a more informed decision.
  • If you are having doubts, ask a relatively known jeweler for recommendations and advice. It is better to have a professional with buying experience to help you find the right piece of crushed ice diamond.

Is Crushed Ice Diamond A Good Investment?

Indeed, crushed ice diamonds are good investments. You can save yourself from diamond waste while having a luxury piece that showcases color and cut simultaneously. At the end of the day, it is all about preference. You got the right luxurious piece if it won your preference. It becomes more valuable if it is compliant with the globally accepted standards and it fulfills your satisfaction. Just keep in mind that a good diamond investment is the one that makes you feel good about yourself and the choice you made.

It is always imperative to be particular about the quality of a crushed ice diamond without sacrificing your preference and satisfaction.


To conclude, crushed ice diamonds are one of the best diamond cuts that you can buy in the market today. Aside from the modified cut that sets it apart from other cushion cut diamonds, its appearance is unique, and it creates its own statement as a luxury piece of jewelry. Its small facets create an illusion of dancing hues on its surface. Nothing is more satisfying than a piece of diamond with flashes of light and colors that mesmerize your eyes and invite attention and attraction from the crowd. It makes you stand out with elegance.

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