What Is A Dinner Ring?

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What Is A Dinner Ring?

A really few people know about ring categories, and little is known about dinner rings. Ring categories are mostly known to ring enthusiasts and jewelers only. Still, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the different categories of rings if you wish to invest in one. This article is your complete guide to one of many ring categories, the dinner ring. You will know what the dinner ring is, its history, and what makes it worth buying.

What Are Dinner Rings?

A dinner ring is a large and elaborated ring, usually worn by women, with one large gemstone as a centerpiece or cluster of stones. It is usually worn on evening occasions, that is why it is called a dinner ring. It is mostly worn by women who are enthusiastic about fashion, glamour, and elegance. Dinner rings originated from cocktail rings, and both of them are worn to give an accent to a woman’s hand with minimal effort. In that way, a woman does not need to wear a lot of rings to beautify her fingers. She can have just one dinner ring that draws all the attention and gives her the glamour and style she wants to achieve. The arrival of dinner rings made way for the use of secondary gemstones, aside from diamonds that are used for cocktail rings, to be the centerpiece for rings at evening gatherings.

The History Of The Dinner Rings

The dinner ring has been a trend since the 1920s because of the eye-catching and flashy large gemstone perched atop a ring that caught the attention and attraction of people at evening gatherings. It gained popularity after the Prohibition of cocktail parties. It made way for more evening gatherings for socialization among upper classes, and it has become a tradition, part of the regular dinners. That is the time that dinner rings have been a trend out of the existence of cocktail rings. From diamond cocktails rings used for occasional cocktail parties, the more frequent parties made way for secondary gemstones for dinner rings because diamonds are too precious for daily use and public exposure. Since then, dinner rings have been a trend on evening occasions.

Back in those times, it was mostly women and men from prominent upper-class families who attended evening occasions. Women give their hands to men that could be their future business partners or husbands. It is important to atone their hands with a ring that will speak about their social disposition. Then it can be inferred that back in those days, dinner rings were the symbol of women’s power and freedom in society.

Cocktail Rings vs. Dinner Rings

Cocktail rings became a trend back in the time of Prohibition when people needed to attend illegal cocktail parties to get their alcohol. Cocktail rings usually have diamonds as their centerpiece and speak of a woman’s freedom and social class. Back in those times, women were given more ways to be independent, using pieces of jewelry with chunky diamonds to show their independence through flashy and luxurious rings. Cocktail rings can be worn anywhere on the finger except the left ring finger.

On the other hand, from the trend of wearing cocktail rings, dinner rings are born. Dinner rings have been a trend since Prohibition was over, where dinner parties became a way for people to consume alcohol. Because dinner parties are more frequent with less flaunting of luxury, it made way for the use of secondary gemstones as the centerpiece of women’s rings back in those times. All non-engagement rings during this time are dinner rings.

Pros And Cons Of A Dinner Ring

For a better understanding of a dinner ring, here are its strengths and weaknesses that you can consider.


  • Dinner rings feature big and colorful dazzles of gemstones. It made way for the popularity of secondary stones are centerpieces.
  • Dinner rings introduce specific social classes, which makes it easy for men and women in the upper class to choose their life partners and business partners.
  • Dinner rings uplift women in society because it denotes their power, wisdom, and independence.


  • Dinner rings have large chunky pieces of gemstones and other elements that give significance to them, which adds value to their price.
  • Cocktail rings are finer and still more popular than dinner rings.
  • Dinner rings primarily use secondary stones, which have lower market value. It can be a good investment, but the best jewelry investment to make. But if you are new to buying rings, you can first invest in secondary stones.

Should You Buy A Dinner Ring?

You should buy a dinner ring if you are still starting to invest in pieces of jewelry, especially rings. You should buy a dinner ring because it denotes power and freedom, and it makes you look more elegant. Just remember to buy from relatively known diamond jewelers. These stunning and stylish pieces can look better if you can have a professional and skilled jeweler check them and maintain them for you.

To conclude, aside from the style and luxurious look that it gives, a dinner ring has significance to a woman’s place in society. It denotes freedom and independence, making women feel empowered and uplifted. It is very important to buy dinner rings that are durable and will last for generations of women attending evening social gatherings to try their fate in life and business. It does not just add value to your physical aesthetic, but it will give you the fulfillment of being a woman.

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