What Is A Double Rose Cut Diamond?

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What Is A Double Rose Cut Diamond?

Who doesn’t like diamonds? They are at the top of every girl’s wish list. They have been considered a symbol of love and romance, they come in all shapes and sizes. But what about when you want to add some flair? That’s when it’s time for a Double Rose Cut Diamond!

What Are Double Rose Cut Diamonds?

A double rose cut diamond is also known as an old mine cut or a rose cut. These are diamonds that are shaped in a way to resemble the petals of a rose flower. The diamond is designed with 24 facets, but it looks like 52!

The History Of Double Rose Cut Diamonds

The double rose cut diamond has been around for centuries and was extremely popular during the Victorian Era. These rose-cut diamonds are also known as Double Dutch Rose Cut. These diamonds were created around the turn of the century, the early 1500s to resemble roses, which at that time was very popular. 

Rose Cut Diamonds were so popular at one point that they became known as “Queen of Gems” and we still hold on to the belief, but with a twist! Instead of just being for queens or empresses, now they can be given by anyone who wants to show their love and appreciation. It’s no longer considered a “royal” diamond, but rather a romantic one.

Today Double Rose Cut Diamonds are highly sought after because it is very rare to find them in this particular shape. It’s amazing to think about how far we’ve come since then, but also great that some of these designs have stood the test of time and are still popular today.

What Are The Characteristics Of Double Rose Cut Diamonds?

The characteristics that are unique to Double Rose Cut Diamonds are the distinct shape, bold presence, and romantic feel. The diamonds themselves have a rich color with intense saturation. Their eye-clean clarity makes them perfect for any setting or ring design.

These diamonds also contain two main reflection points which make it appear as if there is another diamond on the side. A double rose cut diamond is perfect for any special occasion, as they are timeless and beautiful.

Double Rose Cut Diamond Vs. Other Types Of Diamonds

Well, first off it’s one of the rarest diamonds out there! So if rarity is what you’re looking for, then this diamond fits your needs. Not only does it have appeal because of its rarity but also due to its unique design.

The double rose cut diamond has a very romantic and elegant look to it that is not as common as some other shapes such as the princess or round cuts, even though they are still popular styles today. Because of this uniqueness, it is why these diamonds have been one of many favorite types of engagement rings for years now.

The rose-cut diamond is also a great alternative to the princess or cushion cuts if you’re looking for something different. They are not as common in today’s jewelry styles, but because they have been around since 1500. This means that there are still some out there available!

The Different Double Rose Cut Diamond Settings

These diamonds work well in any ring because of their unique shape and design. The two main types of settings that you can find in these cut diamonds are the prong setting or a solitaire band. Both will give your diamond a lot more presence than just wearing it as an earring.

The double rose cut diamond also works perfectly for eternity rings as well because of the way it’s cut and design. The double band makes them very bold, not to mention their large size makes a statement all on its own!

What Color Metal Should You Choose For Your Double Rose Cut Diamonds?

The best color for these diamonds is usually either white gold or platinum. Each gives you a unique look, but they both complement your diamond in the same way. Platinum is always many people’s first choice when it comes to wedding bands because of its high value and durability at the same time.

If you are looking for something more affordable, then white gold would be the way to go because it has a lower cost than platinum but still gives the ring some extra durability. Both metals work well with this rare diamond so there’s no wrong choice here either way.

Should You Purchase A Double Rose Cut Diamond?

This diamond shape is perfect for those that are looking to stand out from the crowd because of its rarity and uniqueness. The traditional rounded style is considered the best. This is because of the unique shape and appearance it brings forth. Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot of options when it comes down to customizing your ring.

You can choose all types of colors as well as settings which makes these diamonds very versatile in what they can be used for. The great thing about this shape is that it’s not only elegant, but because of its vintage look, you can wear it no matter what setting, occasion, or even period if you choose!

What To Look For When Purchasing A Double Rose Cut Diamond?


Make sure that your diamond is eye clean, which means it has no visible inclusions under a magnifying glass.


The cut of the diamond is also very important, you need to make sure that it’s a double rose cut and not just a single. look for the cut grade of Very Good or Excellent because these grades will give you maximum spark

Carat Weight

The carat weight of your double rose-cut diamonds should be at least 0.75cts for each stone and also at least two stones in total! However, there are no limits on how man you can get, you could always go for a larger stone if it’s available.


This type of diamond is generally very expensive, but if you are looking for a special stone then this might be the one to go with. However, it’s important that you’re honest about your budget because there are plenty of other options out there!

The Pros And Cons Of Double Rose Cut Diamonds

What Are The Pros Of Double Rose Cut Diamonds? 

  • These diamonds are very rare and unique, which makes them perfect for those that like the finer things in life. 
  • The double rose cut comes with its originality intact. They are handcrafted diamonds that are made with precision and care.
  • They come in different colors which makes them very unique, this is perfect for those looking to stand out from the crowd.
  • The shape is also one of a kind because it’s not your average diamond cut. You can get many different customizations with this type of diamond such as color, clarity, and carat weight. This allows you to create something truly one of a kind for that special someone or even yourself.

What Are The Cons Of Double Rose Cut Diamonds? 

  • This type of diamond is very rare, which makes it more expensive than some other diamonds on the market. However, this doesn’t mean you will always have to spend thousands because there are plenty of options to choose from! 
  • Since they are rare, not many jewelers can get you one. However, the jeweler you choose must be professional and trustworthy.

Where Is The Best Place To Purchase Double Rose Cut Diamonds?

There are a lot of places that you can get this diamond from. However, I would recommend going with a trusted jeweler. This way you will know the stone is real and it’s not just another scam! 

You can also shop online if you’re looking for something more affordable or even wholesale if you want to save some money on your bulk purchase! However, make sure that you read reviews and check out their return policy just in case something goes wrong.


Double rose cut diamonds are a unique type of diamond that can add something special to your ring or jewelry collection. They come in different colors and have many customizations when it comes down to the shape.

However, they are much more expensive than some other diamonds on the market. Therefore, you might want to shop around and see what’s best for your wallet.

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