What Is A Half Round Wedding Band?

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What Is A Half Round Wedding Band

Marriage is considered the peak of love by most people. A wedding band is an essential component of the union and a shred of physical evidence that the couple is committed to each other. A wedding band is worn as an indicator of the marital status of an individual. A couple exchanges it during the wedding to signify the beginning of a new stage of life and assurance of the commitment between the married people.

The wedding band is unlike any other jewelry as the structure of the rings carries a deeper meaning. The circular shape of the band symbolizes eternity, meaning there is neither beginning nor an end. The middle space represents the path to a new life. 

Wedding rings are quite different from engagement rings because they have a more delicate design and are mostly made of metal rather than gemstones. 

There are a variety of wedding bands with diverse styles, such as full/half wedding rings. Probably you are now wondering what a half round wedding band means. Read along as we explore this style of a wedding ring. 

What Are Half-Round Wedding Bands?

A half round wedding band is among the most classic and traditional designs of wedding rings. It has a rounded upper section while its under section can be flat or comfortably fit. 

This wedding band is a great substitute for the traditional round wedding band. Its unique design and affordable prices, among other factors, are making the half round wedding band more popular these days. 

What Is The Difference Between Half Round And Round Bands?

You may be wondering if there is a difference between half round and round bands. Yes, there is a major difference between the two types of rings. 

The round bands have a circular surface, while the half round has a flat surface on the inside. 

The difference in shape makes the half round ring more comfortable in your hand than the round ring. As a result, the half-round bands are often referred to as the comfort bands.  

Half Round Wedding Bands vs Traditional Wedding Bands 

The half round ring’s unique silhouette is the most recognizable feature of this wedding ring style. The band has a curved top section while its underside is flat. Some half round bands are shaped to provide a more comfortable fit.

These features make it different from the normal wedding ring that is completely rounded. While the traditional wedding ring is classic, some would find it difficult to wear, especially if they have to wear it throughout the day. Many people who wear the wedding band for a whole day prefer the half-round band. 

Types Of Half Round Wedding Bands

Half round wedding bands come in two designs—half round light band and half round. 

Their edges are straight, and the ring lies fat on your finger. Both bands have a dome shape on the outside. The main difference between the two is their thickness and the dome shape. The half round light band is less thick (about 1.17 mm thick) than half round, which is approximately 1.55mm thick. 

How Do Half Round Bands Compare To Other Types Of Wedding Bands? 

There are numerous plain wedding bands in the market today. Having a wide variety to choose from makes it hard for you to tell your preference between all of them. We will compare the half round band with other alternative wedding bands you may encounter while searching for the perfect wedding rings. 

Here are four other types of rings that we have compared with the half round wedding bands. 


Due to their shape, some consider them to be half round bands, but they are a different design of wedding bands. Comfort-fit wedding rings are dome-shaped like the half round rings but have a round feel against the finger. While half-round has straight edges, comfort fit bands have rounded edges.

Their design makes them extremely comfortable for most people, especially those who stay with their rings for a long time. Most men opt for the comfort fit wedding rings because the majority are not used to wearing jewelry. While comfort fit is not the only plain band available, they are a great alternative to the half round wedding bands.

There are four designs of domed comfort fit bands. They include:

  • Comfort fit
  • Comfort fit heavy, 
  • Very heavy comfort fit, 
  • Comfort fit with an edge. 

The distinguishing factor between these styles is their thickness. The comfortable fit with an edge is the most suitable design for people who want a little style for their band.

Flat bands

Flat bands will be a great alternative if you do not prefer the dome appearance. They come in pipe cut, euro styles, and flat comfort fit. All the styles provide a similar flat band appearance when you put them on a finger. However, they offer a different feel. 

The pipe-cut style of the band is completely flat, and like the half round wedding band, it has straight edges. A pipe-cut band lays flat against the finger and on top of the finger. 

A flat comfort-fit ring is a good alternative if you want a comfortable fit feel. This type of flat band has a rounded inside and a flat top. 

The euro style is different from the two because it is neither completely flat nor completely domed. This style mixes the two and offers a rounded edge against your finger. The euro-style is a good alternative for those torn between a flat and domed band. Its dome-shaped outer sections make it similar to the half-rounded band.

Milgrain bands

Milgrain bands are unique as they have narrow d beaded edges. They have small beads lining along the edge of the bands. This model of bands provides a classic plain look with a unique touch of style. Milgrain bands are available in four styles:

  • Migraine comfort fit
  • Double milgrain comfort fit
  • Milgrain
  • Milgrain heavy comfort fit

You will get different levels of comfort from the four types of milgrain rings. Regular milgrain lays flat on the finger and has a dome-shaped exterior section. The other three milgrain rings have a comfortable fit, meaning they are rounded against the finger but vary in thickness. However, the double milgrain comfort-fit ring is unique because it has two rows of beads on the edge. 

The main feature distinguishing the milgrain bands from the half round bands is the bead lining on their edge. Half round bands have plain straight edges. 

Square comfort fit

As the name suggests, this band type is square and plain. It is a more contemporary but plain band and would be a good fit if you want something modern. It has a rounded surface against the finger and a square-shaped outer section. Its shape and rounded edges distinguish it from the half round wedding band. 

How To Get A Perfectly Sized Half Round Band 

Size is a priority when selecting a wedding band. Of course, you do not want a ring that makes you uncomfortable or one that can easily move out of your finger. Therefore, before purchasing a half round wedding band, it is wise for you to size your finger. It is much more convenient to stop by a local jeweler to help determine the size of your ring. Jewelers have the required ring sizers to size your finger accurately. 

You can get the ring sizers from your local jeweler for thinner and thicker wedding bands. 

In conclusion, you clearly understand what a half round wedding band is. This type of wedding band is more comfortable than the traditional round band. Its inner surfaces lie flat against your finger giving you a more comfortable feeling. Although there are two types of half round bands, there are numerous styles for you to choose from. Each ring offers different comfort levels, and you should research the kind that suits your style well. 

Apart from half round wedding bands, there are other designs. Some have features similar to the half round ring, while others are different. When selecting a ring, comfort should be a priority, and half round rings are designed to offer you more comfort. When buying a wedding ring, don’t be in a hurry. Ensure that you research well how different features of the ring affect your experience. You may choose simple designs or elegant styles depending on your taste. 

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