What Is A Knife Edge Ring?

by Ultimate Jewelry Guide
What Is A Knife Edge Ring?

Knife Edge rings are a new trend in engagement. They are created by taking two flat pieces of metal and cutting them at an angle to form the shape of a knife-edge.

The Knife Edge ring then has one side that is polished for the woman’s finger, while the other side is left dulled to represent their man’s masculinity. When worn together they point towards each other, symbolizing how they will always be there for each other no matter what life throws at them.

Here, we look at some of the most beautiful designs in Knife Edge rings. It takes a great deal of creativity and expertise to make such an outstanding ring. So, let’s learn more about them and their history.

What Are Knife Edge Rings?

Knife Edge rings are a fairly new trend in engagement and wedding rings, but they have been around for many years now.

The sharp edge is made from one solid piece that runs around the circumference of the shank and joins with itself near or at a point where it meets the shoulder, which is also known as a knife-edge shoulder.

A Knife Edge engagement ring can come in different styles such as round cut/shape, princess cut, cushion cut, radiant cut, and emerald/oval shape. These rings are a great alternative to the standard round diamond engagement ring because they have a unique look that is both modern and stylish.

Knife-edge bands have only recently become more popular because the shape was not very appealing before now due to how thin they were. These days though, knife-edge diamond rings can be made up to a certain width, making them look thicker and more appealing.

Many jewelry companies have begun adding knife-edge bands as an option for rings because of their recent surge in popularity. It is important though to not confuse this with the ‘comfort fit’ band style that has been around since about the 1900s (and still going strong).

Comfort fit bands are still the most popular choice for people looking to buy a band, but knife-edge rings could become even more common in the future.

Not only do they look different than your average ring, but knife-edge diamond rings also offer an entirely new feeling to wearing jewelry. The smooth edge of a knife-edge ring makes it very comfortable to wear because you don’t have any sharp edges.

Different Knife Edge Ring Designs

The sharp edges of the ring are intended to cut down on its weight, which can make it more comfortable for your partner throughout their everyday lives. 

Additionally, knife-edge rings come in different designs that you might be interested in adding to your future bride’s collection. Choose from these popular designs:

Asymmetrical Knife Edge Ring

The asymmetrical knife-edge is one design that we adore for men’s rings. The edge moves diagonally across the shank, giving it an uneven contemporary look and elevating the design.

Knife-Edge Engagement Ring

The knife-edge shank makes the center stone look larger for engagement rings. When seen from above, the gemstone appears to protrude against a thin edge that looks wider in contrast to the band’s apparent breadth.

The band, on the other hand, appears to be a standard ring shank when viewed from the side.

Knife-Edge Ring with Milgrain and Pave Detail

Solitaire silver-plated knife-edge rings with a plain unembellished band highlight the sharp edge and the center diamond.

Knife-edge shanks with a lot of intricacies, on the other hand, have an interesting appearance. The border of the band may be enhanced by adding small elements such as milgrain texture in the ring.

The Pros And Cons Of Knife Edge Rings

When it comes to finding the perfect ring for your fiancée there can be a number of options you need to consider. Therefore, here are some of the pros and cons of knife-edge rings for wedding bands.


  • The knife-edge shank makes the metal band appear more petite and elegant by making the center diamond or gemstone seem larger
  • The knife-edge is one of a kind, in comparison to most other ring shanks
  • This makes it highly apparent and a talking point, making it ideal for modern couples who want an unusual piece
  • Knife-edge shanks are adaptable and may be used with a wide range of engagement and wedding ring designs
  • The knife-edge ring creates an optical illusion of a slim band, making the ring band appear thinner and the diamond look larger


  • The knife-edge may discomfort some individuals, especially those unfamiliar with the sensation of a ring on their finger. It feels as if something is biting into the sides of your adjacent fingers, particularly if you squeeze them together tightly
  • Another disadvantage is that the edge of the band is thin, making it more prone to damage than a standard band. If you hit something with the edges, they may be dinged and appear less appealing

What To Consider When Buying Knife Edge Rings

So what are the specific elements that you should be looking for when considering a wedding band?

Below is an overview of some things to consider:

  • What metals does your partner wear most often?
  • Perhaps most important; does this band fit with the style of my engagement ring? Consider both metals and styles.
  • How do I feel about traditional vs modern wedding bands? What is more likely to suit them best in the long run?
  • Do I want a wedding band that is similar to my engagement ring or completely different in style and material? 
  • Would they prefer something simple with very little detail, or do they like lots of embellishment on their bands? How detailed does this need to be? Does it go all the way around the ring?
  • How important is it to me that their wedding band matches mine exactly? If so, can I find a matching set online or are there other options for finding something similar in style and color at an affordable price point? 
  • What’s my budget range for this purchase? Do I have enough saved up just yet?

These are some of the important questions to consider when you are looking for a ring to buy as a wedding band. Once you’ve answered these clearly, then you can start to search for the perfect band.

Are Knife Edge Rings Resizable?

Knife-edge rings are available in a variety of metals, including gold and silver. However, determining whether knife edge rings are resizable depends on the specific ring design.

Most engagement rings are resizable, but wedding bands are less likely to be.

Due to the nature of a knife-edge band, it is possible that you may not get an accurate size when resizing this specific design.

Also, if there is any detail on either side of the ring in terms of beading or filigree; then oftentimes these pieces need to run all the way around in order to be sized properly.

In this case, you would need a completely new ring if any of these details are important to your partner’s style preference.

Lastly, it is oftentimes less expensive and more practical for couples with an active lifestyle or who tend to lose weight regularly from getting resized rings over buying an entirely new set of rings.

Where Should You Buy Knife Edge Rings?

The price of a knife-edge ring will vary depending on the design, material and craftsmanship used. Overall, even though it is more expensive to buy one directly from a jeweler or designer who makes them by hand, you are paying for quality that should last decades if not your lifetime!

This all being said there are some exceptions where other venues may be the best place to buy.

For example, buying a knife-edge ring online – especially through auction websites like eBay or Craigslist where they are being resold is usually an okay way to save money on this type of ring if it means getting a better deal overall.

However, these are not the best places to buy knife-edge rings if you are looking for quality. When buying online, make sure to examine the photos closely and read all of the product details thoroughly.

Many times sellers will list these as ‘vintage’ or something similar even when they know full well that it is not true! This can be hard especially since there really isn’t a universal definition of vintage.

Therefore, ensure you purchase from reputable sources like the Blue Nile or from James Allen, where you can buy with confidence!

Final Thoughts

The first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word “knife” is usually something negative or dangerous. With a Knife Edge Ring, however, this may not be the case.

A knife edge ring has been touted as one of the most unique and beautiful engagement rings available today. This is because it offers a sharp yet sophisticated look for wedding bands. In fact, some couples have even used these rings in lieu of traditional wedding bands!

If you’ve considered getting engaged soon but haven’t found what you were looking for with other diamond cutters out there – why not give a Knife Edge Ring a try?

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