What Is A Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond?

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What Is A Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond?

Diamonds are classy! And who never wants to be classy? I bet not you either. Dawning on these precious stones not only defines your standards but also makes you stand out.

Diamonds are also the perfect gifs when it comes to loved ones. They also come in different types. One of them is the Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond.

In this article, we will cover more on the Modified Brilliant cut, and what to know more about this unique design.

What Is A Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond?

A modified brilliant cut diamond is a type of cut that has facets on the top, bottom, and side. The faceting pattern can be seen as a series of intersecting circles around the center stone. 

The History Of The Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond

The round brilliant diamond is the most popularly known and researched the shape of a diamond. It was originally designed by Marcel Tolkowsky to maximize brilliance, but it has grown into what jewelers refer to as “Full Cut.” Round brilliants are often called Full Cuts due to their modern design which maximizes beauty and light reflection from each facet cut on the stone’s surface.

However, people are always looking for ways to improve diamonds. With an eye on maximizing light distribution and cutting costs per carat, these stones were created by combining two existing cuts with a crown type cut. 

The first modification was a brilliant cut diamond, but with the addition of an additional facet near the culet to allow more light in from both horizontal and vertical angles. This is what makes it such a great choice for stones that are slightly off color or have noticeable flaws.

The second modification comes from traditional round diamonds. A round diamond has been cut in half, but instead of just doing it one time; they have been done on both sides to maximize the carat weight while retaining a beautiful shape. The result is called double brilliant cut diamonds and can be found either as an accent stone or clustered with other shapes.

Characteristics Of Modified Brilliant Cut Diamonds

  • More light is allowed in from both horizontal and vertical angles making it a great choice for stones that are slightly off color or have noticeable flaws.
  • They’re more economical as the carat weight is almost doubled
  • The brilliance of these diamonds is remarkable and difficult to distinguish from a regular brilliant cut diamond.
  • Modified brilliant cuts should have a comparable sparkle to round cut diamonds, but most of the sparkle is concentrated to one side
  • The modified brilliant cut diamond can also be used as an accent stone.
  • They do not require a large setting, and they will have more light coming in from both horizontal and vertical angles than round diamonds because there’s no metal on top or bottom to obstruct it.
  • Modified brilliant cut diamonds can go by a few different names and descriptions. They can be called a heart shaped diamond, an oval cut diamond, or a square emerald cut diamond.

The Different Shapes Of Modified Brilliant Cut Diamonds

There are many different shapes of modified brilliant cut diamonds. The most common ones include the marquise, emerald cut and Asscher cut. 


The Marquise is a long rectangular shape that has wider ends on each side. It can be worn as an earring or placed in your wedding ring to provide more coverage than round stones.


 This cut has a rectangular shape that has tapered ends. It offers more brilliance than its round counterpart because it can be faceted in different ways to reflect light. 

Asscher Cut

This is similar to the marquise, but it’s square rather than long and thin. Like the marquise, this diamond offers great coverage and can be worn as an earring or placed in your wedding ring.

What Are The Benefits Of This Modification? 

  • A modified or double brilliant cut diamond will weigh less than two round diamonds. It also costs much less due to the lack of wasted material.
  • The modified brilliant cut diamond is a great option for people looking to create their ring, or those who want more coverage than round stones can provide.
  • Certain modifications are also perfect for those who have specific preferences on shape, size, and color.
  • The Modified Brilliant cut Diamond has a more rounded shape and is usually cut with two round diamonds. 
  • The Modified Brilliant cut Diamond can be perfect for those who want both an Asscher Cut diamond as well as other shapes from traditional cuts that might not otherwise fit together in one ring.

The Different Types of Modified Brilliant Cut Settings

Princess Cut

Princess cut diamond rings are a popular choice for those who want to invest in smaller diamonds.  A princess cut is an Asscher Cut with the square corners removed, giving it more of a rounded shape. Princess cuts offer all sorts of sparkle and have been very popular as engagement ring styles since they were first introduced.

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is a modified brilliant cut that has six cuts instead of four, with two more on the side, giving it an oval shape. The diamond’s brilliance and fire are one of the most eye catching aspects of this style.

Baguette Cut

A baguette cut is also classified as a modified square Brilliant Cut but it has a long rectangular shape. It’s most often seen as the center stone of an engagement ring with smaller side stones but is also popular for earrings and necklaces.

Oval Cut

An oval cut diamond was first introduced by the Asscher Brothers and became popular because it could be easily sized to fit any finger size. The rounder corners also allow for more light reflection than the square and rectangular shaped diamonds.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond


The cut is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a diamond. A well cut gem will have proportions that allow for more light to enter catching flashes of color that can be seen from any angle   making it appear brighter and livelier than those without.


Though the cost of a gem is not always directly related to its quality, it can be said that buying a diamond with inclusions will usually increase the price. Your budget should also take into consideration your lifestyle and how often you plan on wearing the ring. The ring may need more frequent maintenance if worn daily (e.g., cleaning and polishing), and the cost of that maintenance should be included.

There are many well cut diamonds on the market for a variety of budgets, so it is important to do your research before making any decisions. It may also be helpful to consult with an experienced jeweler who can point out some options in person when shopping if you have


A well cut gem should also have a high symmetry. Symmetry refers to the way that is cut   both horizontally and vertically. A diamond with perfect symmetry will show no light leakage   making it appear brighter than those without.

Carat Weight 

Carat weight can be determined by multiplying the dimensions of the diamond together. 


The polish of a diamond is determined by how reflective the surface of the diamond is. The more polished or shiny it appears to be, the higher quality it is.


The clarity of a diamond is determined by how many inclusions and blemishes can be seen when it’s examined through magnification   with perfect being rare! The fewer imperfections present in any given stone, the higher its quality will be.

Bowtie effect

This is a term that describes the line or streak of color seen on some diamonds. The cause of this is usually a thin coating that has been applied to the diamond, and it’s located on one side. It looks like an arrow pointing in its direction with two little dots near each end.

Should You Buy A Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond?

  • This modified brilliant cut diamond is a great choice for those who are looking to save some cash.
  • It’s a modified version of the brilliant cut diamond, which means that it has fewer facets and less light is reflected. This will result in less brilliance (sparkle) but with price as a factor, this can be worth considering.
  • The modified version is a good option for those who are not looking to spend too much money on an engagement ring, but can’t afford the real thing! 
  • It’s more affordable and has less sparkle which may be perfect if that’s what you’re going for! The best part about the modified cut is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and can be resized up to two sizes. 
  • The modified brilliant cut diamond is an option for those who are looking into the traditional engagement ring but don’t want something too flashy.


This modified brilliant cut diamond is a great affordable option for those who don’t want to spend too much money on an engagement ring but also want something that looks like the original, with less sparkle.

The best part about it is its lifetime warranty and ability to be resized up to two sizes which make it very versatile.

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