What Is A Round Cut Diamond?

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What Is A Round Cut Diamond?

The round cut diamond fits almost every style, whether casual or formal. It serves elegance and style. No wonder it is at the top of the market. It easily catches eyes because of its brilliance, clarity, and sparkle. It looks simple, but it creates its own statement when worn. Here is everything you need to know about round cut diamonds.

What Are Round Cut Diamonds?

Round cut diamonds belong to the brilliant cut family, which has 58 facets. Round cut diamonds are sparkly and bright because of their excellent faceting. Round cut diamonds are the most popular among all diamond cuts and is also the most popular type of pie cut. With that being said, round cut diamonds comprise 75 percent of the diamonds diamond sales. 

The History Of Round Cut Diamonds

Round cut diamonds have a very long history, and it is one of the stones which have caught the attention and fascination of stone enthusiasts even in ancient times. It became popular worldwide during 1919 and onwards. The first world class round cut diamond is the Orloff diamond from the Diamond Treasury Russia. As years go by, publications and articles are written about round cut diamonds, and the word is spread all over the world. Diamond enthusiasts and jewellers continued to work harder to craft timeless pieces of diamonds that ruled the world of luxury.

What Are The Characteristics Of Round Cut Diamonds?

Round cut diamonds are known for being one of the finest faceted stones. Here are the characteristics of round cut diamonds that make them popular and generate the highest demand in the market.

  • Round cut diamonds have a classic beauty because of their precise cuts that create beautiful facets. It is exceptional and all its 58 facets reflect light back to the viewers’ eyes, which makes it a center of attention.
  • Round cut diamonds are one of the most brilliant pieces you can find in the market. Jewelers have been spending more than a hundred years perfecting the precision of its cut, which makes it one of the most brilliant, elegant, and in demand diamond cuts that the industry has ever offered.
  • Round cut diamonds are versatile. It has a very high market demand and sales because it fits in almost all kinds of styles. It is very minimal and elegant, but it creates a big impact on the aura of the person wearing it. The versatility of round cut diamonds is the reason why it stays a fine, luxurious, and timeless piece.

What Are The Best Round Cut Diamond Ring Settings?

If you are planning to use round cut diamonds for your wedding, here are two of the best round cut diamond ring settings that you can have.

4 Prong Settings

4 Prong Settings is known as the best among all settings for round cut diamonds. In this setting, the center stone, the round cut diamond, is held firmly at the center. Because it faces front, it catches more light most of the time, which makes it look more brilliant and sparkling. The round cut diamond appears more appealing, and it attracts attention as the light dances through its facets.

Bezel Settings

Bezel settings are the second best setting for round cut diamonds. It is widely known in the contemporary world. In a bezel cut diamond, the diamond is held and wrapped at the center, which makes it difficult for the light to pass through its facets. 4 Prong is more likely to be sparkly and brilliant than bezel settings.

Pros and Cons of a Round Cut Diamond

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of a round cut diamond to understand what are its advantages and disadvantages and strike a balance between the two if you can. Here are the pros and cons of a round cut diamond.


  • They have great brilliance.
  • Contains lots of sparkle.
  • Popular and versatile.
  • Easy to maintain and relatively durable.
  • Great vintage pieces with a very high aesthetic, market, and sentimental value.


  • Inclusions are highly visible in the round cut diamond. That is why you have to invest in expensive flawless round cut diamond pieces.
  • Round cut diamonds are more vulnerable to getting lost and stolen because of their very luxurious look.
  • Round cut diamonds are very popular, so there is a chance that you might have common pieces with different people. Nonetheless, it stands out.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Round Cut Diamond?

Buying a round cut diamond does not have to be stressful. You can find the right piece by being wise and having standards based on your preference. Here are some of the things you might consider when buying a round cut diamond.

  • Look for a round cut diamond with precise cuts, balanced proportions, and excellent symmetry. The cut of the diamond determines its facet. Thus, it determines a round cut diamond’s brilliance, sparkle, beauty, and market value. It is better to invest in luxurious but worth it investments.
  • Look for the Diamond Grading Report or certificate to know the quality and specific properties of your diamond. Its grading and classification is the way to understand if it complies with the globally accepted standards.
  • Buy from your personally known and trusted jeweler. By doing so, you can have something to hold on to, like the ID and personality of the seller.
  • Purchase during the time of discounts. Investing in diamonds is a big step towards making wise and savings-oriented investments.
  • Look for the 4C. You must purchase a diamond with precise cut, high clarity grade, minimal color, and high carat to ensure that your money does not go to waste. For a specific measurement guide, look for S12 clarity and above in the GIA scale. Look for fair and above quality cuts based on the GIA scale. And finally, for the color, choose G or above based on the GIA scale.

Should You Purchase A Round Cut Diamond?

You should purchase round cut diamonds because they are one of the finest cuts of diamonds, and they are brilliant and sparkly. Round cut diamonds are the kind of luxury that adds elegance to your look. It looks minimal but it creates its own statement and impact when worn. At the same time, it is a good investment if you are able to find a top-grade round cut diamond. Just remember that its brilliance and elegance are prone to being stolen and lost, that is why it is important to buy round cut diamonds at the time when it is relevant and you know how to keep it well and safe.

Where Should You Purchase A Round Cut Diamond?

You should purchase round cut diamonds from sellers who are relatively known to you. Buy from your local jeweler so you can also negotiate your way to the best piece. If it is not available from your local jeweler, you can look for other sellers and jewelers in the industry and look for their certificate or any document that will prove their legitimacy. Ensure to be wise in buying such expensive gemstone. Diamonds are forever, it can be, if you can find the right piece.


Round cut diamonds are brilliant, elegant, and sophisticated. Which makes them a perfect match for every setting and style. Even though it is one of the most common diamond cuts, it is of very high demand in the market that makes it standout among other diamond cuts. Ensure that you buy round cut diamonds of high quality, aligned to the globally accepted standard. Round cut diamonds last and bear the test of time if you purchase the finest piece and maintain it with delicate and appropriate practice. A fine round cut diamond can add value to your life and to your style.

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