What Is A Saffron Diamond?

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What Is A Saffron Diamond?

Saffron diamond is a fancy-colored(Candy Colored Diamonds) and elegant-looking diamond with a blend of yellow and orange. It is normally named yellow-orange or orange-yellow diamond depending on what hue is more visible. All non-white diamonds are called fancy diamonds, including the Saffron diamond. 

Its fiery color makes it more appealing to the eyes. It can look fancy, fierce, and sophisticated all at once. Saffron diamonds are elusive and rarely seen by gemologists. Every piece of jewelry made of Saffron diamond will surely look amazing to anyone who will wear it. Aside from its fancy color, there is more enchanting beauty within it that adds up to its aesthetic and market value.

Where Are Saffron Diamonds Mined?

Saffron Mines

Saffron diamond is one of the rarest diamonds that can only be found in two particular places, in a stand-alone mine the Argyl mine in Australia, and a series of mines in South Africa. Saffron diamonds are rare and only a few high-quality Saffron diamonds can be found each year. 

What Are The Characteristics Of Saffron Diamond?

The most noticeable characteristic of the Saffron diamond is its color. It is not like the usual white diamond and it belongs to the fancy diamond family which has purple, green, blue, yellow, orange, and other hues. 

To know more about the characteristics of Saffron diamond, you must know what exactly ‘Saffron’ means. Saffron is the term used to describe a millennia-old expensive spice that is highly valuable. This also translates to the value of the Saffron diamond because of its color and rarity.

Saffron diamonds can come in different shapes and sizes but mostly they are round. Just like other diamonds, they are still at the rank 10 of the Mohs scale and they are priced according to their carat, cut, clarity, and color. But the twist here is that Saffron diamonds are valuable because of impurity and flaw that has something to do with its color. Here is why.

What Causes The Color Of Saffron Diamond?

What Causes The Color Of Saffron Diamond?

As mentioned, the yellow to an orange range of color of Saffron diamond is a result of impurity and structure irregularity. It is caused by nitrogen. Saffron diamond has a unique nitrogen atom arrangement which creates the yellow to an orange range of color that makes it stand out and adds up more to its aesthetic and market value.

Fancy diamonds like Saffron diamond have different color grades namely fancy light, deep, intense, and vivid that are chosen depending on personal preference and style compatibility.

What Does A Saffron Diamond Symbolize?

Every color of diamonds has its meaning. The different hues that diamonds show off are attributed to qualities and traits that further develop the interest of people to buy fancy diamonds. These are the qualities that the Saffron diamond symbolizes:

  • The Saffron diamond symbolizes devotion.
  • Energy is attributed to saffron diamond because of its fiery color.
  • Its clarity as a gemstone translates to its core value.
  • Wisdom is attributed to the rarity of the Saffron diamond.
  • New Beginnings is mirrored by its yellow hue just like the sun.
  • The brightness of the Saffron diamond symbolizes optimism.

What To Look For When Buying A Saffron Diamond?

What To Look For When Buying Saffron Diamond?

Saffron can be difficult to find throughout a year because only a few mines get to supply the market with Saffron diamonds and not all of them are of equal quality. Finding the finest one might be tough, but here are some things you need to consider when buying a Saffron diamond.

  • Look for VS2 to VS1 clarity.
  • Observe fine cuts and exact proportions.
  • Buy the ones with clear yellow to an orange range of color.
  • Choose the ones whose depth of pavilion is directly proportional to the size.
  • Familiarize yourself with the color grade of the Saffron diamond and purchase what you think best suits your style.

How To Take Care Of A Saffron Diamond?

How To Take Care Of A Saffron Diamond?

Saffron diamond is rare and delicate, and it needs to be passionately taken care of for it to last for a longer time. You have to make sure that you are not wearing it if you are about to do extreme activities. Put it in a soft cloth pouch to avoid contact with moisture.

Saffron diamond is rare and it is very vulnerable to get lost or be stolen. Do not wear your Saffron diamond piece of jewelry if you are not going to special occasions. Do not wear it daily at home, at school, or your workplace. Keep it until the right gathering comes where you can show it off with your beauty and elegance.

Lastly, have it maintained by a relatively known jeweler who knows how to clean and polish diamonds. You have to ensure that your Saffron diamond is in the right hands to avoid damage, dents, and scratches to its clear and bright surface.

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