What Is A Salt And Pepper Diamond?

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What Is A Salt And Pepper Diamond?

If you keep up to date with all the different jewelry trends, you might already have heard about salt and pepper diamonds. This is because salt and pepper diamonds are rapidly growing in popularity. But, you do not know what they are already, we are here to help! In this article we are going to answer the trending question “What Is A Salt And Pepper Diamond?”

Why Are They Called Salt And Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and pepper diamonds are less pure than other diamonds, but that does not mean they are any less beautiful. “Salt and pepper” refers to its black and white color, which is eye-catching and appears smokey and vivid. The appearance is caused by inclusions in its structure. It does not have a perfect crystal appearance and its sparkle differs from the usual glass glow of traditional diamonds.

It’s dark and sophisticated aura is what makes salt and pepper diamonds so appealing. Salt and pepper diamonds are the gemstone of choice for women who want to wear jewelry that stands out from the crowd.

What Is The Symbolism Of Salt And Pepper Diamonds

The salt and pepper diamond reminds us of how our flaws make us more human. The inclusions in this diamond make it stand out from other types of traditional diamonds. We are reminded that, even though there may be existing standards in the world, there is nothing like our own kind of beauty and unique life.

Are Salt And Pepper Diamonds Durabile?

On the Mohs scale, the salt and pepper diamond is still ranked 10, as with the traditional diamond. Although, inclusions in the salt and pepper diamond make it more brittle, which creates a concern about its durability. But the toughness will vary depending on the number of inclusions it has. So if you choose to purchase a salt and pepper diamond, ask your jeweler about the strength and number of inclusions in the diamond you choose to purchase.

The Four Cs Of A Salt And Pepper Diamond

At first, you might think that salt and pepper diamond is less valuable and aesthetic than that of the traditional diamond when it comes to clarity, color, cut, and carat or the Four Cs. But these standards on classifying and validating diamonds play a different role in salt and pepper diamonds. Instead of pointing out its flaws, it makes it more unique and appealing. 


In salt and pepper diamond is not necessarily seen as its flaws. It is its main appeal, its inclusions –the black and white speckles that distinguish it from the traditional diamonds. It usually consists of opaque or cloudy materials such as hematite, pyrite, and graphite. 


The way the gemstone projects its hues largely affect how its color appears. The base color of a salt and pepper diamond ranges from transparent to milky. The darker its inclusions are when coupled with the darker base color, the darker will be its appearance. Mostly, the salt and pepper diamond appears in vivid and smokey color.


The cut of a salt and pepper diamond is also different from how the traditional diamonds are being cut. The standard way of cutting diamonds enhances, even more, its brilliance. While it does, salt and pepper diamond is naturally less brilliant than the traditional diamond because of its inclusions. So to make the most out of its unique beauty, it is cut into geometric shapes and other patterns that show off its edges and highlight its speckled structure.


The carat size of the salt and pepper diamond is not that as expensive as many people thought. It is affordable and more available in the market. In fact, you can buy it in large portions. It is also priced differently from the traditional diamond which follows an exponential scale, while salt and pepper diamond stays even despite the directly proportional relationship to its carat size and price.

How To Choose The Perfect Salt And Pepper Diamond

When you purchase salt and pepper diamond jewelry, choose something that reflects your personality. Even when it comes to other jewelry, you must choose where you feel most confident and comfortable.

Before you buy a salt and pepper diamond, make sure to check its quality. A salt and pepper diamond’s integrity is significantly influenced by its inclusions and natural structure. Ensure that you buy from well-known jewelers and have them check your jewelry regularly. This practice will help to preserve the luster and innate quality of a salt and pepper diamond.

The mounting of the diamonds is also something to be considered and kept in mind. Especially for those who want to incorporate other gemstones in their jewelry as well as your salt and pepper diamond, choose a strong metal host that matches the color of other gemstones to be included.

How To Care For A Salt And Pepper Diamond

Just like any other piece of jewelry, do not let it be exposed to moisture or soaked in water. That can cause your jewelry to tarnish and lose its very own little luster. Take your salt and pepper diamond jewelry to a personally known jeweler regularly, to clean and assure it will last through time.

From the most expensive down to the least expensive, diamonds are still diamonds and they are real and pleasurable. Do not expose your salt and pepper diamond jewelry to the public. As much as possible, avoid wearing it in crowded parties where it is most likely to get lost or be damaged.

Most importantly, get ready to be consistent in the intensive care and extensive effort to keep your salt and pepper diamond jewelry precious and fiery.

Where To Purchase Salt And Pepper Diamonds

Now that you know all that you need to know about salt and pepper diamonds it is time to make the decision, Do you want to pull the trigger and purchase a salt and pepper diamond? If the answer is yes, that is fantastic! The best part is that salt and pepper diamonds are pretty easy to find and purchase. Almost any local jewelry store will have them on hand in the shop, but if they do not they can easily order one within a few weeks.

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