What Is A Semi Mount Ring?

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What Is A Semi Mount Ring?

When you are looking for a diamond ring, you might just get overwhelmed by the variety of options that you can choose from.

However, your best bet is the Semi-Mount Diamond ring.

Using the simple yet elegant semi mounts, you can customize the diamond ring based on your taste and budget. 

In this blog we explore everything you need to know about a semi-mount ring, its meaning, characteristics, types, pros-cons, and how to choose the best ring.

What Are Semi Mount Rings?

A semi-mount ring (also called a semi-setting) is a prefabricated ring that is partially completed and not fully finished.

It lacks the center stone, but has all the other accents and intricate setting details. 

The ‘mounting’ of a ring is the process of setting the focal diamond into the ring. 

And the prefix ‘semi’ meaning half, describes the nature of this partially completed ring.

Semi-mounts belong to a category of small jewelry pieces called Findings

Findings might be partially gem-set, but they’re often plain jewelry-metal components that can be used for making or repairing all types of jewelry.

A semi mount adds flexibility and versatility by letting the customer choose a loose stone for placement in the central position to create a unique piece.

It gives you the freedom to choose your preferred center diamond color, cut, carat weight. Semi-mounts not only allow you to customize your ring, but can also help you stick to your budget.

Components of A Semi Mount Ring

No matter what the style, every ring has the following main parts: –


A mounting or setting is the metal framework that forms the complete ring. 

It includes the shank and any heads, channels or other metal components. 


The shank is the circular part of a ring that fits around the finger. It is also referred to as the band.


This is the part of the mounting that holds the center diamond or gem in place. The head might have prongs or be a bezel.

The shape and cutting style of the stone being set in the mounting determines the type of head that is used.

How To Choose A Center Stone

The most important choice to make when choosing a semi mount ring is the center stone,as it is the star of the show. 

Diamonds are the most popular as they have become the universal symbol of love.

Using a diamond center stone and side stones ensure that special sparkle and durability in an engagement ring.

Round is a perennial favorite of diamond shapes, so many rings are designed to accommodate it in many sizes.

Some of the other options you can go for include ovals, cushion, marquise, Asscherand heart shapes– each shape has its advantages for defining a special look or style.

If you want a diamond that sparkles, select one with a ‘brilliant faceting pattern, in which triangular and kite-shaped facets radiate from the center of the diamond toward the girdle.

Other possibilities can be step cuts and mixed cuts.

Regardless of the diamond shape and cut you choose, pay attention to the 4Cs of diamond quality: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. 

If you want a ring with extra colorful bling—you can go for vibrant colored gemstones instead of a diamond such as spinel, fancy sapphires, emerald, etc.

Styles Of Semi Mount Rings 

Semi mount diamond rings come in many beautiful styles that include:

Accent Rings

Among the semi mounts this is the most common. It features stylish accents (side stones) which can be paired with a center stone. There are different shapes of the accent stone that make the ring appear stylish, such as princess, baguettes, and emerald cuts.

Solitaire Ring

Solitaire semi mounts are popular due to its elaborate bands decorated with engravings, filigrees, or figural designs, and you can pick the stone that goes on it.

Bridal Sets

Bridal sets can either be an accent or solitaire-designed rings. These are highly customisable. When picking this ring, you can either choose the band separately or pick it with the stone. You can also engrave your initials or name on the ring. 

Metals For Semi Mount Rings

In addition to different overall styles, semi mounts are available in different precious metals, including yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum.

Each metal offers a different look.

White metals 

(whether white gold or platinum) complement a white diamond, and is considered the best combination for an engagement ring.

Yellow gold 

Is a traditional choice for a sleek look. 

Rose gold 

Is getting popularity due to its romantic allure, and fits any skin tone. 

Settings For Semi Mount Rings

The setting is one of the most defining characteristics of a ring and has a significant impact on it’s worth. Setting refers to how diamonds are set, secured or mounted into a metal band.

Prong, Halo, Channel, Pave, Bezel, Pavé, Halo and Invisible settings are just a few of the popular semi-mounted engagement rings that couples choose to customize. 

Prong Setting

Prong setting is one of the most elegant styles.

It uses very little material to hold the center diamond. Small diamonds are set close together with minimal visibility of prongs.

Channel Setting

Channel mounts feature a stream of diamond accents set in a channel between two stripes of metals like gold/platinum. 

Bezel Setting

With bezel, a thin metal rim surrounds the perimeter of the diamond to strongly secure it 

Bezel settings can have straight or scalloped edges and can be molded into any shape to accommodate the stone.

Pavé Setting

In this setting, lots of small diamonds are placed very close together with minimal metal/prongs being shown, which creates the effect of continuous sparkle. 

Halo Setting:

It refers to a concentric placement of small, luminous diamonds around a center stone.

In this way, the main diamond is surrounded by smaller stones that form a ‘halo’ of sparkle. 

Invisible Setting

Invisible semi-mounts are designed to hide the metalwork holding the band’s stones.

It holds the stones snug inside the ring so the setting/metal itself is not as visible, giving the ring a seamless appearance. 

The Pros And Cons Of Semi Mount Rings

Pros Of Semi Mount Rings


Semi-mounts are a cost effective alternative to full mount rings. These rings do not require a designer and customization and therefore, a buyer can own the ring of their dreams at a relatively cheaper price. 

If you’re trying to stay within a certain price budget, semi-mount rings allow for more control over the cost, due to the flexibility with center stones.

You can also save on the time and labor that goes into designing a custom engagement ring, as the components are ready-made.


Choosing a semi mount ring gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility and customization without too much hassle. 

Semi-mount rings let the owners have the final say about design and what the center stone will be. They can research and compare different styles and cuts of diamond, and put their own spin on the ring.


For a semi mount ring, a diamond is purchased separately and then paired with the ring. This allows you to create a one of a kind diamond ring that cannot be replicated, as every diamond is unique. 

You can own a ring that doesn’t share its design with other rings or is already worn by others. This helps you achieve that one-of-a-kind look.

Cons Of Semi Mount Rings

 Difficult to Resize

 Semi mounts may be difficult to resize if your fingers grow.

Also, some styles of ready-made mounts may limit the size, shape and cut of the center stone you choose.

Low Quality

When choosing a semi mount ring, consumers need to be aware that this type of customization does not guarantee the perfect ring.

As the ring did not go through proper quality assurance and control, and even the center setting may not be appropriate for every stone size or shape. A poor shape choice can result in a disproportionate ring. 

Difficult to find

Semi-mount diamond rings are relatively hard to find since only some stores will carry them. More popular full-mount diamond rings are usually sold in jewelry stores.The process of finding a trusted jeweler to mount the diamond for you can also be time consuming.

Where To Buy Semi Mount Rings?

Now that you know more about semi mount rings, you may want to know where you can buy them. 

Finding a semi mount ring may seem like a bit of a challenge.Most jewelers sell complete diamond rings instead of partial designs. However,during restyling events, jewelers carry a wide range of semi mounts to choose from.

Some Jewelry retailers have a large inventory of semi mount rings and diamonds in stock; others may have to order from a vendor. Once the parts are available, a bench jeweler will assemble the ring. 

Other options include browsing online diamond jewelry stores specializing in semi mounts. 

Should You Buy Semi Mount Diamond Rings?

For a couple that wants a classic and unique personalized ring, semi mount diamond rings are the best option.

They are the bridge between custom and ready-to-wear, as they combine the appeal of a custom design with the ease of a preset ring.

Semi mounts are versatile as they are useful in making rare and exquisite rings with various designs and styles, all without making the effort of creating the rings from scratch.

Customers enjoy the freedom of customizing their ring in any way they want and that too for less money than a custom engagement ring.

They can choose the stone, setting and extra embellishments if they prefer.

So whether you have a diamond you want to set, or want to buy a new diamond or a colored stone, these types of mountings are made for customization that reflect your unique style.

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