What Is A Semi Solid Gold Chain?

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What Is A Semi Solid Gold Chain?

Semi-solid gold chains also known as a semi hollow gold chains are a type of jewelry that is composed of both gold and other metals with a hollow center. This hollow center makes these chains more fragile than solid gold chains even though they are also made out of real gold.

Characteristics Of Semi Solid Gold Chains

A semi-solid gold chain is a type of chain that can be worn by both men and women. It has the color, luster, shine, and feel similar to solid 14K gold chains but it also possesses some qualities which are not present in other types of them.

The reasons why this kind of necklace is referred to as “semi-solid” are due to the following characteristics:

  • It is made of solid gold but it isn’t as thick or heavy. You can easily bend it without breaking it. This also means that you won’t feel pain when wearing it around your neck for a long time, even during sleep.
  • A semi-solid gold chain can be produced at a significantly lower cost. It is only slightly more expensive than other types of chains that are made from gold-plated steel or alloy.
  • Because a semi-solid gold chain isn’t entirely solid, this piece of jewelry is hollowed out inside. This means that a semi-solid gold chain can easily crush due to its lightweight nature.

Should I Buy A Semi-Solid Gold Chain?

It is important to consider the pros and cons of a semi-solid gold chain before you make your purchase. If you are considering buying one because it looks nice, then that could be fine as long as you have budgeted for extra care if needed.

However, there may come a time when maintenance or repairs become necessary which would require more time and money than expected.

Gold is just one of the metals that can be made into a semi-solid chain because it has enough malleability to be shaped by hand without being too soft or easily broken. Other common gold alloys for chains are 14k yellow gold alloy (58% pure gold), 18k yellow gold alloy (75% pure gold), and 22k yellow gold alloy (90% pure gold).

How To Care For Semi-Solid Gold Chains

Avoid wearing your semi-solid gold chain when you are doing activities that can cause damage to it. These include sports, swimming in the pool or ocean, and other water-related recreation like jetskiing.

Additionally, you should avoid wearing your semi-solid gold chain when you are in the sun. The bright rays of sunlight can cause damage to a semi-solid gold chain and its links over time, so it is best not to expose them at all while you’re out in the summer heat.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Semi-Solid Gold Chain

Semi-solid gold chains are a great option for those who want to wear the look of solid gold without paying as much. They also allow you to wear more delicate pieces that cannot be made from pure, 24k gold.

However, not all semi-solid gold is created equal and there are some key differences between brands that can make or break your purchase.

The main thing to look for when purchasing semi-solid gold chains is the type of gold used on the chain. For example, these chains have alloys that contain varying amounts of silver, nickel, and copper in addition to the base metals which make up the alloy.

The best results come from alloys that are made up of three or more different metals (i.e., 18k, 14k). When at least three types of metal are used to make the alloy for your semi-solid gold chain, it is less likely to break apart over time because each type of metal strengthens the other.

Alloying metals like silver, nickel, and copper tend to weaken the alloy over time. That is why a semi-solid gold necklace that contains at least three different types of metal will be stronger than one with only two or fewer.

And if you do purchase an item made from just two types of metal (e.g., 14k gold and silver), the most durable option is to look for a chain that has been plated. This adds another layer of metal between your skin and the two main metals in the necklace, which lessens wear and tears over time.

How To Tell If Chain Is Solid Or Semi-Solid 

The is going to be impossible to accomplish by yourself, the best thing to do is have a professional jeweler determine if it’s a solid or semi solid gold chain.


In conclusion, a semi solid chain also known as a semi hallow chain is a regular chain but costs significantly less due to the center of the chain being hallow like a tube. Because of this, shape it makes the chain much cheaper and significantly less durable in comparison to solid gold chains.

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