What Is Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

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Diamonds are often thought of as the epitome of luxury. They are a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces, thanks to their beauty and rarity. They are highly valuable and sought after by many. Different factors determine the value of a diamond. They are known as the “four Cs.” One of them is clarity and refers to how clear or transparent a diamond is.

A perfect diamond would be completely transparent and not have any flaws. However, not all diamonds are created equal. Some diamonds have been treated to improve their appearance. One such treatment is called clarity enhancement. This blog post will discuss what clarity-enhanced diamonds are and why they have become so popular.

What Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

When most people think of diamonds, they think of something that is clear and sparkles brightly. However, not all diamonds are created equally in terms of clarity. Some diamonds have blemishes or inclusions that can detract from their appearance. 

A clarity-enhanced diamond is a diamond that has been treated to improve its appearance. This treatment can include laser drilling, fracture filling, and polishing. Clarity-enhanced diamonds are often less expensive than untreated diamonds, and they can be difficult to distinguish from untreated diamonds without close inspection. If you are looking for a diamond that has the most brilliance and fire, you may want to consider a clarity-enhanced diamond.

How To Tell If A Diamond Is Clarity Enhanced

When you purchase a diamond from your local jeweler, one of the first things that they will ask is whether or not you want to purchase a clarity-enhanced diamond. Clarity enhanced diamonds are those that have been treated with a process called “irradiation.” This treatment is used to remove inclusions and blemishes from the surface of a diamond, which can make it appear much more attractive.

Below are some ways you can tell if a diamond is a clarity enhanced;


First, look at the color of the stone under strong light. A clarity-enhanced diamond will give a pink color. The pink color is a result of the properties used in the treatment. 

Light reflection

You can also tell if a diamond is enhanced by looking at how much light it reflects back. A clarity-enhanced diamond will reflect a lot of light due to the treatment. While this may seem like an obvious indication, it is not always easy to see the difference.

Taking it to a jeweler

If you are not sure if your diamond is clarity enhanced, take it to a jeweler who can test the diamond for you. A good jeweler or diamond dealer will be more than happy to test the diamond for you and give a professional opinion on whether or not it is clarity enhanced. 

The jeweler will test for the diamond’s quality and other factors to determine if it is a clarity-enhanced diamond. Most of them will test for inclusions, blemishes, and other imperfections to see if they are present in the stone.

Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Bad?

No! Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are not bad. These diamonds are treated to improve their clarity. This means that they will have a higher quality appearance than most untreated diamonds. Additionally, clarity-enhanced diamonds are a great option for people who want a beautiful diamond at an amazing price!

Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Fake?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are real and natural diamonds. They are not fake or synthetic diamonds. Diamonds with visible inclusions can be clarity enhanced to make the inclusions less visible. The enhancement process does not change the diamond’s natural characteristics. These treated diamonds are still considered real diamonds because they have not been altered chemically or physically.

Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Worth It?

Yes, clarity-enhanced diamonds offer significant value when looking for the best deal on a diamond. They also provide an opportunity for you to get a much larger diamond at your desired budget.

Additionally, the clarity-enhanced diamonds offer you the opportunity to own a diamond whose appearance and beauty are “as good as or better than” an untreated diamond of the same weight and size.

Does A Clarity Enhanced Diamond Last A Long Time?

The answer is yes, they last. However, it would be best to ensure that the diamond has been treated properly by a well-reputed jeweler. If the diamond is not treated properly, you may have problems with the clarity-enhanced diamonds lasting as long as they should with proper treatment.

How you take care of your clarity-enhanced diamond will also make a difference in how long the enhancement lasts. The more care you take with your diamond, the longer it will last. If you live an active lifestyle and engage in activities such as sports, swimming, or exercising, you should remove your enhanced ring to prevent damage to the stone.

How To Take Care Of A Clarity Enhanced Diamond

There are many ways you can protect your diamond ring from damage. 

Quality jewelry case

The first thing you should do is buy a good quality case for your jewelry. Getting a case for your enhanced diamond will ensure that the stones won’t fall out in storage or get misplaced.

Avoid wearing while engaging in manual tasks

You should also avoid wearing your ring while doing manual labor or any other activity potentially damaging the diamond. If you will be working with harsh chemicals, it is best to take off your ring and store it in a safe place.

Regular cleaning

It’s also important to keep your diamond clean. Using a gentle jewelry cleaner or even warm water and mild soap, you can do this. Be sure to rinse the diamond thoroughly after cleaning it.

Proper storage

It would be best if you store your ring in a cool, dry place when it’s not being worn. Keeping it in such conditions will help keep the diamond from losing its shine. 


A clarity enhanced diamond is a great option for someone who wants to buy a diamond ring but doesn’t have the budget for a high-quality, flawless diamond. By following these simple tips, you can help protect your ring and keep it looking its best for years to come.

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